Compensation 101: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • Posted Sep 6, 2013
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He/she just accepted my first-date offer. What now?

Do begin your first message by gauging his/her interests (food, hobbies, activities, etc.).

Don’t reference the amount of money it took to get the first date.

Transitioning from the offer to the actual date is actually quite simple…that is, unless you make it awkward. Yes, money is a component to these dates. But that should never distract, nor be the topic of discussion during the messaging process. Once your attractive member has accepted your offer, you will be given the opportunity to message and begin the courting process. Our advice? Keep the conversation light, but inquisitive. Get to know your date so that you can choose a location that will make the best possible first impression.


I’m about to pay him/her for the first date. What now?

Do be respectful and discreet about the exchange. Give half upon meeting, and half after the date.

Don’t make a spectacle and announcement prior to payment.

While everyone has their own way of paying for the opportunity of a first date, one thing holds true in all exchanges: discretion. Your date does not want to feel objectified or disrespected, so try to be subtle about the exchange. In most cases, giving half before and half after the date is the best way your gratitude. It takes away any unnecessary anxiety and proves that you are trustworthy.


I really like him/her and want to go on a second date. What now?

Do leverage compatibility and charm to nab a second date. Express yourself honestly and tell them you’re interested in a second date. If your date is attracted to you, then he/she will not hesitate in obliging.

Don’t offer him/her more money on the first date to get a second date.

Remember that the money aspect is merely a “foot in the door” for getting a first date. These men and women are people, not prostitutes. Never think you have the upper hand just because you made the offer. If you are respectful, follow-through with your offer, and are genuinely interested, then you will more than likely get an encore date. Good luck!


Do you have any advice in regards to paying? Have you ever experienced an awkward situation during the payment process?


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