Class Act in Dating Etiquette
  • Posted Jul 20, 2011
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“When she opened the door a gust of wind blew her hair back towards the street exposing her sharp cheek bones and neckline. He watched from the bar, knowing she had not seen him and he had the advantage of being able to observe her without her knowing it. With the smug experience of a pro with dating etiquette, he knew he had the upper hand and would learn a lot in the next few moments before the hostess brought her to him in the bar. He watched her quietly approach the hostess and lean in to whisper something in her ear. Her shy smile lit up as she looked into the eyes of the hostess, showing flashing white teeth against full lips and sculpted jaw. Following the hostess’ glance she turned towards him making eye contact through the glass separating the bar from the entry area. He gently waved her towards him and got up from his seat as she came around the corner to meet him.

Instead of a handshake she leaned in and gave him a quick hug and then removed her coat to sit down. Her open smile, warm greeting and easy manner let him know right away that this was going to be a pleasant experience. He mentally began to consider dinner options.”

What happened before …….

I accepted an offer and after a couple of short emails, my generous member and I made simple plans to meet at a fun, international restaurant for drinks. There was an age difference between us, but my date was smart enough and knew enough about dating etiquette, to reduce potential issues before they came up. He asked if it was going to be an issue or if it bothered me. I appreciated that he brought it up, and although I’ve almost never dated a younger man, great conversation and connection has no age limit. “No, as long as it doesn’t bother you, I think it’s more about fun,” I said. He sent me his number a few days before the date, but I never called him. I did not want to engage on the phone since my personal information is confidential. We confirmed the date via email, but other than his two photos, I had no idea what to expect.

I dressed in tight jeans, boots, shirt and leather jacket figuring it was city casual. The age difference crossed my mind briefly, but hey, this was an experiment!  I’ve never been on a paid date in my life, and this was going to be a new experience. As I crossed the street however, the wind whipped up, swirling my loose hair all over the place and I dashed into the building arriving breathless and self-conscious.  I absolutely hate going into a bar, any bar, by myself so I waited for the hostess and then leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I’m meeting someone and I have no idea where.”

She smiled and pointed into the bar next door. As I turned towards the bar, my date smiled and waved me inside as he graciously rose to greet me. I couldn’t help but note the tug of his jeans across tight, well-muscled thighs and the sparkle in his blue eyes (I am a woman after all). I gave him a hug and sat down to chat.

I asked him a few questions about the site, his experience and we laughed when we realized we were both newbies. I also found out about his family, his business, and his experiences; what he is looking for and the type of women he prefers. It was a fun and lively discussion with short humorous antidotes about dating in the city and around the world. He told me that he generally does not like American women and has found many to be quite immature.  “So,” I paused, “Are you pleased or disappointed? Am I what you expected?”

“You are much better than your photos, “ he said. “Would you like to go to dinner? I’d like to take you to somewhere you have not been.”

“Yes, that would be great,” I replied. I had been to the place where we were, so he decided to take me to another place I had been longing to try for some time and he happened to know quite well.

He led me out of the bar to a privileged parking spot since he knew the manager and casually opened the door and guided me into the car. His car was elegant and clean, showing that he not only respects his personal appearance but also takes care of his possessions, two desirable qualities in a man in my opinion. Despite the fact that the restaurant is well-known and impossible to get into, my date knew the valet, the owner and the host. We had no trouble getting a table right away and had a sumptuous and interesting cultural meal. Sexy finger foods and an array of textures and flavors leave my mouth watering in memory as I write this. It was a relaxed and easy flow of conversation covering many topics from his childhood, travel abroad and current work in his family’s business. Afterward we drank Turkish coffee and tasted sweets, finally leaving the restaurant at about 10:30pm.

We discussed staying out a bit later, but it was a school night after all, and I needed to get home, and into bed (alone), so he dropped me at my car, waited for me to get in and pull away from the curb before pulling away himself. In all of this, we forgot about the payment. I realized it as I headed home and pondered how to deal with it. I knew I needed to do something from the perspective of keeping agreements and avoiding resentments. In the morning I decided to make a joke out of it in a text and we both came to the laughing realization that neither of us really knew how to handle the situation. I decided to be creative and make it easy for him, and received payment a few days later. This was about establishing principals and developing trust and follow through. A principal based action.

For me, life is about the adventure and sharing experiences with people. I find I am able to enjoy most situations by being mindful, noticing and paying attention to the person I am with and by being responsive vs. reactive. Following some rules of dating etiquette made this date enjoyable for us both.

I wanted to share this experience with you because I found it to be a really classy date. There were certain measures of etiquette that were followed by both of us, and this lead to a more confident and relaxed date. I was able to feel like a lady and my date felt like a man.

Would anyone be willing to share their winning profile or some aspects of it with all members here?

What key components to a profile are getting you the most offers and the best dates?

98 Responses to “Class Act in Dating Etiquette”

  1. Blue says:

    Not in my world.

    Why is this article even mentioned on a site that advertises “Get Paid To Date Guaranteed!” ???

    If you really want to guarantee it, hold the gentleman’s credit card and follow up with a survey and pay the woman yourselves when he defaults.

    Again, you are making light of an issue which on another site would be fine, but not here? What are you suggesting women get into cars with strangers now too?

    Don’t try to make the women here feel as though they have to be the ones to chase him down for his money. What a joke!

    While I agree with the last article that the man who was complaining has an awful attitude in his profile to say the least, I do not think it was ethical for Brandon to call him out publicly when this forum is supposed to be private.

    Their is nothing classy about a guy who goes thru paid negotiations to meet you based upon a set price and then A. Conveniently forgets. Or B. Sees if he can get away without paying you. C. Puts his date in the awkward position of having to contact him again to collect.

    You got ripped off, and called him out on it and you praise this man..(shaking my head)?

    I’m sure he’s nice but I’ve met nicer and I don’t appreciate you promoting this type of behavior in men we do not even know especially to young women who are struggling with how to get paid from their dates already.

    I’m sure, if you even are really a woman and not a man disguised as one, that you could have conjured up a classier date than that to share. If you are going for a bait and switch on this site, it’s not going to work it’s only going to create more mistrust amongst people on this site and similar ones. Clearly you are not on the side of your customers.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      LOL! Oh Blue, you misunderstood! I did get paid, I have to get paid, if I didn’t get paid I’d be a sucker because that is what this is about and I had to make it happen no matter what. Now, just because I bungled it as many of you are showing that you have, are and do, I wanted to show you that everyone is human, and that anything can be fixed.
      I am completely on the side of my customers and believe me- an agreement is an agreement. Now since I had the intelligence to find out all about my date, his favorite places, his friends and where he frequents, there was really no way around paying me and the sooner the better. As I said, an agreement is an agreement. I was however, extremely gracious about it, sexy and funny. I used my womanly attributes to get him to send me payment in a way that was fun. I happened to use a ticket service and made it look nice and pretty. Now, what I did not do was whine and complain and make turn it into a bummer. In fact, the member said later after some dates I’ll describe in my next blog entry (since those scammers will be off the site by then),that I was the best date he’s had on the site. What can I tell you?

