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January has been a crazy month for  After the Anderson Cooper talk show aired, I received many emails from random people, some have been critical of the website, while many more have been overwhelmingly supportive.  Those who have been supportive include many who claim to be nerds or geeks like I once was, and there were also others who told me that is not just for nerds but also for all the other socially awkward, including those with speech disorders, handicapped in various ways, as well as those who are shy or socially challenged.

For those of you who have not yet watched the Anderson Cooper Talk show coverage of, I have included the video clip here for you:

While I was on the Anderson Cooper Talk show, I mentioned that when I started, my goal is to help nerds like myself get a first date. However, getting a first date is by no means the solution to a nerd’s dating problems. I know that when I was younger, I was extremely shy and getting the first date certainly did not solve the shyness I had. I vividly remember the time when I was a Sophomore at MIT. I had asked a girl I had a crush on out on a date, and I was elated when she said yes. However, my confidence was completely blown to pieces after our first date, because I was awkward, I didn’t know how to carry on a conversation, I was neither funny nor was I able to read her body language.

So, while my goal is to help people like myself get the first date. It is my overall vision to help everyone elevate their social skills to the next level, so that they have the confidence and skills necessary to date anyone they want, but more importantly to find their ultimate soul-mate. To this end, I have partnered with a group of amazing dating coach to develop a program for all members of – attractive and generous, male and female.

There will be four components to our dating program:

1.  Free Short-Tutorials

We are working on a number of short 1 minute tutorial that will improve your overall experience and effectiveness on  Our dating experts will give you invaluable tips on how to improve your online profile, how to turn that accepted offer into an actual first date, as well as how to use humor on your first date, or what to do or say on your first date.

2.  Online Style Transformation

We are partnering with a fashion expert and stylist to change your look into the male or female magnet that you should be.  Let’s face it, looks matter.  By improving your looks all the way from what you wear to how you cut your hair, your confidence will improve and so will your love life.  I know this first hand… just look at the THEN and NOW pictures of me below…

Brandon Wade - Then and Now

Brandon Wade - Then and Now

3. Online Course on Improving your Dating Game

We are developing an online course on how to improve your dating game.  Available to our members for a nominal price, this program will walk you through step-by-step through the basics of male and female dating game.  As with all online courses, you will need to take a Final exam in order to pass the course.  And for the students who do well, and yes that means the A students, you will receive a surprise “gift” from us.

4. Dating Boot-camp

Finally, for those who are serious about changing their life or taking their love life to the next level, we will be conducting 1-day dating boot-camps in major cities across the country.  Learn the basics on how men and women want, but more importantly how they are programmed.  Then follow your instructors out into the field to practice your new found skills.

So stay tuned over the next few months as we work on getting these programs developed, and please feel free to offer your input or suggestions if you have any.

Do you think you will benefit from a dating coaching program?

What are some of the skills you feel you need to improve your love life that we should include in our program?

Are there any dating tips you would like to see on our website?

25 Responses to “Dating Coach for the Socially Awkward”

  1. trueloveneverdidrunsmoothly says:

    If you use this site responsibly and are respectful, then this is a fantastic site. I wish I had had this site when I was younger. I would have gotten tons of great practice. Great job, Brandon.

  2. Michelle Terrell says:

    Men that are confident with knowing how to get their needs meet consistently leads to happy, fulfilled woman which leads to more people living the lives they always wanted. When this area of our lives gets out of balance then everything gets out of balance to some extent or another. Kudos to the brave & wise people that step up to the challenge of personal growth and getting the maximum potential out of their love lives! Rock it to the next level Brandon!

  3. Sofia says:

    I should ve been there in that program with u Brandon. I feel really ready for coaching…This is the best site ever. I wish u can do it in Argentina.

  4. Caroline says:

    I surely would benefit from a “Dating coach and/or Boot Camp” but even I am too afraid of Steve Wurtz to be on his show on Natnl TV! As the best match makers say “My Picker is off”!! Either true gentleman who also are sure of themselves with out being players or cocky no longer exist or my horizons are not broad enough AND my picker is def off!

  5. chris says:

    A much needed event. Thank you.

  6. BRIDGET says:


  7. Seriously? says:

    Yes, I know my iP is trace-able for the admin who can see it, but simply because one thought up an idea for a web site does not make one an expert in a particular field. I can make sites myself and could whip up some ideas for a brain surgery info site, yet that doesn’t mean I’m suddenly capable of cutting open your head to make you think better. Ditto with dating sites; match does this all the time, as does eharmony, pretending like they have the Word on the whole dating thing. Neither does producing a pic of a smiling CEO beside a younger blonde woman for advertisement purposes prove either any personal success with (let alone genius at…) dating, even according to how WYP feels dating should be done. Nothing personal, just it doesn’t convince me to pay for the chance to hear WYP opine about male/female relations, nor join the cheering crowd of supporters, who all sound eerily similar in grammar and POV. Are these some of the WYP employees I suspect are hired to make the fake profiles and give the fake agreements to a date in order for me to blow my credits? When the 400 credits I bought this time are used up in a couple of days, 360 of them used on profiles that abandoned the site after getting me to unlock the date, I’m going to be giving boot camps to web site owners around the country on how not to make their paying customers feel ripped off.

