Does Sticking to “Types” Help or Hinder Your Love Life?
  • Posted Jan 8, 2014
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A meaningful resolution must take you out of your comfort zone, and this notion is no different in the dating world. Rather than stick to the stereotypical changes, why not go against the norm in 2014?

Do away with finding “the one” and adding to your “number,” and pick a habit that will directly benefit your life experiences. After all, “the one” can be a dud, but expanding your dating horizons has a much more lasting impact.

So for the New Year, I have decided to try something new and date outside my “type.” Everyone has a certain “type” that they are immediately drawn to. For those who stick to what they love, I ask you this: why limit yourself to only one opportunity?

There are over 6 billion people on this planet. Why establish a set criteria and effectively ruin your chances with the majority? Here are two reasons why I believe types can be more detrimental to your dating health:

Same Types, Same Results

Sticking to one type often leads to the same ending, good or bad. Ever heard of the girl who’s sick of falling for the “bad boy,” or the girl who always goes for the “jock”? That’s a recipe for a fling, but not a lasting relationship.

You Never Know…

I’m a firm believer in trying and failing, than not trying at all. It’s the new year–stray away from playing it safe and stir up your love life. But that cannot be accomplished without taking the occasional dating risk. If you first do not succeed, then at least you can refine your preferences. But if you do fall end up falling in love outside your norm, then congratulations: you’ve officially redefined yourself for the new year.


Do you stick to dating certain “types”? If so, has it positively or negatively affected your dating life?

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