      • Blue says:

        I understand you eventually got paid but letting someone walk out without paying you and then calling that a class act is about as classy as dating a guy who walks out on the check at the restaurant.

        If you think we women are any less important than that you are mistaken. I may put on a face if I have to get my money I earned but I’m not going to delude myself and call it a class act or feel warm and fuzzy about the incident.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Oh, and I’m really really a WOMAN. In every sense of the word!

    • Kenneth says:

      I had hoped there might be a means to create a seperate blog post, but hope this will suffice.

      This is my second attempt on this site to meet somone intriguing and I am surprised by some of the less than mature responses.

      It would be great if the ladys on this site would not try to negotiate the offer for an intial date. It is an intial date. Either accept the offer or reject it.

      It is rather unbecoming to negotiate and the idea that a gentleman would pay $2,000 for an intial date is absurd! The site specifically states it is not for prostitites!

      I have made some arrangements with several ladies and hope to find someone amazing, but I am stunned by those who seem to fail to read my profile.

      Moreover, it seems that some of the ladies think this is a site for men who are desperate and willing to pay any price. I just happpen to travel extensively and this site is better than bars or clubs.

      Please learn the art of seduction and how to be alluring. Also, why list willing to travel and then be unwilling to travel? I made an offer to fly a lady for a weekend getaway that included seperate hotel suites and she repetedly changed her mind.

      A video on how to be a lady and how to be alluring may be helpful! Also, please make a greater emphasis on not being a site for prostitution.

      Thank you

  2. Blue says:

    Again you are making light of an issue which on another site would be fine but not here. ( should not have been a question mark there)

    • Zorah Wright says:

      It’s not fine, its how you handle mistakes and humanity to reach a win/win.

      • Bobby the K says:

        Although I have never forgotten to pay a date and am really anal about not forgetting, for instance, I put little post it notes in hidden places to remind me, I really appreciate your responses, Zorah. The world is a hell-hole of six-time users and cheaters. I’m disgusted by some of the creeps in the stories some of these women are posting. It does a disservice for those who are honest and genuine. I agree with Blue and Queen that these guys are far beyond low, but your response was dignified. I think that’s really wonderful.

  3. queen says:

    How can anyone forget to get paid? I had a date last night and i had to ask him for the money after. He replied it was in his car. I was so freaked out thinking how dangerous. I wonder why he left it in the car anyway. Some guys need to learn some manners. He did not dress up. Did not meet me where i wanted to go but at his fav place. Wanted me to change my food order to what he wanted me to eat. Would not keep his hands off of me and was trying to force booze on me. I told him i had to get going after dinner but he started acting like a baby saying the night was young so….for 150.00 our date lasted from 7;30 til 4;30 am! Longest worst date ever!!!!

    • queen says:

      I had a date for tonight but he did a no show! Waste of time!

    • Suzy says:

      Again you need to receive payment when you arrive for you date. That’s why you’re there in the first place because he accepted your offer. If he wants to do half then fine he pays half up front and half afterwards but 8hrs? That was again another rude person. He’s not happy with paying for a date so he’s trying to be cruel and drag out the time as long as possible. 2.5 hrs should be a reasonable amount of time. Or what would be better would be half up front and the rest at the second half.

      • Zorah Wright says:

        Suzy, agreed, but we all make mistakes once. Just not over and over (oh wait- that is what humans do!) No, seriously, this is clearly a learning experience and that is everyone is here sharing about it. Don’t wait for the date for hours and feel uncomfortable about it. Just ask and do it really nicely so they feel guilty being resistant.

        • Suzy says:

          I get mistakes happen, but this was deliberate not an “oops”. I agree with asking at the beginning for haven’t most attractive members waited long enough for the date? It comes back to if the generous member didn’t have to pay at all then he would be dating most ladies on this site. The wait seems to come about because of the financial aspect of things. So now he makes a lady wait longer? What I’ve yet to hear is a date actually forgetting their wallet for dinner and drinks. They always remember to bring money for that. Hmm is this a coincidence ? I think not.

          I have to say that’s she’s not only the attractive one but the generous one as well. To be able to give someone so much time like that is without a doubt truly kind. Sad to see someone took advantage of her kindness as there are always some people that will.

          Best of luck on the next date queen:)

      • Blue says:

        I have to agree with you Suzy. I think the money should be upfront. If the man decides upon meeting that maybe I am not for him, that’s fine with me. I can accept that but I don’t take half now half later I just don’t deal with guys who are like that. Too much potential for arguments later on about what was done or not done on the date. Most guys are complete gentlemen that I meet, but I can’t guarantee that I’m going to tolerate a jerk and that’s the last person I want dangling the rest of my money over my head through dinner!

        You are also right, if they can make the effort to bring their wallet to avoid embarrassment of having money to pay for dinner, they can certainly remember the money to pay for the date. I’m a personal trainer, my clients have their money for me. They don’t expect me to pick it up later. If that does for whatever reason occur they quickly find a way to resolve the issue not have me wonder and call and question and all this abuse the article expects of us. That’s baloney!

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Queen, read above. You did get a lousy date, I agree. It’s clear you have some good sense. Use it and use it well. Way too long of a date and as you mention, it was not worth the first 5 minutes or the $150.
      Let me ask you though: Are you here for money, to supplement your income or to find a respectful relationship that is financially balanced?

    • king says:

      Take me out to my favorite place, don’t touch me, wear clothes I find appropriate, buy me dinner, pay me, and as soon as that last nibble of food is past my lips I am shooting out the door like a cat on fire.

      I think you got it right with “worst date ever”, poor dude.

      • OnceAndFutureKing says:

        The above was not written by the same “king” everyone claimed was attacking “queen” before, but by a troll using the name to incite. I’m that previous “king”.

    • Lana90 says:

      Poor thing.. I hope you had better dates since then!

  4. Suzy says:

    So wait let me get this straight.

    This attractive member
    1. Met a man at a bar
    2. Got in his car to go somewhere else?
    3. Waited several days to get paid for the date she already had?

    If this story is a true one then all I can say is that she’s truly lucky.

    1. That she felt so comfortable to get in a car with a complete stranger and he didn’t rape or chop her up and stick her in the freezer.
    2. He actually made her wait for payment for several days and did finally pay her for the date.

