Dating Profile Keywords that Turn Women Off
  • Posted Oct 31, 2013
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If you’re single and ready to mingle, then you should probably eliminate the word “romantic” from your vocabulary. Wait, what? That is, if you’re a guy. Turns out, us ladies are immediately turned off by a guy if he’s a self-proclaimed romantic. But only when he says it in his dating profile.

We conducted a study that found “romantic” made women turn a cold shoulder the most, with 43 percent of the rejected profiles including this word. Of the top five keywords that lead to rejection, four are adjectives that describe a man.

Top Male Keywords That Lead To Rejection from the Ladies

1.)        Romantic

2.)        Adventurous

3.)        Fun

4.)        Mature

5.)        Gentleman

So, if you say you’re a romantic, adventurous, fun, mature gentleman then you probably won’t get a date. But aren’t those traits what we women look for in a potential partner? Or at least a good fling.

Even the most positive descriptions turn women off—wait for it—because we have heard it too many times before.  We have all dated someone who claimed to be a ‘gentleman’ or ‘adventurous,’ who later proved to be the opposite. A guy is less likely to be rejected if he shows these traits by his actions.

Guys, like we always say, “Put your money where your mouth is.” And in this case, your actions!

Ladies, what are other keywords that turn you off?

Guys, what are keywords that women use in their profiles that turn YOU off?

20 Responses to “Dating Profile Keywords that Turn Women Off”

  1. Adventurer says:

    Phew, my profile doesn’t have those.

    As a man, the ones that annoy me the most are “I love to live life to its fullest.” Who doesn’t?

    And “I love life”. Yeah, when you’re young, and you’re hot as shit. Just wait until you turn thirty six and you “fully” experience how short that time span really is.

    • VenusMiami says:

      Exactly!… Those Lines actually are the ones I cannot stand reading !! – I instantly what to get out of those profiles …
      It’s true it may be a bit judgmental, that maybe they aren’t as stupid as they sound and should be given a chance, as in writing is hard to tell… but why can’t people talk normal and use made up dumb sentences like those!? 🙂

  2. Advice from an Arizona Woman says:

    1.) Romantic
    Definition 1: Instantly clingy to the point of being stalker-ish.
    Definition 2: Total sleaze who thinks that using a few sappy lines equals sexual entitlement.

    2.) Adventurous
    Definition 1: Genuinely fun, but a flake with no attention span.
    Definition 2: Wants anal on the first date.
    Definition 3: Only wants to do “romantic” things you can’t afford, like take expensive last-minute overseas trips, but has no interest in treating you to those activities.

    3.) Fun
    Definition 1: Immature. Thinks Dane Cook’s humor is too sophisticated.
    Definition 2: Flake with a drinking and/or drug problem.
    Definition 3: Wants unprotected sex.

    4.) Mature
    Definition 1: Old. No, *old* old, add 25 years to whatever you just imagined. Profile pics of a cute aging hipster, are actually scanned Polaroids from 1975.
    Definition 2: Stodgy geezer.
    Definition 3: Wants to get married within a year, but will pretend to want whatever you want for about two months.
    Definition 4: Manipulative creeper.

    5.) Gentleman
    Definition 1: Manipulative douchebag.
    Definition 2: Wealthy, pedigreed douchebag with entitled attitude.
    Definition 3: Sleazebag who will treat you like a cheap streetwalker and try to blame you for sending the wrong signals, and act shocked when you bring up the fact that they chose a fancy restaurant, you thought you were on a date, and you are not obligated to put out–nor will “Benjamins” change your mind.

    • Jasmine says:

      So true! Especially her definitions for romantic and definition 3 describing the ‘gentleman”. That situation really makes a girl feel horrible and it sucks when you know you did nothing wrong and damn well didn’t try to send any signals. I think that’s maybe wishful thinking? Put your emotions back in the box and don’t make me feel bad just because you assumed you’d “get some” or I’d be your long term girlfriend after one first date. It has nothing to do with being an entitlement princess or a bitch either, Steve.

