Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love?
  • Posted Feb 14, 2012
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Image from the movie The Notebook : Source

Today is such a difficult day for singles, especially those who are recently single. It’s a 24 hour reminder, that you do not have a plus one, and everybody else does. Or at least that’s what it feels like. Your friends and coworkers are being delivered flowers and dressing up in their best shades of red for a night out with their significant other, while you sit at home watching The Notebook in your sweat pants with a pizza and a box of tissues.  Yes, Valentine’s Day can be a tough day, but it doesn’t have to be a day of mourning. Why can’t it be the start of a new adventure in love? Instead of mourning the loss or lack of love in your life, why not make a resolution today instead?

I think it’s time to turn that chick flick off and get online. No, Ryan Gosling does not have an online dating profile, but I guarantee you he isn’t at the bar or in the club either. And if he is out there, chances are you have already passed him up. Even in The Notebook, Noah had to convince Allie to give him a chance. He wasn’t her usual type and  though she initially dismissed him, he turned out to be the love of her life.  By looking for love in all the wrong places, she almost missed out on one of the greatest love stories of all time. You can’t just wait around for your love story to be written, you have to pick up the pen yourself, and get to work!


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Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If your current approach to dating isn’t working, it’s time to try something different. You can’t keep going after the same type of guys or girls and expect to find something different. By only sticking with the type you have historically been attracted to, you may be missing out on some great potential relationships.

You have to be open minded and accepting to the idea of falling in love, and that means thinking outside of the box and allowing more people the opportunity to fall in love with you. Instead of restricting your options by settling for one type, look inside yourself to find out exactly what it is that you want. Once you figure out what is important to you and what you need in a relationship, let it be known.. and see who shows up to deliver.


Image from P.S. I Love You Movie

Image from P.S. I Love You: Source

Maybe you won’t know what it is that you really want until he shows up for that first date, a date you never would have gone on if he hadn’t put a bid on your heart in the first place. Like the stories from our favorite movies, love rarely happens at first sight. Sometimes it takes a second or a third glance. If he’s just not that into you, why are you into him? Set your sights on someone who is into you.

So if you find yourself single today, we challenge you to start a new tradition with Valentine’s Day. Make a resolution, to fall in love unusually. So this time next year you can be living your own love story, instead of wishing your life was a movie. Make this Valentine’s Day the last Valentine’s Day you spend alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day from What’s Your Price!

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Did you end up having a date on this very special day?


75 Responses to “Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love?”

  1. chris says:

    Nobody single wanted to go out with me on vday!

  2. Lore says:

    Ok pretty lame article, nothing new, and kind of a downer.

  3. Bobby the K says:

    C’mon give the writer a break. She’s putting her soul out there.

    I had a lame Valentine’s sending out resumes. I hope this site is around when the economy is rocking again. I’ll blow my whole wad on it! Ladies, get ready for huge offers and lavish gifts when the business cycle returns on the upswing!

  4. Lore says:

    I call it as I see it.

  5. Bobby the K says:

    Which is a good thing. 🙂

  6. Reality Show says:

    I’m curious, has any woman out there actually travelled a long distance to meet a date? How does one do that safely? I would think that would be kind of difficult.

  7. its sad when your up at 3:30 a.m. feeling restless and lonely

  8. ER says:

    ‘while you sit at home watching The Notebook in your sweat pants with a pizza and a box of tissues.’

    Oh come one… don’t insult our intelligence with this gutter piece of patronising cr*p.

    Sack the journalist if this is the best comment they can make on a Valentine’s theme. To imply that anyone single is a sad reclusive neurotic who eats junk food alone, and that the only ‘good people’ are those who are dating or partnered on one particular commercial festival is utter drivel.

    Single people have all sorts of qualifications meaningful careers, important personal relations, hobbies, interests, passions and pastimes and to imply that we are all drooling lovesick dependents riddled by envy and loneliness who cannot function because there is some commercial hype day to sell cards, flowers, gifts and restaurant seats is insulting, low brow and plain nonsense. Where do you get these idiot writers from?

    Sure, dating can be a fun activity but it’s hardly the be-all-and-end-all of our lives and trying to patronise and stereotype single independent people as this piece does is quite despicable.

  9. tulsalove says:

    Apparently it did exactly what it needed to for you to type a comment at 2:30am on a Wednesday almost a month after Valentine’s Day. Obviously it’s not the end all be all but you surely made some time for it.