    I think the article above is cute for the 1950’s when everyone knew each other within a 20 mile radius but today that’s all too dangerous. I would never recommend an attractive member to go hopping into a stranger’s car for free. Realistically you don’t know who you’re actually meeting so that could go terribly wrong.

    Safety first with or without being paid for a date.

    Also talking about the paid part, when would we ever recommend an attractive member to go out on a date and wait for payment some day. If this site actually waited to be paid after a date then you would be robbed blind. Seriously you’re paid upfront for a reason and that doesn’t guarantee the attractive member will date the generous member at all nor does it guarantee the attractive member will be paid. So the risk is really on the shoulders of both the attractive member and generous member. What do you loose as the site? Nothing.

    So please make it safe for both parties involved. No one wants to hear that a woman was found dead , strangled or raped because she got into the car of a WYP generous member. Let’s just keep it simple and safe. Meet-Pay-Enjoy your Date. Repeat if

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Suzy,let’s think a bit about common sense. where I live and the fact that I did not jump on an airplane and fly to meet some guy trying to get me on his turf. I also did not reveal where I live by meeting him around the corner (for what I ask?) The fact is, in real life I have a rolodex that stretches across the globe and its rare I meet anyone who is more than 3 degrees of separation. Of course anything can happen, but I make sure people know where I am at and who I am with at all times.
      Just because I was as uncomfortable as he was about paying for dates because we had never done it before, does not make anyone a bad person.
      Naturally, the site says pay 1/2 up front and 1/2 at the end. As you know, have experienced and heard-weird stuff happens and some of it is less than fun. I can not tell you (but I will next) how many women are just as bad as guys. This particular date happened to be from a very well known, prominent family in the area and is a catch and half! However, his dates since have been women who want arrangements, double the money they agreed to or worse.
      It’s all about your experience and keeping your eyes wide open. This is a dating site, not an arrangement site or prostitution site. The sooner people can get that understanding clear the better. Also, we are dealing with humans here. 🙂

      • Blue says:

        Suzy is absolutely right and is using total common sense.

        I take my chances in life as well, but you are in a position of responsibility and posting this article is highly suspicious when you are not thinking clearly about what Suzy and I have told you. I don’t know Suzy at all, but your point of view is completely irresponsible for this site. If you want to blog it that is fine, but here you are setting a standard and acting as role model.

        No woman should have to wait for 1/2 the payment either. This just sounds like the site is selfishly encouraging women to take more risks so it can make a larger profit at the expense of OUR SAFETY.

        • Blue says:

          One more thing, this is nothing more than an arrangement site. We use the site to make a financial arrangement and WYP gets paid for that arrangement and hopefully we get paid. What people do with it from there is their own choice as long as they keep it legal. Period.

        • tyler says:

          I agree this is largely an arrangement sight the simple fact that the option for sugar daddy/sugar baby to me that means the woman is looking for an arrangement. And there are quite a few profiles where the woman is more or less saying she’s a prostitute as well by promising sexual favors in return but in a slightly more discreet manner then I just mentioned. Personally as a guy on here this site attracts way way too many flakes…and I’m sure you women run into flaky men as well just because of the nature of the site. And thats why I always say the women on here need to be more direct about what they’re on here for when contacted by a generous member. Its gotten to the point where if an attractive member doesn’t answer or avoids that question I cut communication off. I don’t blame you girls for wanting the cash all up front…personally I’m a little uneasy with that but if its less the 200 dollars whatever I’ll give it all up front if its more then I’d rather do half and half just for my own safety.

          And to Zorah…if this isn’t an arrangement site you guys need to rethink the marketing strategy and probably do away with the option for SD/SB and probably get rid of the adult/intimate option as well (ie; prostitution). Just saying I can definitely see after a while this site getting hemmed up do to abuse of the TOS and just because of that adult option. Because as it is right now this is definitely not a “dating” website, you may luck out and meet someone that is real and not a game player but chances are minimal. So you need to just fess up and admit its an arrangement site because if you look at the attractive members profiles all of them except maybe 1 to 2 percent are wanting an arrangement.

        • Suzy says:

          I was thinking the same Tyler and Blue.

          To have adult intimate encounter means that the generous member is actually offering money for sex. Which by definition is prostitution

          To have married discreet affair also indicates prostitution. For a married man typically is not trying to build a relationship with another woman. He just wants a hidden behind the scenes one night stand which he’ll gladly pay for. Again it promotes prostitution. Keyword: discreet

          Also SD/SB some men claim to want an SB but many are looking for a cheaper and cleaner alternative to a prostitute. A prostitute or escort is going by the hour if not mistaken. An sb provides alot of time and attention with an allowance. This one generous member told me of how he was going to pay some girl on this site $200 per week to come over and service him sexually meanwhile he was going to talk her to death during that week. Meaning he wanted prostitute rates but wanted to push for more time and attention. Last I heard she cut him off because he wasn’t providing enough for all of the attention he was demanding.

          Now generally speaking how many women really want to date married men and happen to be young, attractive and single? It’s not a typical nice way to behave and many frown upon this type of dating. However for an sb/sd relationship a woman may be open to it and also a prostitute-escort. The average everyday lady that is looking for someone special would be repulsed.

          Now of course we already know many sb/sd relationships are not like the one I described above. Obviously that guy is not a real SD. He’s just a man that wants more out of a prostitute but doesn’t have more then $200 to give.

          The other options of : activity partner, short term dating, long term dating (marriage minded) almost seem to be the last resort on the site. For any guy that’s interested in an honest sweet lady would be repulsed to see intimate encounter and married discreet afair checked. He would usually assume she’s a prostitute or a woman with no morals.

          I don’t have any issues with the sb/sd relationships at all. What woman wouldn’t want to be taken care of by a wealthy man. This goes without saying.

          But the intimate encouter+ married discreet affair will bring you more escorts and prostitutes then craigslist could ever handle.

          Personally I was offended by the many statements on different blogs about this site promoting prostitution, but apparently this was prior to me signing up as an attractive member and seeing it first hand.

          So dating site? Not even close
          I would bet $1,000 that 80% of the site’s income is coming from men seeking sex for pay.

          Now anther point is that I don’t really have an issue with prostitutes or the men that pay for them. I was told that this site didn’t allow or tolerate such things which is why I signed up. I thought ignore the hateful responses on the idea because this is going to be above board and clean. How wrong I was after seeing reported men still on the site. Or after reading some of the first date expectations and wondering how they passed the mods with that one. The only accts that I see removed are the ones that haven’t paid anything yet.

          Anyone get a look at the testimonials? If you haven’t look at each lady’s pictures and also look at what they are here for. I believe the 6 out of 7 have (intimate encounter+ married discreet affair) Makes you wonder who they met and what they did on their date. There was only one lady that didn’t have either one selected. I was hoping to see more testimonials like the last one. So I guess we’ll just have to wait.

