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  • Posted Sep 6, 2012
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Tonight is the night. You’ve met the perfect girl and are looking to knock this one out of the park. After several messages and a little profile sleuthing a la Sherlock Holmes, the night is mapped out from dinner, a little fun and games, and even where you two will enjoy your nightcap with a private view of the city. NPH would be proud.  Except, all this effort is futile unless you pass step number one: the can-be-awkward money exchange. If you see this going pass a first date or simply want to be set apart from other suitors.

She’s sure to remember how thoughtful you were

Here are a few creative way to pay that are sure to make an impression.

For the Intellectuals: Buy her favorite book and place the amount inside.

For the Romantics: Place the amount in a card and attach it to a bouquet of roses.

For the Stylish: Wrap the amount in a scarf made by her favorite designer.

For the Wild-Ones: Join a competition, slip the MC the cash and, when your date’s turn is over, have her proclaimed the winner.

For the Cultured: Find out her favorite genre of music, buy a CD, and place the amount inside.

For the Sweet Tooth: Place the amount inside box of chocolates.

For the Adventurous: Plan a scavenger hunt during your date, place part of the amount with each clue.

For the Extroverts: Place the amount in a card and attach it to a nice bottle of champagne.

Mind your manners and etiquette—let her know if the method you choose will require you to pay during the date. And remember, if you’re having fun, she will too.

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