  3. Fitcaliboy says:

    Turn off words.

    What does “fun” mean? Lots of woman say they are looking for “fun”.

  4. Steve Harrigan says:

    Arizona Woman obviously has had some un-fabulous [sic] dates….honey, one of the best ways to chase good men off is to affix your meaning to “his” words…do you also interrupt him when he tells a story of having “fun’ climbing Longs Peak? Hope not…seeing life as a ‘half-full’ (or more) glass helps immensely in building a relationship with anyone. It’s not hard, ya just can’t be an entitlement princess, or a b$tch.

  5. Jeff says:

    Interesting article, I’ll be sure to not use any of these in my profile, thanks!

  6. Peter says:

    “Everything happens for a reason.”
    Long winded statements of the meaning of life.
    “I like shopping.” My personal favorite – this indicates a vapid woman who thinks buying things (with your money) is a valid activity. You shop when you need to buy something, not just to wander around a store looking for things you don’t need, will never use, and expect us to pay for them. How about leaving gift giving up to the giver? Make someone feel comfortable being with you and maybe they’ll want to get you something.
    Don’t get too philosophical in your profile – stick to the facts.

  7. Reality says:

    Well Arizona Woman, you are really frustrated but be sure with this frustration no man will interested in you.
    Peter you are right. The typical no go in a womans profile: First date expectation: SHOPPING
    Thanks not interested.

    Or the classical behaviour. A woman requested 500 or 1000 USD. Well what do you think what men expect then?

    Men are more head controlled and have an expectation what they get for the money. If a woman requested a small sum they have really interested. If they request a normal sum it is a fair sum for the time and maybe really interest.
    If they demand more especially if you know where they living. They try to rip men off.

  8. Advice from an Arizona Woman says:

    Reality: Why do you think that? Because of the truth about how many people in the “dating pool” are? I’m almost constantly hit on in real life. If I weren’t both time-conscious and looking for specific things, I could go anywhere, and find someone to take me out on a date, “spoil” me, have a relationship, or just sex.

    Maybe I need improved pre-screening abilities.

    That’s frustrating: I want sex pretty much *all the time*, but so many people both online and off are…
    1. Jerks: Expecting sex on the first date because they took me somewhere fancy… if they didn’t demand it, *protected* sex could’ve happened on or before the third date, maybe fourth date… if the first was a quick coffee date, but instead I go home alone and frustrated. Sometimes people say things like, “How about a little quid pro quo?” after a nice meal, gifts or shopping. Well, I was feeling happy and grateful… and I was also feeling hot and bothered, and I was really, *really* hoping to get laid, but some jerk just made me feel like a cheap streetwalker, and now I can’t. It would have been just as easy for them to say something sweet, act like a kiss would be magical… and watch how fast my panties drop, but they never even tried.
    2. Creeps: Like texting penis pictures, or trying to be sneaky and take cell pics when I lean over, or under the table angled up my skirt, or sending hate mail that none of my private pics are more than “PG-13” and I refuse to email naked pictures some stranger on the internet (or guy I met once).
    3. Immature: Like trying to get unprotected sex, giving backhanded insult compliments like some POA dude advised, or not understanding that holding out for date number two or three… or thinking that we’d finish watching the movie we went to see, at least, doesn’t make me a “frigid bitch”. This isn’t limited to 20-somethings. I don’t care about age, as long as someone isn’t all stodgy and hateful of youth… or trying to pretend it’s still 1970, but some old guys act like this, too.
    4. Drunk or high. Not like one or two beers with a meal, but stinking, wobbling drunk.
    5. Disrespectful… they act like dating and sex isn’t about two people (or more, if you’re lucky and kinky). I’m not saying stuff has to be deep, meaningful, long-term, or emotional… but don’t act like women are nothing more than cum dumpsters.

  9. Advice from an Arizona Woman says:

    “Everything happens for a reason.”
    Long winded statements of the meaning of life.