        • Bobby the K says:

          In response to Suzy July 23 post:

          Great analysis. I think this site would be spectacular without the sugar baby/sugar daddy and intimate encounter descriptors as well as married/discreet. Or else, make another site similar to this one, but without those descriptors. Make it geared towards people who really want to date. I think it would eliminate a lot of the flakes and shady characters.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          Bobby I see your point, but most dating sites have those descriptors so that people can be more honest from the get-go on what they want. It may not be part of what you or I are looking for, but there seem to be many people who want just that. That’s what makes this interesting and can encourage people to state their interests. At least you can know from the start although some members seem use it to troll then state their intention on the date which can be frustrating.

        • Suzy says:

          I accepted at $20 offer for a first date from a 70 year old man. I thought well maybe he’s on a fixed income. I can just enjoy his company when he decides to come to my area.

          This is the guy’s first message when he opened up communication :



          sorry I just updated to remove his phone and email. Didn’t mean to post that part. Even old gross perverts deserve their privacy.

          Really? This man is 70. There is nothing in my profile that says anything about sex. Hell I don’t have intimate encounter or married discreet affair checked. But this guy isn’t looking for a prostitute? Seriously?

        • tyler says:

          did you report him? I mean if he’s looking for all that isn’t it soliciting and therefore a violation of TOS? Just like I posted a few minutes ago and have been saying for a while its stupid things like that that will shut this place down.

          To WYP you guys seriously have to get a handle on this site, its an interesting idea but the people it brings in are a mix between great people and horrible people. And alot of it revolves around the money arrangement side of things. Maybe on your homepage you should redirect the sex addicts to craigslist or backpage and keep them off this site!

        • Suzy says:

          I’ve reported people before , that does nothing. Same guys I reported are on still here. I just blocked him.

          So much for giving back to the community. I thought of being the generous one with my time and $20.00? I’d pay that guy $50.00 to stay off the site. I’m not in dire need for money. I just felt bad for the guy’s financial situation. Wrong move on my part apparently.

        • Suzy says:

          So after review of trying to lower the amount to meet I’m staying at the +$250 range. ALL of my offers below $101 yielded vulgar sexual demands.The higher offers tend to be from men that can afford much more and they typically hinted around the idea but flaked on the date rather then be vulgar with their desires. So class act? Price and age seem to be my two qualifiers. The younger generous member was and the higher the offer the more respectful and polite he was. Even if he was hinting at sex.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          I’m sorry that is so crazy it is hilarious! I’m sorry it was also offensive… can I suggest a dating paperback on this? Keep this stuff for your trashy novel under a pen name … its good stuff!

        • tyler says:

          “I’m sorry that is so crazy it is hilarious! I’m sorry it was also offensive… can I suggest a dating paperback on this? Keep this stuff for your trashy novel under a pen name … its good stuff!”

          Zorah Wright

          -Sorry had to quote you on that…Zorah I liked some things you’ve said in the past but right here…well all I can say is this: You are just now basically laughing that a member solicited Ms. Suzy for sex. One an illegal activity, and also a violation of TOS. But your attitude about it is disgusting. In fact if people like you are the ones actually running this sight I may have to just shut down and leave, if your cool with prostitution lord only knows what your doing with my CC information. But Suzy we now know why reporting doesn’t do anything because people like Zorah and I’m sure the rest of her co-workers, actually view this as a prostitution website…I mean I guess it drives in more money so they just turn their heads away and laugh and till you to put what he wrote to you in some dirty book. All I can say Zorah is your attitude is disgusting, and I’m sure a DA will nab this site up just like CL once a few incidents happen regarding prostitution.

        • Suzy says:

          Zorah? Why would you attach me with such a statement? Trash? Of course it is but i didn’t write this! Excuse me but I’m the one that’s offended here so where do you get off? And why would you laugh at something like this! I don’t find this funny at all! You’re supposed to be talking on behalf of the site and this is your response? You laugh at me for being sexually solicited by some 70 year old man? Wow I can’t even believe an older woman would respond in this manner?

          See again evidence that reporting does no good. With a response like this it shows that they don’t even care.

        • Michelle says:

          he did the same with me he claims he writes fantasy stories. yes all he wants is a pro
          I did report him and yet he is still on this site

    • Blue says:

      I’m commenting on your last post about prostition.

      Nobody expects you to have sex for your date money. I certainly have not had that experience here. Not at all. It’s just a date. I kind of resent the implication that because I get paid to date, I am somehow a hooker. As far as being a sugar baby, I choose who I would like to date based on chemistry and trust. Hookers do not have to have that relationship although they certainly can. What you are saying would make every hotel a whore house by association. That’s not really fair or accurate.

      Let’s keep the terms separate and use them legitimately as they were intended so we can continue to have our freedoms while we still have them.

      Not all women want a man to take care of them either. Most of my female friends would be repulsed by the idea. That’s a blanket statement.

      Honestly, I have found the vast majority of men not even tolerant of sex for pay on any of the sugar sites I have been on. They all claim to want more time and to be truly liked even if it’s just for the passion and illusion of it all and many state openly in their profiles they want nothing to do with professionals. I found that sites like Match and Plenty of Fish attracted mostly guys who wanted sex for free. So I have to say the guys looking for sugar dating have my respect.

      • tyler says:

        I think she was mostly saying that alot of the guys on here are looking for prostitutes. Especially the Adult/intimate encounter option…is more or less meaning a sexual encounter for money in other words it is prostitution. Now I mean whats weird is if I pay a girl on the date and its going great and for whatever reason it does end in the bedroom doesn’t that mean I basically paid her for a sexual act? Therefore once again prostitution by definition. I mean I understand paying a girl for her time and company and I got nothing against paying a girl for a date off of here (i do feel awkward when I give her the money though) but on escort sites they all say the same thing “the money given is for my time and company, and anything that could happen is between to consenting adults”. Not trying to say you girls on here are prostitutes and all of us guys are johns…I’m just trying to think of how Zorah could claim this isn’t an arrangement/escort site when it does cater to both.

        • Blue says:

          Thanks Tyler. You are right it is an arrangement/escort site but not a sex site. If I end up in the sack with the repair man that does not make it an act of prostitution and we need to keep things separate to keep our rights.

          It’s definitely “arranging” a date and collect money for that so it’s an arrangement site. It also offers plenty of options but not one of them is sex so it’s not prostitution. The term “adult” which only means 18 and over, again the site does not offer prostitution. You could say it offers escorts in the purest sense of the word which again is not prostitution. Escorting means simply to accompany someone and that’s what this site does. Not saying that it won’t attract different types of people but so do bars and hotels, The term must be used carefully lest we ruin a good thing for everyone who would wish to use sites like these for their intended purposes.

