Ditching the Date – A Guy’s Guide
  • Posted Jul 20, 2012
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4 ways to ditch your date

You’ve used an online dating service to set up a first date and it’s not going to happen. You never should have trusted a girl with the “bathroom” pictures. She looks a lot older than she did on the computer screen, can’t hold an interesting conversation, and won’t stop talking about marriage. So you’ve already given her your offer, but now just want to slip quietly into the night like it never happened…

Scenario One: Fake an Illness.

Nope. Not gonna happen. A girl will NEVER buy this on a first date. Unlike most men, females are experts at reading body language. It’s in their nature to analyze every aspect of a situation. Plus, it’s the oldest trick in the book–that is, unless a woman herself does it.

Scenario Two: Work Emergency

Explicitly state that an unplanned circumstance occurred at work and that you need to address it immediately. Don’t give any details, apologize for the inconvenience, and explain that with your success come situations like these.

Scenario Three: Involve Other Women

If you feel that the date is going nowhere fast, then start talking about your relationship with women. And no, we don’t mean bragging about your previous exploits. (You want to come off as sensitive and not a “player.”) Talk about bad breakups, your mother, or other women in the room–basically, talk about any other woman but your date. By confiding in her and asking for her insight, she will get the impression that you view her as a friend, not a romantic lover.

Scenario Four: NEVER lead her on.

If you are not interested at all, do not give her a reason to think otherwise. Don’t sweet talk her into your bed, don’t kiss her goodnight, and don’t tell her you will call. Say that you enjoyed the evening, thank her for her time, and leave it at that. She will figure out the rest.. You can now go home and log into your online dating website and look for another date.

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