    These two things frequently indicate trauma or baggage that’s too recent, or unresolved. They wax philosophical because a relationship ended very badly, or some tragedy happened. Yeah, it’s annoying and trite, but sad more than anything.

    Shopping… I could see if someone makes it 100% clear up front that they’re seeking a Sugar Daddy, and want that to be part of the arrangement.

    Anything else, and you’ve either got someone with an attitude problem, or using a poor choice of words to indicate that they enjoy things like “antiquing” or “home decor shopping” as a couple and like the experience, but don’t expect to be showered with gifts.

  10. Truefire says:

    As a guy I must agree with some of the other posters about overly self indulgent or high maintenance requests in the story lines are really a turn off. Comments like “spoil me”, “I like shopping”, “shower me with gifts”, really are looser statements. It sounds like you need to validate yourself by spending money, or you just a hustler.

    Face it, everyplace has reasonable escort services, and no guy in the USA is more than a two hour flight from a brothel. For $200 a Hollywood grade babes will do anything you want. What are you offering? “Buy me a Buick and we’ll do lunch”? Ya sure LOL

    If you win a guys heart, he will do the best he can for you in every way. That’s worth a lot more than gold.

  11. DarkHorseSD says:

    The relative reactions to these profile words are a revealing reflection of the mix of women on the site.

    I’d remain comfortable using them when appropriate and let them filter who accepts.

  12. I love this blog post.

    This is exactly why i joined this site and why it is probably the only dating site I will ever use.

    The big PIA of online dating is you are trying to describe yourself in a paragraph and screen other people by their paragraph.

    For certain people it just doesnt work. Women trying to slog through hundreds of messages and attaching meanings to specific words in profiles (justified or not) to try to figure out a person they know nothing about (maybe he’s just a crappy writer) and men wasting tons of time waiting on replies to emails or screening though fake ads (maybe she accidentally deleted your email while trying to hit ‘reply’)..

    everybody (especially attractive women) knows you can figure out just about everything you need to about a person in about 10 minutes (or less) if you meet in person, so here i just say $100, lets just meet, do this, and figure out if we want to spend any more time on this…

    [I get the safety issue for women, but you get the general idea of what I’m saying]

    I always did better meeting people in person than online, and I think for people who are comfortable interacting with other people and have the opportunity to meet quality people of the opposite sex (or whatever sex they are interested in), in general, online dating isnt their best option.

    but here, the $100-$200 i throw for a first date is far less costly than the dozens of hours id spend trying to find a quality girl and meet her on a regular dating site, and about the same id spend ‘being out and about’ or ‘putting myself out there’ I’d rather focus on my work and the things I am trying to accomplish in life and have my dating time be spent completely focused on meeting/ building whatever may be for the person who has now entered my life..

    If your life, situation, or profession is such that you are not meeting enough people of the quality that you are looking for, then online dating is great for you. If you find that you are not comfortable just meeting people directly, and you need time to screen/ think about/ evaluate/ decide before you meet people, then screening through email and profiles is probably good for you. If you’re more like me though (and I’ve found this site generally draws that type [of women at least] ), heres $100 Visa gift card. Lets meet and decide if we want to spend more time together, not spend hours at home staring at computer screens and deciding if we want to leave the house.. 🙂

    And to another point, I dont care if you enjoy shopping, Men need to understand sometimes that some women get the same exciting thrll from shopping that men get from a great new gadget – and lets face it, for attractive women sex is easy [its not like that for men] , shoppng can be more of a unique thrill sometimes 🙂

    I’m not worried if she asks for that. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to tell after our first date if she genuinely likes me or is just looking for an arrangement. And truthfully, its not really anything that should bother me because its really my choice if I decide to persue either option.

  13. s says:

    I beg to differ – i like to know that the man is mature and a gentleman. Maturity doesn’t mean old but rather, invites his brain before action. Those things don’t turn me off. Seasoned women like that and also like to know that a man is romantic – meaning that he is considerate and thoughtful. Nothing creepy about that at all. I think that blog was written by someone who clearly doesn’t speak for all women.