          I want to add in defense of escorts and escorting sites that many of those women do NOT offer sex and find it frustrating to have disgruntled angry customers complain even after they explicitly put in their profiles the disclaimer you mentioned. I had a friend who offered only massages, and another who was into BDSM. None of them would ever consider sleeping with the clients but their disclaimers were unfortunately never taken seriously.

          I don’t have a problem with the adult content of this site. We are after all adults and like kids will be kids, adults will be adults. 🙂 I’m not one for government interference in our bedrooms and I find the excitement that sparks may fly and anything can happen without obligation much more exciting and a nice balance to everyday life.

          Sorry that was long, but I feel it needed to be said on here at some point.

        • Blue says:

          Thank you Tyler. My last post was moderated so I’ll keep it short and simple. If I end up in the sack with the repair man that I paid that does not make him a prostitute and the same thing goes for escorts.

          Escorts use disclaimer for various reasons I have friends who are strictly massages and BDSM or stripping. They have a very difficult time because men don’t believe the disclaimer is real. I’d like for people to stop painting all women with that same stereotype and see things for what they are. I’m sure some are tempting men with their allure and it is is misconstrued quite often. Not that I’m naive’ but it does no one any good to accuse everyone.

  5. queen says:

    My profile says sugar baby and sugar daddy but i also seek a man who i find attractive in more ways than one. Personality and respect is huge. I also met some good guys and one very amazing one who i am working on a real relationship with that is not sugar baby by no means but boyfriend type. Still in early stages though.

  6. queen says:

    Zorah, it would great if you give us tips on how to dress and put ones best foot forward. It is much needed.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Thank you Queen. I have to tell you how much I appreciate your feedback. As I mentioned, I had never been paid to go on a date in my life. So I hope you can all understand that aspect. I have also hitchhiked all over the world and gotten myself out of many scrapes. I may look pretty but I am an dangerous as any female tiger out there-and I kid you not! Anyone who meets me in person knows this immediately although at the same time,I balance it with kindness and respect.

      First date attire depends on what you are looking for. Here is a short list but can elaborate in a longer post.
      1. Do not wear items where hands can wander or shoes that you can’t run in.
      2. Make sure your purse does not have a strap that can trip or choke you.
      3. Carry a pocket knife and mace at all times. and know how to use them.
      4. Do not show up in a short skirt with your breasts hanging out.
      5. Consider where do you want the guy to be looking. If you want him to look into your eyes, make sure they are the only things that sparkle. Keep the attention focused where you want it by adding sparkle there.
      6. Classic conservative is the way to go and because of social imprinting the expectation changes with what you wear. There is a reason obnoxious date groped the member above.

      Remember, what you look at is an optical illusion. If you want the focus to be on your smile, keep your teeth white, clean and wear a lipstick that makes them look whiter. If you have a nice jawline, accent and draw attention to that area with a sparkly earring of the appropriate length (look in the mirror and see where the eyes goes for length. If you want to focus to be on your legs, away from your face, wear shoes and a pant that makes them look longer.
      This may be an arranged dating site, but it is not a prostitution site.

      Make sensible your rule of thumb and when you know the guy better, dress according to the date. Coffee dates are jeans and mid-low heels or boots. Sexy soft. Be real.

      On a separate note: Every interaction takes two people. Always always consider your part of the date, what you were wearing, thinking, said, attitude etc. because it is what gets responded to. Be authentic and you will meet authentic people.

      • Blue says:

        Knives and mace are illegal in many areas. You should not carry them at all times.

        If you don’t have proper training in using a knife and are prepared to use it don’t carry one. It can easily be taken and used against you. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, sometimes only in small amounts. Again, take the time to learn how to use it and get familiar with it so you don’t accidently get nervous and fumble. Be very cautious of any breeze that might be blowing in your direction. You want it to end up in the face of the attacker not yours.

        Don’t get into cars with strangers. Meeting in a public place, getting your money up front and having your date in public.

        If you are going to be in private after knowing the gentleman, have a friend know where you are and check in on you and make sure you get home okay. Or you can get very educated and take some self defense classes. Make sure you ask a lot of questions before you sign with a school and don’t get over confident.

        Your fashion tips are great but I don’t know of any purse that has no strap except for a clutch and those get lost easily or stolen along with your cell phone and ID.

        Please stick to fashion and leave the safety advise to the pros.

      • king says:

        Advising people on this site to bring a knife to a date is some pretty bad advice.

        The first thing any martial artist will tell you is that any weapon you have is very easily turned against you if you are not extremely proficient with it.

        I can’t imagine a girl who is under threat of violence trying to open up a pocket knife and threaten her attacker with it. Even if she does stick him with it then that is going to only increase the chances that it will get turned against her.

        Honestly, if you use good judgment and take some time to get to know the person, having to worry about what weapons you can fit into your purse will be the last thought on your mind.

        You’re much better off just meeting for coffee in the middle of the day as your first date and do it for $20 and find out then if you have a creeper or someone who is OK.

        Most violence is done to people by someone they know very well anyway, it’s more likely to be a long term boyfriend than someone that you’re meeting for the first time for dinner.

        That all said, the short version is, don’t bring a knife to a date.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          King, knives are rarely used for hurting people, they are used to solve problems and are generally functional unless you are some expert. There is no doubt that trying to battle anyone with a knife is foolhardy at best; however, I do like to keep one in my purse as it comes in handy for all sorts of things and it makes me feel more confident and competent in situations whether its fixing a bike tire or cutting a hunk of bread and cheese. Perhaps it is odd in this world where we don’t need anything, but survival skills and tools are a must in the modern world as they were in the past. I like the all-in-one tools that you give guys for Christmas or stocking-stuffers. They have a small knife, a screw driver, bottle opener, tweezers, etc. You may disagree, but attitude is more than half the battle in life and being prepared keeps me confident and in charge. This in itself keeps me out of trouble and lets people know without knowing any details about me.
          Confidence in your attitude is communicated with direct eye contact, standing up straight, walking purposefully and wearing clean, well attended clothes. What you have in your purse is what gives you confidence on the inside whether it is a lip stick, a credit card, a $100 dollar bill, a pocket knife, a flashlight or a can of mace. With confidence you will almost certainly never need to use these emergency items. One balances the other.

  7. Danni says:

    I agree that from the post, it seems like Zorah is advising women know that it’s ok to get in a stranger’s car and go off to a bar with him. (When I first read that, it made me think of Ted Bundy.) Now, if you’ve done a background check, and/or he’s not a complete stranger because you know him from your social circles or whatever, then fine. But then please explicitly say this in your original article.

  8. Suzy says:

    Ahhhh just found out the problem!