    I read it and it didn’t affect me positively or negatively but some of us are enjoying being single more than others I suppose.

  10. Ally says:

    Where can i find a date?

  11. Blade says:

    Wow, a lot of new hotties. They must have changed the advertising or the target audience.

  12. Queen says:

    brandon rocks !!!!! He is very helpful.

  13. Anon says:

    Anyone know if women are allowed to make an offer for a date with a man? For example, what if an elder woman wants to go out with some hot chip and dales type guy on this site?

  14. ER says:

    @tulsalove (aka site admin) yea well that shows you just how infrequently I can be bothered to check this scam site doesn’t it. My comment was intended as a critique of the shallow and trite journalism of that piece and as no bearing on marital or relationship status, just as a reaction to a wholly patronising and infantile bit of writing on that theme.

    @blade – they are just inventing a whole lot of new fake WYP ‘female’ profiles designed to create the impression the site is doing well, that’s all. The basic premise of the site is to encourage men to pay for opening up email correspondence with what in most cases are fictitious profiles designed to do nothing more than generate credits revenue for the site.

    The ‘hook’ is the promise of dates which many have already revealed never happen, but as long as the site makes cash from guys trying to make dates happen they don’t care if it works or not.

    It’s basically a scam mechanism, and misrepresented in the headline press, as the necessity of paying for credits is never mentioned untl you get into the site – nothing more than a giant scam really. ( not doubt ‘ruby’ will be back soon to defend the site, ha ha!

  15. ER says:

    I meant ‘tulsa’ of course who is clearly a WYP stooge from my experience in other blog threads…

  16. blade says:


    Have you gone on any dates? I’ve gone on four. I disagree with what you’re saying, unless I was unbelievably lucky. And three out of the four were really fun. The last was unfortunately rude, but it ended ok. I think this site is a blast.

  17. chris says:

    Faster dates, better company and hotter females!

  18. foxey says:

    ER, want to go out? I’ve never seen someone use such a large vocabulary in one post on a website, and I have to admit that I am turned on quite a bit.

  19. tulsalove says:

    @foxey don’t go out with that guy. He does have a large vocabulary but he’s still pretty bitter. Just think of a date where the ugliest guy is trying to belittle you. That sums a date with that guy up. I read some old blogs and he’s been on here complaining about this site for a while.

    He keeps calling me the site admin because I asked questions about how the site runs. lol. Like that even makes sense.

    I wrote that post earlier on purpose because I just love watching him get all pissed off. He’s like the well written bully of the blog 🙂

    Say something weird to him and watch him hit the roof:) It’s great fun:)

  20. IceCream says:

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this and have a Q.. or maybe even a favor to ask… Maybe Brandon can answer directly?
    When an attractive member “blocks” a generous member, does the generous get notified that someone blocked them, or the profile of the generous simply cannot be viewed?
    What about if the generous member is “premium” ? Does the premium membership give you special perks, like you can still view the profile/name of who blocked you, or not?
    Probably a silly Q, but you never know =)
    The reason for me asking, is because I am brand new to this, and while browsing I came across someone i know in real life. I do not want him to see my profile while browsing (not comfortable people knowing I’m on here just yet). Curently my profile is hidden from browsing.
    It would be nice to get more responses though, instead of browsing& sending winks myself. Who knows, maybe my “price charming” had a “hidden profile” himself, and we may never meet 😉

  21. what? says:

    The article is boring and provides no new perspective. It shows as much intelligence as a copied high school paper.

  22. Bobby the K says:

    Just saw the Miss Travel website. That’s pushing the envelope for me. If I had a daughter who was going to do that, I’d have her practicing at the firing range, learning Kung Fu, as well as practicing how to use a tazer in one hand with pepper spray in the other.

    The guy who wrote the traveling tips must be from China. Can’t spell worth beans.

  23. tulsalove says:

    @ Bobby The K. Saw that site too. I just thought it was an ad so didn’t click on it.

    @ ER ha I knew you would be back with your mastery of the English language. How I enjoy your pissed off rants:) I wish I was an admin so I could block you from typing out your anger but since you’re so easy to enrage , you’re much more fun to read….

    Now of course I can’t be admin if I’m here asking questions but I guess book smarts does not necessarily always equal common sense huh ER? lol

    @ foxey – you can’t date ER the guy has no money. He just comes to the blog to fight with anyone that enjoys dating on the site. Say something positive and he’ll call you an admin. lol

  24. Bobby the K says:

    Any guys finding if there are mis-spellings in the profile, it’s a bogus profile, or something shady?

