Dating With Dollars: A Woman’s Perspective
  • Posted Feb 20, 2014
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Let’s pretend for a second that we’re all here to find true love. No arrangements, all the strings attached, and definitely no dating for dollars. Dating with dollars? Now that’s something everyone should be doing.

If you think about it, every date includes a price tag. But an actual financial incentive to walk away with is revolutionary. While technology has made dating easier, it hasn’t made it more efficient. There’s so much clutter to cut through in order to get to the good stuff, and money motivates almost everyone.

Aint Nobody Got Time For That

Contrary to popular belief, not every twenty-something female is looking for a hand out. There just isn’t always time to wait for serendipity to make a rare appearance and intervene in your tragic love life. So if you’re sick of the men who are already in your life, there are really only two options: Go out or log on.

Going out is such a gamble, and holding out for fate is such a drag. But if you choose to take your search for love online, there are a plethora of dating sites at your finger tips. So many choices, and that’s only the beginning of the battle. Some of these dating websites make you fill out questionnaires and lengthy profiles before you can even get started. So by the time you get around to seeing who is interested in you, you’re so exhausted that you quit your search for the one before you even really begin.

There’s just no real incentive. No guarantee that things are even going to work out if I fill out this profile, much less go on a date with someone I met online. But what if you dated someone who actually valued your time?

Dating With Dollars

Enter the online dating auction. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but then again, so is heaven. No matter how you date, not everyone you encounter along your journey from singlehood to the altar will be TheOneWorthy. There are going to be a few duds, douches and detours along the way.

This is a fact of life. But wouldn’t it all hurt less if you were compensated for the ones that didn’t work out? And then, what if it does? Sometimes, it takes a little incentive to win someone over. It just takes a foot in the door (or the heart?) before you’re all in. That’s how Spotify got me. And come to think of it, Netflix too. Now I’m a user for life.

It’s an effective marketing tactic, and isn’t dating all about marketing yourself to potential partners?

Risk-Free Dating

Something magical happens on a date. With traditional dating, you would go into a date, immediately wondering where things are going. There’s so much pressure that it takes out all the elements of fun. But when you know going in, that this person isn’t all talk, because they actually put their money where their mouth is, and all because they wanted to get to know you…. now this changes everything.

These men want one chance and are willing to put money on their line for a shot. What’s there to lose?

How has dating with dollars changed your approach to dating?

Would you ever go back to traditional dating?

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