  14. I guess I must be the exception to the rule, which is very common for me, so I’m ok with that. I find no issues with reading the words, “romantic,” “adventurous,” “fun,” or “gentleman” in a profile. In fact, those are words that I actually take positive notice of. Now that I think of it…without looking…I’m almost certain that you can find three of these words in my profile, when describing what kind of man I hope to find. Lol.

    For me, the only word on the list that brings about a negative notion, is “mature.” I only say that, because when I see that word on a dating site, it conjures a vision in my head, of someone who is rather bland, rigid, and stuffy. I’m not saying that all men who use the word, “mature” in their profiles are as I have described. It’s just my perception and I’m sure it’s not correct 100% of the time.

    I love men who are funny, exciting, and playful. Ones who love to let loose and be goofy with me. I love engaging in endless banter where we laugh, joke, and tease and truly entertain each other. So a man describing himself as mature, would make me think I can’t unleash the silly side of myself, comfortably, in his presence. No physical comedy or jesting…just prim and proper all the time. Nooo…that’s not me. Don’t misunderstand, I am an absolutely perfectly poised lady when the time and place calls for it. But when it’s just me and my babe…anything goes. 😀

    I will share with you the phrase that is my number one turn-off. First I’ll explain why. Any male who I have ever spent any time talking with and actually found an initial interest in, who used this phrase in his profile or through texting, has proven to fall short of it’s true meaning. The phrase: Alpha Male. I love a strong, in control man who knows how to handle his business. But the ones I have encountered who have described themselves using this term, have all been men who run away, rather than deal with situations. They hide when asked to explain their actions and often avoid questions posed to them. Plus there are those who just creep off without a word, because they are too afraid to admit what’s really going on in their minds and what their true angle is. The ones I have met, have been amongst the biggest wusses, to put it nicely, whom I have ever encountered. They live on the complete opposite end of the spectrum of what a Alpha Male should be, at least in the capacity that I have seen them in. Perhaps at work they are the epitome of what a true Alpha Male should be. I don’t know. But from my vantage point…those whom I have met should all being wearing skirts with frilly pink, lace panties. Again, these are just accounts of my experiences. I can’t speak for anyone else.

    To be clear, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a true Alpha Male. I’m only referring to the posers who apparently like the sound of the term and latch on to it, in hopes that someday, they will truly become a bonafide Alpha Male when they grow up.

    • nunya says:

      Just by reading what you said you sound like your bipolar and you really must have major issues. You most likely run off the guys that are truly good for you and go for the real loser type criminals. Your probably a cheater also who deserves to be treated like the whore you really are.

  15. The Truth says:

    How about the keywords in women’s profiles that turn guys off?

    I am really sick and tired of the women on this site and seekingarrangement. Entitled immature bitter selfish rude women. They want you to give them thousands of dollars to go shopping and have dinner with them. What will the guy get? N O T H I N G. And to top it all off they want you to look like Brad Pitt……..
    at 25.

  16. Richard says:

    You know, its not necessarily the words in their profile, its the fact that it is obvious they have never read mine. Generally speaking, if I see they are open to “arrangements” I tend to assume the worse.

    I’m NOT looking to be a sugar daddy nor am I expecting to pay hundreds of dollars just to meet someone. I took the concept of the site at face value, which is I’m paying a nominal sum to help show I’m serious and to offset any inconvenience she might have to take the time to meet me.

    The interest I’ve received is from women who are obviously looking for the money. I have not even posted a photo, have been 100% honest about who I am and the fact I’m 47, why in the world would I want a serious relationship with a girl that is her early 20’s? That’s just too young.
    Really, anything under 30 is kind of weird.

  17. bostonguy says:

    So women get turned off when a guy describes himself as “romantic.. But want a guy who is romantic??? The mystery continues….

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