Buying a 1st Date for Charity is OKAY, but …


While our website has only been live since March 29th, 2011, we have already had over 10,000 new signups (and we are adding close to 2,000 new accounts a day). The statistics are alarming. We have been responsible for setting up over 500 dates. But what is even more alarming is how quickly the media got wind of our website – which is supposed to be officially launched next week!

Here are some of the headlines that showed up since yesterday: New Dating Site Is Indistinguishable From Prostitution
MSNBC.COM: New dating site treats members like prostitutes
Huffington Post: What’s Your Price Dating Site Blurs Line Between Capitalism & Prostitution
Switched: New Dating Site Blurs the Line Between Capitalism and Prostitution

Judging from the headlines, it seems people are quick to rush to judgments about what is about. But … how ironic is this? It’s okay to host charity events where first dates with beautiful people are sold off to the highest bidder in the name of helping a charitable cause. But when the same concept is taken to the real world, all of the sudden it becomes questionable.

When capitalism is mixed in with dating, all of a sudden people start concluding “it must be prostitution”.  But does paying money for a cup of coffee every morning mean Starbucks is engaging in prostitution?  Does paying for gas every time you fill up at the gas station mean that Mobil or BP is pimping?  Does donating money to the Church every Sunday morning equate religion to prostitution?  Obviously NOT, and obviously buying a First Date isn’t either …

What the world should be asking instead …. is does this work? While I have already received numerous emails from new members telling me how is working extremely well for them, I want to prove that this website works for just about everyone.

The Challenge:

To prove this is a viable model for dating, we are going to send one of our own SINGLE staff members — a ‘regular Joe’ — to test out over the next few weeks. He will be armed with 1000 credits (which is what members of our First Date Guarantee package will get) and $200 in cash. He will then be asked to make $20 offers to attractive members on the site… and he will go out on 1st dates.

Chris - a Staff Member

We will be filming his entire experience just like on any reality TV show, and we will post updates of his progress here on the WhatsYourPrice blog over the next few weeks and months.

— Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO

What do you think of the concept?

Have you had any good or bad experiences via the website so far?

89 Responses to “Buying a 1st Date for Charity is OKAY, but …”

  1. Kimberley says:

    I think this is a great idea ! I am conservative but this gets to the point.
    Guys can easily spend lots of bucks buying drinks for girls they never end up getting a date with,or many girls don’t value themselves enough.Self auction is respecting yourself enough to say I’m worth it,and someone else thinks so too ! As for guys,real gentlemen know they pick up the bill.Stingy lose out.

    • April says:

      I think this site is a fantastic idea for both the men and women who are active on it. I know that If a man is willing to pay to have a first date with me, he is more likely to be a man of substance and understands women should be treated in a certain fashion. I have enjoyed meeting the men I met on here so far 🙂 It is truly a wonderful concept !

  2. jess says:

    i find it highly ironic that this site never once mentions sex…but that’s what the media jumps straight to! maybe they are all really good looking people that have never had a problem pickingup a date, but most people arent in that boat. one of my contacts told me that he’s extremely relieved that he contacted me. we’re going to go on a date and have agreat time. he knows exactly what i look like and what i expect. no games! frankly, i think most men would be more than happy to pay for lack of head games! i know i would!

  3. Kimmy says:

    It is really exciting for me to be apart of this website. I am very educated and a professional female, so I do not feel like I am prostituting myself. It is fun and that is what I need in my life right now. Bid away I say!

  4. HG says:

    The double standards of the media and people in general are not hard to fathom. I find your other examples quite silly like “But does paying money for a cup of coffee every morning mean Starbucks is engaging in prostitution?” but I do agree with your point overall.

    You see the dating culture, at least in the US, is already around money. Almost always. Do people really think Hugh Hefner so sexy that a 24 year old bunny would be “attracted” to him? In the end, dating is shallow. Unfortunately, what it ends up in, love, is equally so. People will find it hard to accept though. Tough luck.

  5. Robbin Young says:

    Great concept and I sincerely doubt the numerous times I’ve bid on ‘male dates’ via charity events, people thought I was procuring a prostitute.

    Forget the negative comments and news reports and remember the quote, “Opinions are like bumholes, everybody has one.” 😉

    Brandon, I reside in Las Vegas and am looking forward to enjoying because my motto is “This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal, Make Every Moment Count” and, I do.