  25. Blue says:

    So they found another way to take something for free (women) and turn them into a product on a shelf for sale to men; without ever actually providing anything in return this time. That eliminates all the worry about the law and relieves them of any responsibility to the woman.

    Sweet! Where do I sign up? I can’t wait to spend 24 hrs trapped in Motel 6 with some sweaty stranger from the internet. I just hope he doesn’t fart in his sleep and the bathroom has good ventilation.

  26. Seriously says:

    Ah, I wondered why the usual number of one line accolades and personal attacks on paying customers who had issues That we’re not being addressed had dropped off of late. Miss Travel? Stupid idea. But then people said that about this site…actually, many still are, but I think it’s just poor implementation and bad business decisions…and a misunderstanding of the market. Hit it and quit it was right; it’s on autopilot now.

  27. Seriously says:

    @tulsalove, a good rule in Internet debate is that the first one to LOL at their own attempt at humor has already lost. Also, if people reading your post can’t see why an admin pretending to be a happy customer might ask “questions” to appear legit, then I know a prince in Nigeria who is fleeing that country and has a lucrative offer that would mean millions for them and they should contact me.

  28. Bobby the K says:

    Geez Blue,

    That sounds like hell.

  29. Bobby the K says:

    I just read a story about Sharon Stone in a magazine. What a hell of a woman. That’s the kind of woman I admire. Beautiful, modest, yet tough as nails.

  30. JudyShips says:

    Hi,am I the only one who can’t access my email & other mail?

  31. Bobby the K says:

    Anyone notice how preetyM, lovely702, lexana702, seductive702, and rose702 are all using the exact same couch? Must be Pahrump babes.

  32. Seriously says:

    Maybe that couch and wall are landmarks in Henderson, NV

  33. JackOfficer says:

    “Maybe that couch and wall are landmarks in Henderson, NV”
    how depressing.

  34. tulsalove says:

    @ Seriously. No one seriously believes you’re new here. Got tired of using ER? I don’t have to appear legit, I’m not here to quibble over the guy that can’t get a date on here. Seriously you take yourself so seriously no one else here does. LOL YEAH I’M LAUGHING. Is the bullying going to do something about it ? Nope.

    @Blue I wondered what the point was about the Miss Travel myself. That sounds like another rape/death trap. Sign up and now you are getting a plane ticket to be trapped with someone you don’t know? I can only see this working for some traveling escort or some girl trying to go to NYC,Florida or CA to make it in some form of the entertainment industry. Who is really hoping to fly to Iowa for free?

  35. Seriously says:

    I wrote this yesterday and it never showed up, so I’ll update and hope it isn’t redundant.

    First, ER, I just got a wink from PreetyM. She must have seen that I was looking at her couch, thought I was undecided, and wanted to get to me before I went to IKEA myself.

    @Tulsa, I’m not “new” here, no, but neither am I ER (nor have I “used” him. Though I’m sure he has a nice tight bum, I don’t think he or I are gay). I’m not Chris, either, or Foxey, or what? blade, Ally, Queen, or Blue. I am you, however, and damn it, I wish I was a whole lot smarter then maybe I could trade barbs with the real me and not sound like such an idiot. LOL (that was the real me laughing derisively at me pretending to be you who was laughing at yourself on line.)

  36. tulsalove says:

    Seriously, huh?

  37. Bobby the K says:

    Seriously LOL! But Vegas doesn’t have an IKEA yet. Although there’s some guy who will travel for you to IKEA and pick up the couch in Los Angeles, any color. Although, I don’t know if they have that exact wall to match.

  38. tulsalove says:

    Found out more about the MissTravel again I still don’t see the point. If the guy is an SD then he can take care of travel arrangements with the SB.

    Plus what if she meets him and he doesn’t look anything like his photos? I read it’s set up like wyp where the guy has to unlock communication after a trip has been accepted. From what I’ve heard so far, some of these guys don’t even have pictures up. Are women really traveling 2000 miles or more for a blind date for no money or allowance to meet a man that’s 20-40 years their senior? What happens if after she opens up communication and finds out the guy is married that she doesn’t want to fly to meet him?