  8. says:

    I’m sad to hear that about your experiences. It’s been a pretty good site for me, and I hope it continues doing well. WYP should create a big pop-up that warns the women that it is costing the generous user money if they are not serious about dating, and that they shouldn’t accept if they’re not serious.

    Have you tried putting that kind of notice in your expectations?

  9. chris says:

    I like the site.

  10. Marcy Sheiner says:

    Seriously–Your sarcasm is funny, but not exactly accurate. I happen to know the people Brandon is working with on these tutorials, and they are indeed experts with fantastic new ideas and methods for helping people connect with one another. Sorry you’re having bad experiences here. To improve them, read those profiles carefully!

  11. tulsalove says:

    I may have posted this in the last section.

    After a date is unlocked:
    Does the generous member pay for each message sent to that specific attractive member or once it’s unlocked he pays that one fee and is able to message that specific attractive member an unlimited amount of times?

    Trying to find out if that’s why a generous member would say hello and put his number in right away or say hello and put his email address in a message right away.

    It’s like some of the generous members are trying to rush you off the site to some other form of communication.

    Any explanation would be appreciated.

  12. chris says:

    Only pay once. Most are wanting to take it to text or email to hide what they have to say from the site admins.

  13. Tom says:


    Great job on the site! I believe in your fundamentals and purpose for the site. I feel Anderson was a little biased against you (and his expert), but I filter out the “Ho’s” and focus on the women that might glance over me on traditional sites but give me a second look.

    Michael was not a good example of a male member of the site (his slacks were not even long enough in one scene).

    My problem has been women that fall in love with me too soon after getting to know me. Other sites don’t even afford me the opportunity for women to get to know me enough. This site allows me to showcase ME.

  14. Happy Life says:

    Happy Valentine’s ladies! 🙂

  15. Meg says:

    Brandon – Just watched the Anderson Cooper Show.

    Agree – Michael was NOT a good example of the men on this site…or representative at all. Um, maybe 1/8th of the people I’ve met have been like that. Made 2 really good, long-lasting (well, have known them for +8 mo…so) friendships. Met an SD I was with for 4 mo. And then the remainder were nice & intelligent but WAY too desperate-acting…know what I mean?

    Like, ok, I get it…if it’s your first date with a 20something fairly intelligent & attractive girl who’s receptive and warm, you might get excited. But it really freaks me out and never get a chance to know them (because…god…would hate to lead someone on!)

  16. Meg says:


    I find your over-sized MIT shirt cute.

  17. Holly says:

    I have had a little bit of all experiences on this site. But you can’t let a few bad experiences get to you. I have had men except dates and not follow through. Had one guys girlfriend call me and warn me about him, that was fun, YIKS! I have also had Very nice dates. Some very shy men. I am out going and talkative and like to make them laugh so I can easily bring out the shy ones. I don’t go into a date looking for my “soul mate” I think of it as going out with a new friend. I may not have found “the one” but I have made a few friends along the way and that is never a bad thing.

  18. Holly says:

    I think the idea of couching is a great idea. Some people really do need the basics of dating. But you also have to be yourself. Couching should not be taken as a word for word guide. Take what you learn and customize it to fit who you are. Nobody wants to date a robot lol.

  19. Bobby the K says:


    Thanks for the insight. I think a lot of those desperate guys you are talking about is only due to lack of knowledge. You’d think there’d be classes in high school on dating in our society, one of the most important skills for a full, happy life, but instead you have to learn how to find x for four years. This site is remarkable for the practice, and each time I go on a date, I learn something new. And thank you ladies, for the ones who are both patient and thoughtful.

  20. Anna Lee says:

    I recently signed up for Whatsyourprice (like yesterday), and was a bit weary of men just looking for sex. I’m also on seekingarrangement, another of Brandon’s sites, and the same concern was there. After watching that Anderson episode, I feel a little more at ease, seeing some one of the women and a couple of the men that use the site. It was helpful, and now I’m seriously looking forward to my first dates :]

    You’re the best Brandon, especially for girls that are having trouble paying for college and are tired of lousy boys! <3

  21. soulfullove says:

    I am a life coach and I think its helpful for people that dating is awkward.

  22. little says:

    i just joined the site (waiting for my photos to be approved). i think it is a great idea. and i don’t necessarily see it as a escort site. nerdy guys don’t know how to act on dates because they’re inexperienced. chances are i wouldn’t usually take a second look, but with this site i’m willing to give them a shot and they actually walk away learning a little more about how to date and gaining a little more confidence. i feel like i’m helping them out.

  23. little says:

    also, i’ve seen some pretty cute guys on here that may even be my type so i think it could result in successful relationships for people.

  24. Sexy&Sincere says:

    Hi Everyone, I just came over from SA another of Brandon’s site(s) I did meet a great SD over there infact it was great until he wanted to get married & I didn’t want to move to Canada. In returning to SA site I saw the link for this site so here I am. I will give this a try as I like the concept because it’s a put your money where your mouth is type of site, (I hope) AND women also have to be more sincere in accepting a date and not flake or be on here just to get their ego a boost. I am looking forward to trying this … I do not believe it’s a pay for sex deal it’s kinda like when one wants to see a movie we must still purchase a ticket right? Good luck to everyone on here! kiss kiss or is that spank spank 4 You? LoL

  25. Patti says:

    I was on this site & have been told by men that I am gorgeous! I didn’t get any mail from men…..I think this site is a joke!

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