  6. barry says:

    hey brandon i want to say that your idea is simple yet well put together, it saves on time and money running around and doing the bar scene and gets you straight into the date with someone that your attracted to. i saw your appearance on the morning show (australia) and when that stuck up commentator lady said that this site amounts to prostitution i was appalled by her attitude. you had every right to be pissed of by her comments and i applaud you for your defence of yourself and your site. all i can say is don’t bow down to the nay sayers and keep up the good work.

  7. john says:

    brandon, this new site is incredible. there seems to less pressure on both parties, combined with the girl getting some funds, results in many more meetings.

  8. john says:

    also, this site attracts girls who may not have felt comfortable on SA. the good news is, the results are the same and, generally, the girls have lower expectations.

  9. Charles says:

    Dear Team:

    I would love to join but can not (married) but very happy. I think this set up is remarkable for people that are dating. I know that when I was it was so hard to find a person that you even wanted to go out with. I wish all of your daters the best of luck.

  10. cvdv says:

    living in Vegas has become a world of smoke and mirrors and hard to date people with true intent … this site weeds out all the nonsense, knuckleheads an weekend warriors looking for another tourist attraction …So paying to play a hand of “Black Jack” does not make the dealer a prostitute either… it works! … so double down 🙂

  11. Melvin says:

    LoL! Where can I find the profile of that lady that dresses as the sexy Ayn Rand for Halloween? I want to make an offer!

  12. cvdv says:

    Also with other sites it’s all about the auditions and interviews and a waste of time for the meet and greets .. best suited for a drive by an not the price of gas:)

  13. Holly says:

    I Like this concept very much. I am also on your SA site. The combination of using both sites I feel is fantastic. It cuts all the questions and expectations of your first meeting with an SD. You can just go out and meet and enjoy yourself. I see a lot of the Sd’s from SA here. I think they may be thinking the same as I am. I am sure they have have experienced that we woman have on the other site and this just cuts through all the red tape.

    • Kindred Spirit says:

      Very much agree with all you have written. I’ve met a lot of potentials who turned out to be waste-of-timers and I always put on my best self for them, leaving exhausted sometimes, though, mentally.

  14. BellHorneKing says:

    Let’s see if it works . . . I’ll be watching to see your average Joe’s results…

  15. Rachelle says:

    I just registered and received the first offer to name my price. I gave an amount… it was refused and the counter offer was of course lower to what i first asked!
    So now i tried to raise my price even higher than the first offer, and the system won’t allow me.
    You guys need to fix that!

    I seriously should have the freedom to raise my price higher, as times go by and if the person refuses the first offering. You must allow the market to be volatile! Or is it that they are naming my price? :/

  16. Melvin says:

    Cancel that offer and start a new one at the higher price.

    What do you hope to accomplish that is constructive by doing it?

  17. cvdv says:

    Ding ding ding … Having been on the site a week I have recieved 10 offers and 7 have been accepted …an per the offer I have initiated the first date …. and after a few emails back and forth none of them has confirmed or set a date …. how long should I wait for an answer before I start deleting .. it’s been 2 wks … is this just fishing ….

  18. Melvin says:

    If you have been communicating and offering opportunities diligently, I would just wait for them now to make a definitive move.

    What benefit would deleting be?

    • cvdv says:

      Thanks .. I will give it some time and see how it all plays out … based on history of other sites an any guy contacting me under 39 has been a waste of time …looking for chatting ,Im’s or cami’s scams ..for shits and giggles. ,,,maybe the official launch of the site will bring real offers.

      • Jeff says:

        “and after a few emails back and forth none of them has confirmed or set a date ”

        This is kind of the beauty of the site. Men have to pay to message you once the date is set. You will rarely (if ever) get a response from a man that doesn’t want to actually go on a date with you.

        • cvdv says:

          Thanks .. the jury is still out;) and will give it time to catch up with the offers to the emails … now that I know they have to pay to respond.

