Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love?
  • Posted Feb 14, 2012
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Today is such a difficult day for singles, especially those who are recently single. It’s a 24 hour reminder, that you do not have a plus one, and everybody else does. Or at least that’s what it feels like. Your friends and coworkers are being delivered flowers and dressing up in their best shades of red for a night out with their significant other, while you sit at home watching The Notebook in your sweat pants with a pizza and a box of tissues.  Yes, Valentine’s Day can be a tough day, but it doesn’t have to be a day of mourning. Why can’t it be the start of a new adventure in love? Instead of mourning the loss or lack of love in your life, why not make a resolution today instead?

I think it’s time to turn that chick flick off and get online. No, Ryan Gosling does not have an online dating profile, but I guarantee you he isn’t at the bar or in the club either. And if he is out there, chances are you have already passed him up. Even in The Notebook, Noah had to convince Allie to give him a chance. He wasn’t her usual type and  though she initially dismissed him, he turned out to be the love of her life.  By looking for love in all the wrong places, she almost missed out on one of the greatest love stories of all time. You can’t just wait around for your love story to be written, you have to pick up the pen yourself, and get to work!


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Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If your current approach to dating isn’t working, it’s time to try something different. You can’t keep going after the same type of guys or girls and expect to find something different. By only sticking with the type you have historically been attracted to, you may be missing out on some great potential relationships.

You have to be open minded and accepting to the idea of falling in love, and that means thinking outside of the box and allowing more people the opportunity to fall in love with you. Instead of restricting your options by settling for one type, look inside yourself to find out exactly what it is that you want. Once you figure out what is important to you and what you need in a relationship, let it be known.. and see who shows up to deliver.


Image from P.S. I Love You Movie

Image from P.S. I Love You: Source

Maybe you won’t know what it is that you really want until he shows up for that first date, a date you never would have gone on if he hadn’t put a bid on your heart in the first place. Like the stories from our favorite movies, love rarely happens at first sight. Sometimes it takes a second or a third glance. If he’s just not that into you, why are you into him? Set your sights on someone who is into you.

So if you find yourself single today, we challenge you to start a new tradition with Valentine’s Day. Make a resolution, to fall in love unusually. So this time next year you can be living your own love story, instead of wishing your life was a movie. Make this Valentine’s Day the last Valentine’s Day you spend alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day from What’s Your Price!

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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