Dating Profile Keywords that Turn Women Off
  • Posted Oct 31, 2013
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If you’re single and ready to mingle, then you should probably eliminate the word “romantic” from your vocabulary. Wait, what? That is, if you’re a guy. Turns out, us ladies are immediately turned off by a guy if he’s a self-proclaimed romantic. But only when he says it in his dating profile.

We conducted a study that found “romantic” made women turn a cold shoulder the most, with 43 percent of the rejected profiles including this word. Of the top five keywords that lead to rejection, four are adjectives that describe a man.

Top Male Keywords That Lead To Rejection from the Ladies

1.)        Romantic

2.)        Adventurous

3.)        Fun

4.)        Mature

5.)        Gentleman

So, if you say you’re a romantic, adventurous, fun, mature gentleman then you probably won’t get a date. But aren’t those traits what we women look for in a potential partner? Or at least a good fling.

Even the most positive descriptions turn women off—wait for it—because we have heard it too many times before.  We have all dated someone who claimed to be a ‘gentleman’ or ‘adventurous,’ who later proved to be the opposite. A guy is less likely to be rejected if he shows these traits by his actions.

Guys, like we always say, “Put your money where your mouth is.” And in this case, your actions!

Ladies, what are other keywords that turn you off?

Guys, what are keywords that women use in their profiles that turn YOU off?

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