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  • Posted May 5, 2014
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Summer is just around the corner, meaning sun, studs, and super fun parties. With anywhere from 20 to 200 attendees, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. There are some clever actions you can take to make your self the subtle center of attention.

Before the party:

Skincare. Make sure to treat your skin right, especially preceding the event. Don’t skip a wash, and leave makeup on overnight as this will cause a blemish invasion. You’d be wise to invest in a crusader of clear skin like the Clarisonic. I can’t live without mine. Getting a facial is pricey and well worth it, but at home masks and treatments can also be a great quick fix.

Perfect fit. Picking out what to wear can be a time consuming task. Pre-plan your ensemble to minimize stress before the party. That way you can try it on 5 times and stare at yourself in the mirror to make minor fixes and build your confidence. Confidence in your look will help you radiate esteem and attract other attendees.

Know your limit. When you know you’re going to be drinking, perhaps skip the cocktails at lunch. Alcohol will slow you down, and may have a negative effect on your mood. Opt for a latte instead, so you can dance all night long.

At the event:

Smile, honey. There is nothing worse than a perfectly attractive girl with a bitchface. Even if the conversationalist by your side is drunk and not at all funny, grin and bear it. If you appear to be having fun with some hot mess, a stud is more likely to catch you being totally cordial.

Lol. In addition to smiling, making the people around you smile is a sure fired way to avert male attention in your direction. Humor is a hot commodity on a female since not very many actually possess this trait. When he sees you making all the boys swoon with your classic SNL reference, he’ll be dying to hear you retell the joke.

Split up. If you’re like me, chances are you have enlisted in a wingman. While this is essential to maximizing your fun, it might put a damper on your solo style. Girls in groups are intimidating, while a solo social butterfly is approachable.

My favorite party tactic for meeting new people is simple. The two of you split up and make opposite ways around the party. You can asks strangers if they’ve seen your friend as a conversation starter. Then when you find her, circle back around and revisit your favorite new acquaintances.

Drawing attention to yourself can be done in a classy and unobtrusive way, which will help you make more friends and meet more gentlemen.

What are your tips for getting noticed?

4 Responses to “Catch His Attention”

  1. Josh says:

    Hmm. This article has nothing to do with WYP dating. I wonder why?

  2. LovePaladin says:

    As a man, I can confirm that this would catch my attention, haha.

  3. DollyS says:

    Graduate of the Party Monster School of Working a Room, I see.

  4. Tilia says:

    This isn’t the Victorian era anymore, ladies. We’re allowed to just go up to someone who we’d like to talk to and introduce ourselves. Confidence = extremely sexy.

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