Creating Attraction Through Texting
  • Posted Apr 9, 2013
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Dating has evolved into so much more than just personal interactions. As much as it pains me to say, modern technology has become so intertwined into our lives that a simple text message can build anticipation for your next encounter. And for those who are less text-savvy, it can ruin all interest at the push of a button (literally).

Here are some general guidelines to follow that help build, not break, attraction:

1.) Never Play it Safe

Throw all messages you would send to your friends out the door. Nothing is less noteworthy than a “How are you?” “What’s Up?” or “How’s it going?” text. Instead of asking her mundane questions, lead the conversation and tell her about your day. Share a funny story, or spontaneously send a thought that suddenly came to your mind. Play on your quirks and be yourself. Ironically, most men avoid acting naturally for the sake of acceptance. The truth is, the more unique you come across, the more memorable you will become amongst all her suitors.

2.) Tension Through Emotion

Emotion is the foundation to all levels of attraction. When planning your next move, ask yourself this: will this text ellicit any emotion? Will it make her smile, laugh, or even get her heated? A common misconception is that attraction is built by being the nice guy. This couldn’t be more wrong in the realm of texting. If you playfully tease her, she will respond emotionally.

3.) Be Unpredictable

The longer a woman waits for your text, the greater the anticipation is built. When texting, be sure to mix up your response times. Reply to some texts quickly and others more slowly. By varying your response times, you imply that they are just one aspect of your day. Texting and replying too quickly in succession reeks of desperation and should be avoided at all costs.

In terms of when to text, never stick to the same schedule–i.e., right after work or right before you go to sleep. Instead, stand out from the rest and send her a random message during the workday. It is refreshing and immediately grabs her attention.


What other rules to you stick to/avoid when texting?

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