  19. Monica says:

    The dates for charity is not a good comparison.
    But I would like people to consider the situation of a woman who marries a man and then later, after they divorce, she gets half his assets, and possibly alimony, and she may never have had a job.
    In the situation of divorce, the courts, and people, are putting a monetary value to the female contribution in a marraige.
    If pre-nuptial agreements and divorce proceedings are legit, so is dating a sugar daddy, or holding out for a generous man.

  20. Stella says:

    Your argument here is really week. How is buying people similar to buying gas or coffee? It’s not. I have only read one piece on your website, and it was of the “look at how degrading this is!” variety, but you are dong a terrible job refuting their statements. I have a very hard time believing that men are okay with paying $100+ just to go out with a woman, then pay for the date, and aren’t expecting the woman to “put out.” Sure, maybe there is chemistry, but that’s walking awfully close to paying women for sex.

    • Stella says:

      *weak. That’s embarrassing. :/

    • Amelia says:


      I’m a respectable, professional woman, and I don’t agree with your take on this.

      Brandon isn’t comparing buying coffee or gas to buying a person (or the date would come with a leash and title/deed). He’s comparing buying those goods with buying someone’s time (which we do in hundreds of ways in our culture). I think a closer comparison is how we pay a consultant to pitch a proposal, because we know their time is valuable, and we may not sign a contract. Paying for the pitch is a way of respecting their investment of time and money into the selection process.

      Whether a person goes any further than the first date is an entirely personal decision and separate from the arrangement here.

      What Brandon has rightly identified is the sheer volume of lonely people who can’t get a date, and on the other side, the money-related reasons why a dateworthy person might say “no” to a date.

      Many of us are too busy making ends meet to find time to date very often, particularly with the expectations society puts on we women to spend hours and a lot of money dolling up for a date. I know if I weren’t so pressed to the wall financially, I would say “yes” more often to dates, because if the date wasn’t stellar, I wouldn’t leave feeling I had spent my time unwisely. I have certainly rejected or cancelled a date before because I’m doing the math and adding up the two hours it would take me to dress up and drive to the meeting place, plus the two or three hours I’d invest in the date, plus the cost of a new outfit (which I often need when I start dating) and manicure (and men do look at fingernails)…

      This is a reality that leads many women to date only those men they know well or who have adequately demonstrated that it’s going to be worthwhile. Where does that leave the other men – the ones who spot me at an event or in a club – or want to go out with me? Dateless.

      I think this is quite a reasonable way for those men to mitigate the risk, cost, and unknowns sufficiently for me (and other women) to make the time and effort for a first, possibly blind, date.

      So what of the men who fume in these comments that it isn’t fair because they’re paying for the meal and investing time, too? Well, they don’t have to participate. Life isn’t fair for either sex. Is it fair that men still earn more than women? Get promoted more often? Gain social status as they age instead of losing it, as women do? Continue to advance professionally and financially while raising children, even as women suffer setbacks? No.

      The fact is (with some exceptions of course) men still have far greater financial, professional, and social advantages than we women, in spite of the feminist movement’s gains. As a result, we have to work longer hours for less pay, spend buckets of money and time living up to the female images that give us social status, prove that we can be goddesses to win a man’s devotion, and suffer financial setbacks with every career sacrifice we make for our relationships (because men aren’t usually the ones who make the career sacrifices).

      The bottom line is, if men want more of my time and attention than I can give because of inequities like these, they’re more likely to get it by easing those inequities. And there are only a few ways to ease the inequities: 1) change the world, 2) marry me, 3) compensate me for the time, costs, and risks involved in saying yes to a date.

      If anyone doesn’t like it, they should simply leave the site, and go back to not getting dates on

  21. Melvin says:

    Article posted in Wade’s Facebook shows dates largely in $20-100 range.

  22. Britney says:

    Love the new site, just signed up and even if I don’t get a date it’s truly ingenious. Good luck to the members, thanks Wade and staff! Haters will be haters…

  23. john says:

    why not
    still getting great dates!

  24. PAMELAUNIQUE says:

    When a man takes a woman out on a date and pays, he’s ALREADY paying for a date. The only difference with this site is he’s paying a little up front instead of paying for it all on the night of the date. It’s high time something like this came along. Women are constantly being encouraged to know their worth. Not that you can put a price on a good woman, but this is a good start. More power to you!

    • admin says:

      Love your feedback. I can’t agree more. Time = money, and any self respecting woman would understand this.