    Try this ladies. Put your screen name in google and add a space to put whatsyourprice THEN HIT ENTER. You’ll notice there’s a dollar amount that you supposedly asking for. So you will get offers at this amount and not a penny more.

    Umm I thought this is called whatsyourprice. Not what do you think my price should be. Thanks for sending the cheap losers my way. It just wasn’t making sense until now.

    • Blue says:

      I’m on sale this week for $43.

      Wow, how did you ever figure that out Suzy? I do have to admit I have gotten all better offers but mostly flakes. I wonder how/where I guy sees this dollar amount, how that is being used and how they come up with the amount?

      • Blue says:

        Oh sorry if you want meet me in Lhuntshi, Bhutan it’s going to cost you a $64. Most other cities it’s somewhere in between the two. I do not post an amount in my profile so I find this interesting.

      • Zorah Wright says:

        I just looked you up that way and it was a male member… I’ll look into this further

      • Suzy says:


        I was trying to find good reviews on the site. Sadly I came across bloggers saying it was a scam. Then I found a link that said this one attractive member was looking for $30. I said wait is that woman really asking for $30? So I looked at the site and saw the prices under each picture and thought so that’s how the guy gets the idea that these attractive women will date them for $20-$43. If I saw that as a man I would sign up right away too. They make a few offers for “$34” etc and realize none of the ladies are accepting these low offers but countering with $150-$350. Then the member accepts thinking well maybe he can talk her out of her rate but then realizes he can’t talk at all without the basic $50 message credit purchase. So he goes back to searching for someone cheaper and then gets angry by sending offers randomly for $11 $15 etc and just harasses women out of frustration.

        I wanted to take an honest look on the other side and really try to understand what the generous member sees. Also looking at the picture at the top showing women holding low amounts all wanting a date with the same man.

        Now I’m just being attacked on both sides by Zorah and the frustrated generous members. I at least expected a willingness on Zorah’s end to help or come up with some suggestions on a solution to the problem. I suppose the reality is just too overwhelming.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Suzy, that is odd… I just looked that up and did not get the same results. I suggest you do a little SEO on your profile and start getting the traffic you are looking for.

    • cvdv says:

      I just googledmy screen name and I’m on sale for $63. Who pulled this number out of the air. My profile clearly reads $100 min for a first date is appreciated …. which leaves the door open to ask “what’s my price” an what I will accept not some admits idea of what I’m worth … if that’s the cases this site is not what it represents and now I know why men are bartering one dollar at a time ….ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Michelle says:

      I tried that and it does not come up with nothing

      • Michelle says:

        Opps i just found out i am on sale for $26 this week that is way too cheap esp for living in newport beach

  9. Holly says:

    Zorah Wright I like your attitude. I have the same personality. I like to look at the positive rather than the negative and give people a chance. I usually respond with a $25 date. It to me is a screening process. I know several men who will respond and agree to a $25 date but give you much more if they have a enjoyable evening. (not taking about sex) making THAT clear. Even rich man do not want to throw away their money 🙂 I also do not go on every date that is offered. I screen with a little conversation through email and possibly a phone conversation.
    I always meet in a public place and always in my own area. If they are not gentleman enough to do so then they are not someone who I want to go out with.
    I like to make it a causal atmosphere on my first dates. You can truly be who you are this way. If I have to dress in heals and a dress and that is the only way I can impress someone then I am not the person I say I am :)Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      And that Holly, is why you have had positive dating experiences here! Thank you!

    • Bobby the K says:

      Really good point. You really have to rise above the ones who do not have a high standard for themselves. You can’t avoid them, but you’ll eventually run into some gems. I think remaining dignified, patient, persistent, and alert are good characteristics to be successful on this site. I’ve had two out of two excellent dates, but I know I may run into rough terrain eventually. Great post Holly.

    • tyler says:

      Definitely agree with you on meeting on the womans turf. When I contact a date my first question is always, where in your area would you like to go, and what does she enjoy doing. This way she feels at home and comfortable and if the girl is feeling comfortable I’m feeling comfortable and that usually seems to be a good recipe for a great date, and can create some good chemistry too. And I always screen the girls with some phone conversation, emailing, or texting, I like to get a feel for their attitude and if the attitude is horrible its on to the next one. But as I’ve said before I made some mistakes starting out on this site, but now that the screening process is up and running managed to meet some great people and kind of beginning to think I should lay off the making or accepting offers for a while and see what happens with the ones I’ve taken out so far.

      And at Bobby the K…trust me if you let your guard down you will run into severely rough terrain! So always be alert and when you sense a red flag slam those brakes make a U-turn and do not do not ever look back!

  10. Nena says:

    I have met three men prior and they were great one doubled and nod tripled the amount without sex.

    If a guy wants sex on the first date and won’t pay otherwise this is not the site. He should be kicked off. Complete waste of time.

  11. Q&A says:

    Maybe other sites are as filled with freaks as WYP and possibly it’s just the usual suspects whining (you know who you are since you post so many long, boring, self-centered and angry comments), but I didn’t know there were so many perpetually irritated women living in fantasy worlds as there appear to be here.

  12. Zorah Wright says:

    @Q&A – I have to say that this site can be used for fun and dating or you have the option of taking it to the dark side… it’s all about attitude as you mention and about what you want in life. That’s something to consider seriously. As Tyler and others have mentioned, they have met some amazing and fun people they would not normally meet. Let’s have some fun!

  13. Q&A says:

    I do agree with the person above that publishing on Google what someone “is paying” or how much they’re asking for is a bad mistake by WYP. First of all, it is incorrect, they take either an average or a random “offer”/accepted price which is entirely situational and does not give an accurate picture. I also don’t like being forced to reveal why I rejected an offer or wink (the OPTION of telling would be good, but I don’t owe an explanation to someone I feel unsuitable.)

  14. ekwonomics says:

    What I find bothersome is that the site charges you for deleting an accepted offer. I’ve only wanted to do that 2 times, once when by mistake I accepted a HUGE amount and the second when she updated her pictures and I no longer was interested. WYP demands 10 points for this, not a great deal for an individual, but irritating.

    What I find laughable is all the women whose felt that their time was wasted by some guy. It’s virtually only women posting to this blog so it makes it sound like the so-called generous enjoy great success and the women are all eagerly and politely replying and meeting up. This isn’t the case. I’ve never had anyone stand me up (why would they since they are being paid and will have a couple hours of free entertainment?), but it costs to open mail for a guy and after the woman disappears there’s no refund. This has happened to me literally a dozen times.

