Date Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Have you ever been afraid to step outside of your comfort zone? At some point, everyone goes through it. This can span from the fear of quitting your job, and not being able to find future employment, to not wanting to leave your hometown because you’re afraid of not making new friends.

The same eerie sensation used to apply to the dating world, but the Internet is slowly changing things for the better. It’s connecting people anywhere, anytime from a variety of devices.

Winning the Date

Gentlemen, this is your chance. If you’re nervous about dating out of your league, or simply anxious about asking any of girl on a date, you can mellow out the awkwardness through If she accepts your bid, you’ll know right away whether she thinks you’re cute and wants to meet you in person.

Ladies, now you can break the ice as well. It’s 2014, men shouldn’t be the only ones to make a first move. Just look at Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County, she proposed to her boyfriend back in 2013. Women are making moves. Break the ice by letting him know how he can win his way to your heart. It’s less work for him, and more power for you.

interracial coupleSwitch the Look

It’s easy to fall for people who look like your exes. Obviously, you dated them for a reason, but you need to remind yourself that they weren’t right for you. Refresh your dating life with someone that doesn’t look anything like your ex. If your ex had black hair, try dating a blonde. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to date outside of your race!

Dating a different race or religion is a great way to open your mind while opening your heart. Most people are open to interracial relationships in this day and age. By dating someone who a different culture you could learn a new language, travel the world, or even discover a religious calling.

Date the Dominant

It’s easy to keep falling for the same personality type, however, how can you confidently say you know exactly what you’re looking for if you never dated anyone else? Just because you’re dominant, it doesn’t mean you have to link with a passive personality. We all know relationships can be a bit of a balancing act, and contrary to popular belief, two assertive people can get along. Your partner will be more likely to keep you on your toes, challenge your assessments, and push you to be a better person.

It’s time to try something, or rather, someone new! Have you dated outside of your comfort zone recently?

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