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  • Posted Dec 10, 2014
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Imagine a romantic date that can blend your love for humanity and desire to capture your date’s attraction. This would be an automatic win-win. To get you out doing good for the world as you do well on your date, we here at WhatsYourPrice provided a list of love-slingin’, happiness-touting, karma-raising date activities to share on your next altruistic excursion!

Volunteer To Give Some Animal Lovin’

According to the ASPCA, America’s animal shelters are estimated to house 7.6 million critters each year. That’s a lot of woofs and purrs! Consider the number of volunteers needed to pick up poop, fill water bowls, and feed all the fidos and fluffies. How can this be turned into an afternoon of romantic bliss? Well, animals thrive on affection and interaction as much as humans do. Many local no-kill shelters need volunteers specifically for playtime. By you and your date spending an hour getting your furry pal out of his caged confine, you could give a little more hope to an animal who may have never thought that it would set paw inside a shelter.

This activity works as an icebreaker allowing you to share stories and moments of fun. Shelter time spent with your date demonstrates your ability—and your date’s—to express kindness and compassion. These are ideal traits we all hope to see in a potential partner. After all that play, you and your date can plan a nice lunch. Cue the warm fuzzies!

Attend An Independent Film Screening

The indie film has become notorious for depicting real world, hot-button topics. Documentaries and independent creative films offer intimate details that investigate a wide range of human experiences. Keep in mind that many of these films offer a no-holds-barred experience, so do a little research to ensure the film selected is at an agreeable comfort level.  Blood-spurting gore or bare-all sex scenes can create uncomfortable vibes for a first date. Neutral subjects are always best until you’re more familiar with each other. If all fails, you can never go wrong with a bit of comedy!

What’s great about the indie film experience is that directors freed from studio interference are able to create films with a clear, human-focused message, rather than special effects bombast. Through imagery, the medium of film yields awareness of happenings in Third World countries or lesser-known explorations about everyday people. The indie film invites conversation and desire to learn more. Afterwards you and your date can grab coffee and chat. Conversation should come with ease, since you’ll have something fascinating to discuss, and hopefully discover some shared interests!

See A Concert With A Cause

Concerts hosted with the intent to assist in funding or raising awareness of global issues create an opportunity to do something humanitarian … and rock out! Some great examples include the NAACP/We Tv Concert4ACause to boost childhood literacy rates, or the yearly Global Citizen Music Festival (GCMF), an ongoing effort to help end world hunger. Attendees of the GCMF complete various humane acts to spread awareness throughout the year, and a select number reach ticket status to experience the live event.

These concerts leave both performers and attendees feeling equally charitable and satisfied. Ask your date questions ahead of time. Are they more of the hard rock type? Or do they have a preference for smooth jazz? This is a great way to learn more of your dates interests, and possibly plan some future activities! After you two have shared a day of music bliss, top it off with a nice dinner.

Share Some Flowers In The Park

Yes, we know this idea sounds reminiscent of the 1960’s but think about it: Have you ever heard of flowers making someone feel unhappy? (They even liven up funerals.) Flowers are often unexpected. Arrange to meet with your date at a local park (safe, public places are another plus for a first date). Once you have spotted each other in the crowd, start charming passersby with fresh flowers and a smile! You may strike up conversations with total strangers and perhaps hear a love story or two. When you’ve shared an entire bouquet, it’s the perfect time for you and your special someone to wander and chat.

Including “time for a stroll” on a date is smart because it eliminates the awkwardness of face-to-face forced interaction. Sitting stationary and staring at each other can provoke a feeling of confrontation. A cruise through the park allows ample opportunity for distractions, exchanging stories, and you may catch whiff of a great café to grab some nosh!

The Joys Of Giving Back

We all have that little voice inside that says “Enough of me—lets help someone else!”. That’s great, but remember: the most important aspect of a “doing good” date is making sure the experience is about two people getting to know each other in a fun and meaningful environment. If you’re both passionate about reaching out to others, then it will be reflected in the activities you complete together and make time shared feel that much more worthwhile!

What do-good experiences would you add to our list?

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