    In my opinion, the women complaining are suffering from the mistaken belief that having their profile up means they are running a business and that therefore everyone should act professionally towards them. The payers on the site probably feel that given the number of flakes etc. that they have to deal with on this site, and given that they are the ones paying for communicating as well as the date, that they can do whatever they want on the site. My guess is that the guys who don’t open a reply mail to an accepted offer were just offering to see what the woman would go for and weren’t really interested, just curious. As non-paying members, you should accept that as a possibility and not take it personally or claim it was a waste of your time. You chose to come onto the site, flakes or rubberneckers are a part of the package, deal with it or get out so we don’t have to read your pointless self-centered bitching.

    • tyler says:

      You know there were a few dates I turned down while texting back and forth with them after they contacted me. One was for a 200 dollar date…but she definitely did not have an attitude that meshed with me so I cut the communication off and moved on. So you are right sometimes the girls on here are here just for the cash and therefore can be flaky…so now when I look at profiles I look at ones that actually have a bit more written about themselves because it can tell you tiny little bit about their attitude. I steer clear from the ones that come off as only wanting cash and a dedicated sugar daddy, because one I’m young and well being a dedicated SD definitely not something I’m willing to do, and I don’t want a girl in my life that only wants a handout. So after making my rookie mistakes on this site my first month I’ve actually met two really amazing girls on here just in the last three days lol. So not sure what direction those will go, but I do agree with alot you said ek, some of the women feel they are entitled to have the guy take them on any date that is accepted, and in all honesty I will not follow through on a date if I decide their attitude is all wrong. So it isn’t me being a flake its me protecting myself from the flaky game playing woman.

      • Zorah Wright says:

        Thank Tyler, this is really helpful feedback for women and men. I think details are good on a profile, but specific details that tell a personal story, not long-winded ones. Attitude is very important… sometimes bad attitudes are a substitute for fear…Thank you again for your input… keep us updated.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      I understand your point and think it’s curious and interesting that some people act as if this is their open-shop business… It really is a dating site for daters … thanks for treating it like one!

  15. tyler says:

    And one other thing I’ve found on here…through my experience this week when compared to some other dismal experiences…it seems like the girls that in all honesty have been easier going, more laid back, and when it comes down to it alot sweeter have been the ones that have sent me an offer and its usually in the 50 to 100 range. And on the contrary the ones that want 150 and up so far have been so incredibly flaky. So what I’m wondering is what other men’s experience with girls and their prices have been. I think that would be an interesting sample to take. I mean I’m sure there’s some of you older classier women on here that wouldn’t be flaky for a higher price. But I’m just saying in my general experience thus far its seemed to be that way. And do to that I usually send a wink to an attractive member to let them know I’m interested and wait and see if they send me an offer. Tells me alot about them especially when referenced to their profile.

    So I guess the moral of the story is to the lady’s don’t ignore winks unless your truly not interested in the guy, because if he’s like me (probably not like me though) he’s wanting to see what you think of yourself and whether or not he’s willing to spend his time and money for what you want. And another thing to the ladies, listen to Holly’s advice its great advice. The best date I went on so far the girl literally was within walking distance from her house and it was to a restaurant that she hadn’t ate at in probably four or so blocks away and since she was comfortable the date went amazing, or maybe it was because me and her have a thousand things in common. But needless to say Holly’s advice is good advice for everyone.

  16. Nena says:

    ask for cash up front. I had three great dates, so I got to be trusting. Then I had a date with guy under profile name of (i’m not sure they will let me post it) for 250 and he did not want to pay after spending 5 hours of my time, and telling me how much of a great time he had. So at the end, he asks for sex and then he gets mad and only offers 50 after I say no. I refused to take anything from the creep and have reported him. He should be kicked off the site. What a sick person to subject me to that pressure at the end of the date. No one should have to go through that. Disgusting pig and a liar.

  17. queen says:

    Hi nena. This does happen because the name of the site guys get confused that it means what is the price for sex. I noticed married men and younger men feel this way. One guy asked me not to wear perfume as if i might get it on him. I had to clarify that sex would not be a first date issue.

    • tyler says:

      Hey now queen not all of us younger men think this site is for sex…or maybe I’m just the only younger guy on here that doesn’t…But its guys like that that ruin things for the rest of us sadly.

    • Nena says:

      This was my lowest accepted date. I think the guys who pay less are of a lower class. This is what I have found so far.

    • Nena says:

      The site makes it clear that sex is not to be expected. The three other dates before my bad date that had no expectation of sex. They were happy for the time spent together. It is a first date after all. They were perfect gentlemen. Who has sex on the first date? Not a gentleman. Only trashy people do that. That is just crazy, risky, irresponsible. If someone is that willing to get close to another person before knowing anything about them, then I wonder what diseases they are trying to spread.

  18. tyler says:

    You know I’m wondering at the moment if this site has a way of ensuring a girl is actually 18 or older…because if all the girls got to do is put in an age thats simple enough to lie about, and honestly I’ve run into one that I’m thinking is most definitely under age

    • Michelle says:

      tyler i do not think they do
      when i talked to brendon he said they cant it is almost like discrimination .

  19. queen says:

    Hi tyler. You make a good point but also all other dating sites do not verify either. I once joined a site that made everyone use a credit card just to put on file to prove of age but…that could be a borrowed card too! I get carded all the time when i go out because i am petite and most smaller guys date me so we look like a couple of teens together. I once forgot my id and we could not even get into the club!

    • tyler says:

      Yeah so I just found out from the sister who also uses this site that three of the girls I took on a date were minors…not happy at all! Feel kind of sick and violated in all sort of ways right now.

      • Zorah Wright says:

        I guess there are no guarantees for that, but if there looks to be an age issue I would ask. You are a smart guy Tyler, and you seem to have some values in place that you use to guide your behavior. That is to be appreciated and noted… does give you pause I’d imagine and I’m glad you noticed. There is not really a way for us to tell for sure as you are aware, but if we determine that to be the case or if anyone else does, we would appreciate a heads-up. Thanks

        • tyler says:

          yeah so how would I go about informing you guys of who these minors are? Like I’m more worried about them going on a date with creep and something happening more then anything.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          Please send a message to Brandon by opening a customer support ticket. This would be advised and we do appreciate your up-right concern.

  20. queen says:

    Tyler, are you using the name normalishguy on here? I think i know you from another site we met on. You are in tv production?