  25. Dayana says:

    I love the site, great idea! I knew the media and the general public would put a sex-for-money spin on it but it just reinforces how underinformed and ignorant they actually are.

    The original duties of the escort entailed companionship and nothing more; dinners, business functions, public events and the like. Now the escort is the equivalent to the prostitute, and with good reason, but there is still a difference. Paying someone to go out with you is NOT prostitution, period. Of course, this doesn’t make for juicy, salacious news.

  26. Nikomis says:

    I like the idea of the site. It lets you know you will be connecting with someone who knows up front you expect them to front the bill for the date as opposed to getting together IRL & wondering “will they pay, expect me to pay, or plan to go dutch?” In my opinion, a date is when one person (the one who asked for the date) treats the other to entertainment of whatever sort (dancing, dinner, movie, etc) if you’re going dutch, to me that says we’re just friends hanging out together.

  27. ms thang says:

    People claim to wana hear the truth but cant handle it. Theres nothing wrong with being honest , if u want to be pampered and spoilt and want to meet up with people that are willing able and ready to do that.. Why not ?? We are adults and we keeping it REAL.

  28. Emily says:

    I’m sure Chris is a nice guy and all, but if he’s an example of the clients who will be using this website, I don’t think a lot of attractive women who aren’t gold diggers would be too interested in signing up. Perhaps someone who looks more like Michael Cera rather than Jonah Hill would be a better candidate.

  29. kemale says:


  30. Sherry says:

    I would gladly donate the offer from my first date to a charitable organization in my community. I will prove that this site has more to offer than simply sex.

    • admin says:


      Thank you! 🙂 Good thinking. We will be offering a charity option in the very near future.


  31. Blue says:

    To be honest nothing so far. I took my pic down because I saw no point in continuing to be on a site that showed no promise. Personally I think everything is great, but Brandon messed up when he showed examples of women dating for anything less than $100. As soon as you talk that price point, the quality of people goes right down the toilet for everyone.
    Guys that can’t afford $100 for this, are the most difficult to please and not worth getting my nails done or missing work.

    There is a whole market of men willing to pay $100’s more and those paying $20 usually are doing it to toy with women. It is the most degrading thing, most of the men on here think the women are like little dogs and they have the dog biscuit that will make a girl sit up and roll over….well sadly they are right. Brandon brought the strip club to the web, the men end up frustrated, the women do all the work and Brandon is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Danni says:

      Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more! Why is the price point so damn low? $100 should be the starting point, not the max.

    • Amelia says:

      I agree with Blue. Brandon, you’re in an important leadership role, and what you support at this early stage will play a huge role in the kind of online community you create. I suppose if you can make it work out the way you want by showcasing $20 dates, more power to you. But think “Branding.” Do your goals for the nature of the online community you want to create align with the images and messages you’re projecting? If the answer is yes, great. If not, maybe you need to showcase different examples and keep your messages aligned closely with that vision. Only you know the answer. Amelia

  32. cvdv says:

    I agree at less than a $100 it becomes a game of hide and seek for those to troll the site holding out for the kind of scenarios that will take less to offer more and not why I’m here. Who’s to say that your even going to get your funds when you show up for the dates … although it’s understood half upfront and half at the end… There is no buffer to prevent the old dine and dash ughhh!!

  33. muse says:

    My experiences so far this past weekend are par for the course….a few offers and acceptances, but not concrete dates or the inclination of the men’s part to set anything up. Ones’ rationale/excuse was I’m busy woth work the next two weeks??

    Another whose offer I accepted stated he “wasn’t accepting the bait” until he had more information??? Very insulting, condesending and disrespectful. The last guy, it was a back and forth game of “bidding” so to speak, with his stated concern that he would only accept a low offer($50.00) or less because after the date he’d have to pay quite abit more for sex, so he needed to start low???? My assumption is that he believed this was a prostitution site, needless to say I disregarded his offer and deleted him!!!

    The point is no dates or any inclination to set one up on the guys back to square one and (SA)…I’m rubbing my head wondering what the site is for??

    • admin says:


      If any of the members propose sex afterwards, or propositions you, please report him to us so we can take the appropriate action.

      As we have mentioned clearly. This website is NOT for ESCORTS or those seeking escort services. PERIOD.