    I think more verification should go into Miss Travel. I mean what if it’s some sex slave trader that’s looking to abduct women? I just think that not all people have positive and good intentions in mind.

  39. Seriously says:

    @bobby the K: does the Vegas guy install the skanky ho himself or would you have to get a plumber in?

  40. Bobby the K says:

    I like your humor, but “skanky ho” is a bit too much for me.

  41. monica says:

    Interesting. My point of view, Love yourself and meet grounded people. In general i believe love is hard to find, like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  42. Blue says:

    Tulsa Love you are absolutely right. Ugh, bad idea. Seeking Arrangement and this site should be plenty and they aren’t even working well.

    Brandon please consider revamping SA so it works. I get tons of mail every single day on Sugar Daddie .com and one a year from SA. Where’s my profile going too? Where’s my mail going too? I speak for me and all the women I know on there personally. I gave up even checking my account about a year ago. If I get a notice saying I have mail I don’t even check it anymore because the guys on there are EXTREMELY rude.

    In the beginning I met some great guys and found an arrangement right away that lasted almost a year. Here I have had a few good dates in the beginning and now a lot of offers and no follow through.

  43. Bobby the K says:

    Maybe they should stick a suggestion box somewhere, unless that’s already been done.

    And what happened to the blog writers?

  44. Seriously says:

    This and the other affiliated sites made by this group are simply easy residuals for their company. The cost of making the site on WordPress is negligible, they come up with an idea that, in the case of WYP, gets them some news time, created a bunch of fake profiles to start off, which in turn brings in the paying customers, they write a bunch of chinglish one line praising comments, they knock down complaints by ridiculing or by suggesting nefarious motives (“The reason why men ask for real email is so they can blah blah blah”), they pretend to hire a female blog writer (for 2 posts) and then they just abandon any idea of support and the thing runs on autopilot sending them regular cash inflows, which will no doubt peter out. At which time they’d either drum up some more coverage to get more customers or just let it float. I’m sure that’s what’s happened with SA and the others. It’s kind of embarrassing to me that I fell for it. The signs were clear, I should have waited to see if it had legs. But no big deal, so I gave Brandon a few hundred. Maybe he can use that to get laid now.

  45. Bobby the K says:


    What you write may be true, but I have had some really fun dates on this site. Maybe that was blind luck. Who knows.

  46. Blue says:

    Seriously! ;-D

  47. Blue says:

    I’m really confused about this term escort. I just took a peek at the Miss Travel site and right at the top of the page it says NO ESCORTS. Do you not want us to escort these men on their travels but prostitution is fine? Who is running the legal department over there???

    Escorting is what these sites are all about. It drives me completely nuts every time I see this mislabeled in such a way! It’s misleading people and suggests that escorting is synonymous with sex. They are completely different which may not really matter had it been mentioned on a typical dating site, but when your intention is to provide escorts for gentlemen whether it be travel or dinner etc. then you should be more knowledgeable on the use of the correct terminology involved in your own industry. Otherwise the women you claim to want here cannot distinguish themselves from those you claim to not want.

  48. chris says:

    I would say it is escorting in its true form as well.

  49. Teliesin says:

    Paying for the company of a woman is by definition, prostitution.
    “Prostitute” is derived from the Latin prostituta. Some sources cite the verb as a composition of “pro” meaning “up front” or “forward” and “situere”, defined as “to offer up for sale”.[4] Another explanation is that “prostituta” is a composition of pro and statuere (to cause to stand, to station, place erect). A literal translation therefore would be: “to put up front for sale” or “to place forward

  50. seriously says:

    Isn’t Wikipedia wonderful?

    “By definition”, what you cite says nothing about it being restricted to women or “the company of”, or even to it being sexual. “To put up front for sale” implies some goods are being put on offer, and by your citation could be applied to anyone offering a product. According to Blue’s point of view, if it’s true, having her escort you is the same as buying a ticket to a movie, a G-rated one or, if you’re lucky and her dress risque enough, maybe you’ll get a nipple slip to make it PG.

  51. seriously says:

    That isn’t prostitution, is what I’m saying. If true, that is.

  52. Cubby77m says:

    I had a few dates on here that were real. However I do have to say I am pretty sure that a few responses were from fake people. They are 2 liners that lead nowhere usually. Like most time if the convo starts out with “Hi hun!Where and when you want to meet…..You reply with straight forward answer. You get back something like “Great I cant wait”….. Haha thats after I replied “My place 9pm Sunday”. I mean no real woman would 2 liner you like that none of my actual dates have. And all that leads to nowhere besides me shelling out my credits to this site. No answer ever again basically. Sure they might not be interested but why not say so… Wouldn’t you?!