  21. Michelle says:


    i think it should be proper for the man to respond to emails as well. I have 5 dates that were accepted and NOT ONE of them has read emails or send me back info on the dates. Now that is RUDE.
    Its also rude for a man to say too far away when you live down the street in the same city. i think half of these generous men on here are not who they say they are anyway. i accepted a $500 date from a male and he gave me the address where to meet him, his profile was not who he said he was. He wanted a sex slave and he weighed 585lbs and was 5’5″. half the men do not buy the 1000 credits to answer emails etc

  22. Michelle says:


    this site says only premium men can reply with messages. I have accepted 3 dates since last night and NONE have read the messages that tells me they are flakes and they are online. My dates were from $100-350

    How dare this site tell me that only premium members can only send messages after a offer has been accepted when they are so dumb they do not read messages. This site needs to tweek its rules a bit more and make the men suffer consequences if they do not reply that is like setting a lady up for failure.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Princess, the idea that anyone should suffer at any time makes me wonder if you should not evaluate your thinking. Just because someone is not on your timeline does not make them deserving of any negativity and most likely has very little to do with you. To have meaningful relationships, whatever the parameters are, is a two-way street, and on that street you are the one who is driving your own car. It’s your responsibility to evaluate, take responsibility for yourself and your actions and do the next right-thing which is all you really have control over when you think about it. If you can take note and follow that mantra for a week, I’ll bet you will have guys coming at you from all angles 🙂

  23. king says:

    ZW, that’s specious “advice”. First of all, “suffer the consequences” is not “suffer”, it merely means they should have some fee for not reading messages from accepted dates. I totally disagree with Michelle (or “Princess” if you want to call her that) and don’t understand why she is so upset about the issue since it costs her nothing either to send or receive a message and she could just c&p a reply to potential first dates. There are untold number of reasons a dude may not open a reply. To start with, this site calls the guys “generous” as if it was established they are all wealthy when it obviously is untrue, and the women “Attractive”, which is verifiably… exaggerated in well over half the women. The generous guy probably sent out a ton of offers he couldn’t afford to local chicks (which is free), testing the waters as it were, and doesn’t reply because it costs to read the first email. Alternatively he changed his mind about you, found some other he is more attracted to, realized your first date expectations were beyond his means, or figured out you wouldn’t have sex for a 300$, or, too, maybe he figured out you were dating a lot of guys so you could pay the rent. But Zorah, you need to revise your stock of cliches and platitudes. You’ve got the forum peace-maker thing down and your hide is like an elephants from all the abuse you’ve withstood here, but it would help you if you gave more thoughtful advice instead of just dispensing happy-face and smilies.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Okay, King, if you really want to see what I’m made of. As I said, there is absolutely no need for nasty attitudes here or any other place on the internet even if you can get away with it because you have a fake identity and pen name. If you missed it, this is a dating site where people are trying to figure “IT” out. Now “it” happens to mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.
      I put it nicely that people should not be upset when they extend themselves, emails or offers don’t get picked up. I could do the nasty way which seems to be something you would like. Perhaps you are relatively inexperienced on humans in general, ‘wealth’ and ‘attractive’ are relative to the individual describing themselves as well as to the perceiver.
      Yes, I do have a thick skin, but frankly, 99% of the time I get along with people and have possitive experiences. The real ife reason for this is because I get what I give.
      I really was entertained by the thought that I’m a man or some other version. That was hilarious not insulting.
      Naturally people are going to lie, and manipulate and try to engage and get some attention for themselves. This site represents a completely new idea in dating and in some odd way, it makes perfect sense to me. I can not tell you the number of time wasting dates I’ve been sucked into in my life. And that was just plain old dating where the guy thought he’d try to get me into bed after dinner or often all over me at dinner. But I have zero trouble saying no, nor do I have any trouble walking the second I spot the jerk factor.
      That goes for people who want to live in the bubble of discontent. Happiness is a choice and the sooner you understand that the sooner you can choose to get happy and have better interactions with others. The platitudes you are referring to are simple lessons for a better life. They are so obvious, but they only work when you use them!

      • king says:

        Z, where did I get nasty towards anyone? It wasn’t I who suggested you are a guy. I’m not hiding my identity any more than you or anyone else is who doesn’t use there profile name, so why are you calling me out like I’m a special instance?

        My point was that the men on this site are not all wealthy and so many are doubtless motivated by the fact that it costs them to open replies. Is that wrong? Did you find that offensive? I said well over half the women are not attractive because it is the truth, just as I admit not all the men are generous.

        As to your dating history and what you feel about WYP, it is irrelevant; I was merely numbering reasons a guy might not open an email from an accepted offer.

        Finally, I’m not sure from the wording if you refer to a general ‘you’, or to me specifically in regards to happiness. If it is directed to me, you haven’t met me so you have no idea about my mental state. Happiness, or its near cousin, humor, is how I make my living. I just don’t believe that every single thing is joyous perfection or that coloring everything with happy yellow smiley faces makes them so. Nothing personal against you, in fact I praised your ability to handle negative feedback. But your apparent irritation at what I wrote seems to belie that.

        • king says:

          Excuse the typos.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          No, I’m not irritated at all. If you make a living being humorous, you must be an observer of people and may have realized that their behaviors and reactions are generally more related to themselves and their past experiences than to you. Humor and happiness, I would have to say are two different animals. Humor can begotten with sarcasm which a far cry from happiness and actually can be quite harmful and come at the expense of someone else. Humor can be gentle and look like kindness but that is not the same as happy… happiness comes from gratitude, honesty and optimism. 🙂

        • king says:

          Re: Humor vs happiness: Yes, of course.

  24. king says:

    oh, and Michelle-Princess, if a guy rejects the offer or wink as being too far though you live down the street, it means you aren’t his type though he doesn’t want to insult you, or that he thinks you are delusional for what you are asking (and therefore does want to insult you.)

  25. Michelle says:

    hey king

    Princess is a nickname that was given to me when i was with a guy. I do not send out offers first i make the guy offer i just send a wink. BUT i am hoping after the new offer that I accepted and already got a email from the guy he is already talking about a 2nd date .
    As for Zorah they are a male read their bio.

  26. Michelle says:

    Where are these ” virtual ” gifts supposed to appear on the profile? someone sent me one but it did not give me the option to accept it

  27. Silk says:

    Okay we all know she got lucky in the decisions she made for that night, but why were yall arguing about it? I assume throne here is grown and knows the consequences of their actions, risks and whatnot. The moral of the story is everybody is not an asshole out to get you. It’s a story about how etiquette can make or beak a date which is the deciding factor on whether our not you get another date. Women I know we have a catty nature, but was this argument worth the trouble? You can’t make people see it your way if they don’t want to. End of story, get over it.

  28. Michelle says:

    Ok i think this site is drawn towards the jerks or scam artist in nigeria. I had several high offers over $200 and they were premium members and NO ONE READ THEIR EMAILS even after i accepted the date.

  29. NewExperiences says:

    I have a bit of a silly question. Do men really pay for dates that do not involve sex? Or once he is paying he’s expecting to get laid?
    Sorry I am new to this, have not been on a date once. So trying to figure out how things work.

  30. brooke lyn says:

    I see old dude is gone, Z. Bring a knife to a date! What a clown! Women and gay men do not think alike. Gay men are not women. They are men.

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