  34. Melvin says:

    The way this site is set up there is simply no reason to offer much for a date. Its a big failing of the concept, but that $40-100 range is all this is geared for.

    • admin says:


      Say whatever you want, the results and testimonials from members will decide whether we ultimately win or lose.

      And judging from the overwhelming positive feedback I am getting, especially from the guys. I am rather confident your analysis is wrong.

      Respectfully Yours,
      Brandon Wade

      • Melvin says:


        What range do you think the site is geared for? Why do articles you’ve cited report $20-100 as predominant in date fees? Why does WYP show so many date fee examples at $100 and under?

        Having gone through tons of winks, offers, counter offers; a bunch of acceptances; and several actual dates; that’s what I found.

        Respectfully yours,

  35. CaliforniaGuy says:

    Fail concept. As a wealthy single guy, why would I pay to spend time chatting with a woman who only wanted to spend time with me because I handed them a Franklin? I would much rather go to dinner with friends, or if I were feeling desperate, pay a matchmaking service a grand or two for a good match. In fact, golddiggers are the very people we try to avoid when we’re out dating.

    But I suppose there’s a target audience–a guy like Chris who has no illusions of finding Mrs. Right through here but would like to be seen with a hottie for $20. To the women into that, do enjoy. 🙂

  36. Blue says:

    Wow, glad I’m not the only one thinking these things. I think it would have been better if Brandon would not have offered any suggestions we may have stood a chance. It’s very telling when someone puts women in a line holding $20 & $50 card in front of them fighting over some out of shape loser. lol

    For me, I want to meet the really rich guys, and I want to put my best foot forward. That means, dry cleaning, mani/pedi’s, facials, taxi, ( live in ny ) and a lot of other things, like nice clothes, hair appointments, wearing heels. Guys in major metro areas have access to some of the worlds most beautiful women so you have to stay competitive. I certainly don’t want a guy who CAN’T afford $500 for my time. Not that he has to give me that much for dinner, but a couple hundred would at least show that he can afford a SB and is sincere. Anything less is costing me money. I figure he gets dinner, I look my best and we are even if I like the guy. If I don’t I haven’t gained anything. Isn’t that what this is all about anyways? Personally I am tired of fancy dinners and drinks and all that with strangers. I need to stay in shape so dining at these places you really do have to pay me. I’ve been to all of the best places in nyc, and would rather stay home and hang out with my friends in sweats and sneakers and make a dish. Geez any guy worth his salt will give a woman cab/gas money! We don’t need this site to get that. lol

    It’s a luxury and a privilege to date a beautiful woman not a personal right or necessity.

    • admin says:


      My hope is to help elevate these “out of shape losers” (which by the way, is me at one point in my life), and transform them into gentlemen who knows how to treat women well, and is deserving of a beautiful girlfriend.

      I am sure most girls want to be princesses. But most of us men also want to change from being an ugly duckling and someday turn into a handsome prince! 🙂


      • Blue says:


        I think you have a great attitude and I’m sure I would like you in person. You are really a good looking guy!! 😉 I am sorry if my comment sounded too harsh. I hope those men become better versions of what they are now in terms of what they have to offer women that sometimes they have little in common with. It’s very noble of you to want these men to blossom into a handsome prince. I share the same vision.

        No judgements on anyone, but if I’m going to be the one teaching these guys, I want way more than what this site suggests. I’ve lived in Vegas and I know you know how it is, what it was and what it has become. I don’t think teaching men that dangling a few bucks is really turning them into gentlemen; it’s just showing them how to compensate for not being one.

        If the suggestions and site was targeted towards something more upscale it would very successful for you, me and the prince charming’s


      • Blue says:

        I think you have a great attitude and I’m sure I would like you in person. You are really a good looking guy!! I am sorry if my comment sounded too harsh. I hope those men become better versions of what they are now in terms of what they have to offer women that sometimes they have little in common with. It’s very noble of you to want these men to blossom into a handsome prince. I share the same vision.
        No judgements on anyone, but if I’m going to be the one teaching these guys, I want way more than what this site suggests. I’ve lived in Vegas and I know you know how it is, what it was and what it has become. I don’t think teaching men that dangling a few bucks is really turning them into gentlemen; it’s just showing them how to compensate for not being one.
        If the suggestions and site was targeted towards something more upscale it would very successful for you, me and the prince charming’s