    I think this is 50/50 at this point you risk running into fake, as in bloggers for this site people. Wasting your time and money!

    But hey my few dates were great!

  53. Cubby77m says:

    Besides if a real date 2 liners you. Who the hell wants to go out with you and pay you for it. And you are too rude to even tell your name or have somewhat of a conversation with someone. And I dont mean waste your time or mine and yes its fine to save real conversation for the date…. But damn 2 lines and im taking you to a restaurant… I dont think so!

  54. tulsalove says:

    @Blue&Chris~ You’re right, it’s backwards. Say No to Escorting which is in truth was this is.But don’t say no to prostitutes? The problem is the term “escort” has been taking away from it’s real meaning by those who prostitute in a sense to hide what really goes on behind closed doors. So prostitutes can sign up then? Bad move!

    Chubby77m If you reply “my place at 9pm” , generally most women would disappear on you and that doesn’t make them fakes, it just makes them regular women. Maybe a prostitute would say sure I’ll be there at 9pm but no woman in her right mind is going over to the home of a man she does not know. I didn’t do it on free dating sites, I’m surely not doing it here either. Actually with the money component in it I’m definitely not doing that here. Way too dangerous.

    I had a date accepted for $250. We agreed on the dinner location and day of week.I even tried to add in some other events that would could go to while out. When I asked him what time he kept ignoring my question and telling me to call him 3 times. I gave him my number instead but he never called. I even contacted him on the site the day before as promised to confirm our date but he just opened the message, read it and didn’t respond. So it’s pretty obvious he was looking for a prostitute.

  55. Bobby the K says:

    “I even tried to add in some other events that would could go to while out.”


    That’s quite considerate. That makes me feel better about the site and not think I’ve just been lucky. But there haven’t been many newbies signing on, so that makes me wonder if it’s going downhill, or maybe that should be expected. I guess you can’t get new people signing up all the time.

  56. Jewelia says:

    I have to agree that there has been less follow through on the proposed dates in the last few months…The ignoring of messages and men just disappearing has increased as of late also..but over all, I have enjoyed all of the men I have been out with and over the holidays some very sweet gentlemen stepped up and displayed enormous generosity…

  57. Fabs says:

    I would define myself a guy with looks above average but not model type. I’m 50 but have a six pack. I have noproblem finding dates here, just the opposite. I don’t offer more than $100 for a date because I want to avoid professional daters lol. On average at least half of the women wants to go out on a second date. My point? Before you go out on a date don’t ask for naked pictures. Don’t make crass comments. Don’t send pictures of your privates. If you’re serious about finding women, be a gentleman. I have women begging to go out again and even sleep with me by just me saying I’m not interested in rushing anything. And so you know, it’s not a game I play. I’m really not interested in sex on the first date. I guess most women have enough instinct to know I’m real. So, put yourself in the right frame of mind. Because, if you met someone at a grocery store, would you ask them to sleep with you! Then don’t do it just because you hide behind a computer. That’s my humble advice to men.

  58. tulsalove says:

    Bobby the K
    Thanks. I think women come and go so it probably just takes time. I only log in when I have an offer. If the offer is accepted and the person doesn’t respond back, then I disappear until the next offer shows up in my inbox.

  59. tom says:

    This site sucks for men. A few bad apples makes it hard for the rest of us to be taken seriously. Every date i have been on has lasted only 30 min. There is no way to tell if someone is using real pictures or ones found on a website. Or if she is a heavy coke head(which i have had the unfortunate experience of meeting – did not find out til the second date.) This is no different from Plentyoffish except the man has to pay for the date. I dont mind paying mind you but their has to be some accountability on the female side as well.

  60. blankenship says:

    If their profile is really short with spelling errors and bad grammar, I wouldn’t attempt contacting them. Those are the ones I find to be bogus. Also, I’d stipulate in your profile how long you expect the date to last and the kind of people you don’t want to meet and tell them not to accept an offer if they’re not serious because it costs money. It seems to help keeping the screwballs away.

  61. tom says:

    I know. But the ones I am talking about use old photos. I had one lady say she was 30 on her profile but was in fact 45. Has anyone had a date lie to them? Or someone who looked nothing like their photo(s)?

