Eight Great 2nd Date Ideas To Keep Her Coming Back For More
  • Posted Jan 9, 2013
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Congratulations, she has agreed to a second date. Now, what are you going to do this time? You can’t do the same song and dance of dinner and drinks. That’s boring, and well, very unmemorable. If you really want to wow her on round two, pay close attention to her likes and interests that come up in conversation on the first date. Is there a big game coming up that she would be interested in going to, or an activity she really enjoys that you can make special? Pay attention to her, and make date number two all about pleasing her. She won’t soon forget it!

Here are eight great second date ideas to score a third:

1. Sports

Did she happen to mention that she likes hockey or basketball during the date? Buy tickets to the next home game of her favorite sport, and deliver one to her office with some flowers.

2. Activity

It’s probably too soon to be working out together, but going ice skating or skiing, can be a great option for a second date if she’s into cold weather sports. If not, there’s always mini golf or indoor skydiving.

3. Give Back

One member told me that he received a Walmart gift card from a work raffle and took his date shopping with it, picking out toys to deliver to a Children’s hospital. That’s an experience that she definitely won’t forget.

4. Drive-In Movie

It’s really hard to get to know one another over a movie where you can’t talk. But in the comfort of your own car, a drive-in can be the perfect “get-to-know-you” date. You might be surprised to learn that there is still one in your town, even if it is just seasonal.

5. Make dinner interactive

Dinner is more entertaining if you take part in the preparation. Take her for fondue, or to a cooking class for couples and make the meal more enjoyable.

6.Be a tourist

So she mentioned in passing that she has lived in San Francisco her whole life and has never been to Fisherman’s Wharf? Why not make that your second date destination. Pick the most touristy thing in your town, and plan a date around it.


7. H2O

Depending on the season, invite her along for a sailing lesson or perhaps a surf lesson. Don’t know how to do either one? Rent some jet skis for the day and set up a picnic on the beach.

8. Zagat Date

Take her on a mission: to try the best food, best drinks, best dessert, best view in town! Warn her ahead of time that this is what you are doing, so she doesn’t fill up. A great way to discover new places in the city together.



What is the best date you’ve ever been on?

Ladies, how can he score a third date with you?


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