        • Lisa says:

          Believe it or not, I met one guy that was a complete gentleman, not bad looking, young, and wealthy. He and I still talk, and a friendship is growing because of this site. I think some guys are just done with the whole, I kinda like you, but I’m not sure deal. Its a great icebreaker also 🙂

  37. […] Brandon Wade believes that What’s Your Price provides a more pure method to finding love. Online dating sites glorify the physical attributes of their users, offering […]

  38. sunil says:

    This sounds like a great concept except for a couple of things. which i am curious about clarification on. isnt the problem that girls who might be using the site for a little extra cash even if they like the guy they meet, wanna keep doing first dates on whatsyourprice to make more money? economically there is no disincentive for a woman not to keep going on first dates but there is if she settles for one guy and no longer is paid to date him. i am not trolling, just genuinely curious, because i fear women will just use the site to make money and feel ‘weird’ if the guy they brought to their friends as a potential new boyfriend, they met by being paid to date him was. really hoping that this actually works but you’d need a lot of people willing to show themselves and give testemonials saying it works

    • admin says:

      Sunil, The disincentive for a woman not to keep going on first date is called “LOVE”. When a woman finally decides she has met someone she wants to date for real, she will likely stop using the website, because at the end of the day … while money can help you get the first date, MONEY CAN’T BUY LOVE, and …. yes Love, is priceless.

      A member from DC wrote to us telling us that he went out on a date, and the woman gave him his money back the next morning. In bed. Which goes to show that she wants to have a relationship with him, hence showing him money is not an issue to her. This is what we have hoped the website will do. Help you guys find that beautiful girl who would want to date you because they actually like you.


      • JR says:


        Interesting response. I have wonder the same thing about the originators comments to this particular thread. So, if Love, is what the site is all about, why do you have options for married dating, intimate encounters, sugar daddy/baby…those activities are not easily related to “love”.

      • Amelia says:

        Yes, love is an incentive. Another incentive is, liking the person enough to want to see where it leads, and when you make that decision, you don’t want money getting in the way. Another is, someone looking for a sugar daddy/sugar mamma found the right one. Either way, by dating this way, the hottie didn’t actually LOSE money (in the form of tangible expenses and time) and heart on those dates that didn’t work out. Just my two cents, which I’m offering a lot today.

  39. Carlaj says:

    At first I have to Say I thought like many how bogus! Yes yes as a professional woman, I thought y?? Until I met my friends date .. No of course she never told me where she met him for fear of judgement… Just gave me the site after seeing them hang out a second time. She is not broke quite actually has worked a great job for awhile.
    People may find it hard to believe but men are shy too and in a true professional world women r not seem the same and rarely asked out… Yes I mean attractive, fit, women that most men think r not taken
    That being said, I met a friend of his (yes double blind date)
    Although a very nice guy, just not lots in common.
    So here I am, a want to be believer as I have a potential date this weekend…
    We shall see

  40. Melvin says:

    > isnt the problem that girls who might be using the site for a little extra cash even if they like the guy they meet, wanna keep doing first dates on whatsyourprice to make more money?

    Yes, some will do that. Others will strike arrangements with one or more men to be paid for each additional date or a weekly/monthly allowance.

    • cvdv says:

      Exactly .. I’m following the concept of seeking and arrangemet which is what brought me here … so instead of the typical first date with the potential SD looking to interview his potential SB .. compensation is first and the questions come later.

      If the date goes great and and we like each other to warrents an arrangement with an understood allowance you’ve now fast forwarded in sugarland .. check please

  41. cvdv says:

    Wow I finally set up and confirmed a date for this coming Sunday having spaced it was Easter .. so I contacted my potential to explain although I had no plan if he wanted to cancel I would understand as my 19 yr old daughter is on spring break and away from home over the weekend ..

    He quickly cancelled and said it was a deal breaker and an entanglement !!! I mention my 19 yr old daughter living away from home wow … yikes!! this was a first date not a freaken marriage propasal …

    We all have lives before we meet people … and if being honest an upfront before a date is a deal breaker .. that speaks volumes of the men here and their real intent…NEXT

    • Melvin says:

      He may have had many experiences with women from these sites already and decided on a policy of zero tolerance for anything the slightest bit flaky.