  62. tulsalove says:

    yes tom I have. One date had a full head of hair in his pictures but ended up arriving to the date with his hair line starting at the back of his head. From my understanding, male pattern baldness doesn’t happen over night.

  63. what says:

    yes tom, I find that most men I meet are lying about their age, and use very old pictures. The dark hair coloring is not working:)

  64. tulsalove says:

    yup tom & what. another guy was supposedly single , no children and 9 years older than me. He gave me his email for what reason I don’t understand. I ended up finding out he was 20 years older, married with two kids.

    another was a few extra pounds later found out he asked me to come over because he’s physically incapable of getting out of bed.

    Just 3 dates that opened that I never met.

    another guy kept asking me to call him again not sure why, we agreed on time and place and location. he later said he was going out of town and would need to reschedule but ended up sending me a message when he was supposed to be in the air on a plane. Then lied saying the trip was the next day and I should come over while he packs. I watched his profile change from relationship to marriage discreet affair to no strings etc. He kept messaging me to trust him like a friend.

    Sorry those were 4 dates that didn’t happen. It’s a shame when you get all happy to see a new offer , your setting up the date and the person starts being extremely inappropriate. I never really date that far from my age but thought this would be a great opportunity to see what I was missing.Sadly none of these men have shown me that men of upper ages can be respectful.

    I just got a new offer yesterday and the messaging started out great but it’s already turning sour with some weirdness. Looks like this will be another pass on date 6. We’ll see if the person thinks with the right head.

  65. SexyOlivia69 says:

    Ya….Whatz up with all of these women talking about having a great date with all of these great guys off of here I don’t see it? I have been doing this thing for a while but in europe and maybe the europeons just know how to do it better than the americans can but being american myself I thought we would be able to atleast keep up and so far we suck at it!

  66. chris says:

    I think all cities are different as i have had better luck in some and not others.

  67. blankenship says:

    It’s summer! Time to advertise more, Brandon. Target the super hotties so I can spend more cash. I just got hired, and I’m ready.

  68. tom says:

    What about the women who lie about their age and end up being 45 when they say they are 26? Only way to tell is to actually meet them. Their should be a way for identities to be proven so that everyone stays safe. Too many wierd people on this site both men and women.

  69. tulsalove says:

    Date 6 was a fail. Guy said “play date”. Didn’t know what that meant. I guess once he realized this would be a great date out with a normal girl and not a chapter of “secret diary of a call girl” he lost interest.

    We’ll see about date 7. Highest amount offered yet and he even added a rose. Such a sweet gesture:) Only issue is that he’s read my messages but hasn’t actually responded to any. Plus his picture is torn out of a magazine because I can actually see the frayed edges. He probably should have used scissors before scanning it in. lol.

  70. bmuse says:

    Hello! I am new to this site. First, I just wanted to say that I actually enjoyed reading this blog post. I thought it was nice and didn’t find it condescending at all.

    But I must say I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments even more.

    Personally, I was a little hesitant to join at first for fear of the exact scenarios described (lying, shadiness). Having said that, I think the site has a good concept – especially since I’ve tried other dating sites and got tired of meeting guys who seem to have forgotten how to be a gentleman. I’m not a gold digger. I think that in this day and age some things have changed (both men and women work hard) but some things stay the same (women are still expected to be feminine). It’s annoying when I take the time (and expense) to put myself together only to have the guy show up in sweats and not pick up the tab (in a couple of cases, I even paid for him!). In such cases, I wonder why I even bothered when I could’ve gone out with my regular friends and had a better time.

    Anyways, just my two cents. I haven’t actually gone out on any dates from this site yet and am not sure what to expect. Even if it ends up being terrible, I just wanted to say kudos for the idea!

  71. Blue says:

    Tom, I don’t know how you can know anything about a person until you meet him or her. That’s just how online dating is and I personally think that it’s rude to ask a woman how old she is anyways. It’s really nobodies business neither is ethnic background. In the long run you may or may not like that person regardless of their age. Guys lie all the time about their age and I’m not really sure why since the older gentlemen are what a lot of women are looking for but it makes no difference to me. If age is a huge issue for you or race or anything else, state so in your profile. As long as she uses real and recent pics I don’t see what the problem is because there are no guarantees.

  72. Blue says:

    nobody’s…nobodies lol sorry.

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