Dating Parallels Interviewing
  • Posted May 20, 2014
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Until recently, I spent the past couple of months going on interviews for a variety of jobs.  My friends joke that I was “addicted to the process,” and perhaps they’re right?  I went on many interviews with companies that I had absolutely no interest in working for, I call it practicing. My approach to interviewing parallels the process of dating.

Create an online profile and describe your best assets

Sell yourself, whether it’s LinkedIn or this very site.  Highlight the attractive and hide the rest till’ they’ve committed to you.  Just kidding, but really.  Refrain from mentioning too-serious subjects like your hope to elope with your next partner, or your actual “professional” passion in the band you practice with every evening.

Initial contact

Whether you have applied romantically or professionally, first contact is everything.  You’re going to reread your first message sent, choke on the first phone call, and fumble over thoughts.  This is okay, you’re making progress towards your goal.  Arrange a time to meet and follow through with arriving on time and looking hot.

Daydream about your future together

The pre-honeymoon phase.  A potential mate is exciting in the best possible way.  Role-play the future with paychecks and promotions or children and country clubs.  If you’re looking to settle down, don’t fake it with someone you can’t see yourself with.

Look your best

Whether you’re rocking flats for professionalism or a skirt for flirtation – look your best.  Proceed with caution, you don’t want to turn anyone off by trying TOO hard.  Subtle, semi-casual looks are best for either an interview or date.  Make sure you’re well-groomed.  Make an appointment with your barber or stylist to clean up before your big date.

First meeting

This is your one chance.  Arrive on time, show your best assets, and mind your manners.

Approved First Meeting Topics

  • Family
  • Work
  • General facts and observations

First Meeting Topics to Avoid

  • Discussion of bodily fluids or functions
  • Political affiliation
  • Discussion of money


You’ll internally critique and replay the meeting for hours.  Don’t let it eat you up.  What will be, will be.  Follow up with your endeavours, and remain confident.

Second Contact

This is where things may get tricky.  Who contacts whom first?  Assert your confidence by taking the first step in appropriate time.  Give both a mate or employer a few days to soak up your awesomeness then approach for contact.  If the response is vague stay confident, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The Offer

Ah, pure bliss.  You’ve either secured a position in a company of desire, or a second date with a partner of desire, hopefully both!  Maintain the same values you initially presented and put forth your best effort.


You’ve done the work.  You deserve happiness.  Communicate your issues, stay faithful, and work diligently.  Remember your initial desire in stressful times and appreciate that you have something that many do not.

What is more stressful?  A first date or an interview?


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