      I can’t tell if he thinks a) you lied about children in your profile, or b) that you were trying to change the date or c) forgetting Easter is a bad sign, or d) he’s a jerk, or e) doesn’t want to get involved with a woman who has children…

      • cvdv says:

        A) he set up the date for Sunday B) I told him my profile represented no children at home C) was not looking at the calendar regarding Easter as I’ve been busy with taxes and work..and not an event for me an D)he’s just a nerdy overweight computer jerk. .. using this site for shits and giggles and lame excuses.

  42. Candace says:

    I’m glad that you are clearing up this matter on your site. However, I think the problem with this experiment is that the alleged prostitution dates are not the $20 ones. IT is the $500 dates that have people wondering, is someone really paying JUST for conversation?

  43. Soren says:

    I think that many are confusing the issue here, mainly that the generous members are not buying sex (prostitution), but merely the opportunity to go on a date with someone they may be interested in getting to know.

    The generous member is paying for and opportunity.
    I agree with some who thought the analogy of buying gas etc was a little off, but only because gas is a tangible that you walk away with as a physical quantity.

    Buying an opportunity is more akin to paying for the opportunity to enter a carwash, watch a movie, enter a bar with a cover charge, play the lotto, etc…

    I am continually surprised at the essential hypocrisy and evasion of clear thinking that is so prevalent in our media and culture on so many levels.

    This site should really be of no surprise. Hello; people (usually men use money to ‘lure’ potential mates into considering them for a relationship – now and from time immemorial!

    In the same way, other people (often both women and men!) use various methods to present themselves as attractive physically in order to ‘lure’ mates.

    Why on Earth we try to ignore these facts is beyond me since they are in no way diminished by willful ignorance.

    I suspect it is some play on our politically correct insecurities that makes us react in such an uproar when media broaches a provocative headline.

    It really is a simple and evolutionary equation.

    Anyways – that’s my two cents.

    • Amelia says:

      Soren, Your two cents is worth a million. Very good points, all. And let’s remember, humans aren’t alone in this behavior. Many male birds work and battle to create an awesome enough nest to have it chosen by his intended mate (e.g. “money” for mating). The same is true of other species: Males offer protection, shelter, and food; and females offer mating, family, and other kinds of nurturing.

      For sure, we’re not just animals anymore, and I wouldn’t advocate we ditch cultural advancements and return to the wild. But the point is, there are sexual economies at work in all species and all human cultures, whether or not we want to face it, and they’re no more equitable than any of the other economies we’ve created.

      The hypocricy and evasion of clear thinking around this is a consequence of the judgmental, religious, and shame-based thinking most of us were brought up with. Sex and dating have to be sanctified or they’re dirty (sinful), so we sugar coat it with Cinderella stories.

      Well, life isn’t a fairy tale, and nobody in love believes for long that it protects us from financial realities. Hooray for love, but if you want the chance to find it, you damned well better be able to pay the bills so you can afford dating and all that comes along with it. And if you can’t, you better hope your date can.

      I like your revision of Brandon’s economic example. Yes, buying an opportunity is more akin to paying for a movie ticket, a cover charge, or the lotto. It’s also more like buying stock options – they may pay off well but they may not, there are no guarantees. Or paying a consultant for their time. Or paying a model to show up for a shoot even if you don’t use the photos. There are tons of examples in our culture of supply/demand, in which people pay for things and opportunities they want or need, and they pay more for things and opportunities that are scarce.

      If someone can’t pay, so be it. Why should beautiful women subsidize a man’s dating desires (by absorbing the related expenses) when that man certainly is not going to equalize her payscale by voluntarily taking a cut in pay so that the women in his workplace earn an equal salary. If you earn a six figure income and you have a problem easing the financial strain of a lovely lady you want to date, shame on you.

      Anyways – that’s my two cents… er probably twelve cents by now.

  44. queen says:

    I reported a guy who asked for sex in mail and he is still on the site and active.

  45. Nicole says:

    I think whats your price is all about making new friends and maybe more if the two people click. Its good because sometimes people dont have the time to have a social life and this website helps a lot on that. I have good experiences up to now and I hope to make more new friends and if one is the right one something more. The thing is that girls get motivated to go on a date because they have nothing to loose and at the same time they might meet a great guy at the date. So Two thumbs up for the originality of whats your price.

  46. civi says:

    From a guy’s perspective, I think the $20-100 range is just right. Otherwise, women will make a ton of money and the site will become women going on dates making hundreds of dollars with little interest in the men. And I think the money should be for the first date only. Otherwise, it is just prostitution without sex.

  47. Dan says:

    Just wanted to get things straight. So I have to pay a monthly subscription to join the website? If I join, it would be as a generous type so then I have to pay the woman’s price and pay for the date also?
    I like to search members in my area before joining. I hate to join and find out theres only 2 members in my area.

    • admin says:

      Dan, As a Generous member, you don’t have to pay us until there is an agreed date between you and your date. We don’t charge a subscription fee, instead, we charge for credits to unlock dates.

      • Melvin says:

        That is very misleading. The site charges for unlocking communications after a price has been agreed. There is nothing more warranted, and a date is far from agreed to at that point. Most of the women don’t feel any obligation to actually go on a date after you have paid and the site does nothing to follow up.

  48. maggie says:

    It’s interesting, because as a student, I’m in this position: I am not paid for the real work I do. This involves coursework (ca. 35 hours a week) extracurricular stuff (theater, etc.) and unpaid internships.

    On the other hand, websites like this put me in a position where I can be paid for things I’d normally do for free.

    I guess my perspective on this website, and SD dating websites in general, is that there’s an aspect of exchange in every relationship, and what keeps each party in a relationship is rarely ever perfectly equal.

    In these relationships, I think the other party is interested because I’m young, perky/enegetic/fun/creative, attractive, and low-maintainence. I’m attracted to the other party because they’re intellegent, have life experience, and have more structured lives.

    And I’m not looking for a long-term, committed, serious relationship. Studies indicate that a lot of women exchange sex for commitment and that lack of commitment represents lack of respect…but as a girl who is not looking for a serious relationship or commitment, it’s nice to benefit from that in a way.

  49. Steve says:

    I think the website is about 90% scam. I have a bunch of women “accept” dates, and, whoosh, my purchased points disappear, then no further contact from the women and no date.

    I can’t prove it, but I bet many profiles and “accepted” dates are fake and just taking my points. Bully for you, you took me for $125 and YOU ARE VERY CLEAR ABOUT NO REFUNDS

  50. Mike says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that women continue to want to portray themselves as equals, all the time expecting “special” treatment making commodities of themselves. This site is a tremendous step backward socially for women.

  51. Sexy&Sincere says:

    “If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.”

    quote by: Aristotle Onassis

    ” In suggesting gifts: Money is appropriate, and one size fits all”
    quote by: William Randolph Hearst

  52. Sexy&Sincere says:

    Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver”
    quote by:Ayn Rand

    ” Sooner or later, we sell out for money”
    quote by: Tony Randall

    This is a neat lil saying my Ex SD told Me…

    SD: SO I went to the bank yesterday to borrow a cup of Money

    Bank Teller: “What do You want to borrow a cup of money for?

    SD: To buy some “Sugar” !

    Moral or point he was making was that there are 2 types of Women that seek a SD one that is more capable of continueing to borrow (like easier and less work to go borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbor)

    and the other is one that knows why she is asking for money. She makes the effort to be direct & does so NOT expecting but with hope that he will she her worth is not in how much she asked for but in what she does w/ the money he gives her.

  53. […] lets guys bond with appealing women and afterwards compensate them for dates. (Before we ask, Wade says it’s unequivocally not prostitution; it’s only income changing hands for dates). When it goes down, people get […]

  54. […] site lets guys connect with attractive women and then pay them for dates. (Before you ask, Wade says it’s really not prostitution; it’s just money changing hands for dates). When it goes down, people get mad. google_ad_client = […]

  55. […] site lets guys connect with attractive women and then pay them for dates. (Before you ask, Wade says it’s really not prostitution; it’s just money changing hands for dates). When it goes down, people get mad. google_ad_client = […]

  56. […] site lets guys connect with attractive women and then pay them for dates. (Before you ask, Wade says it’s really not prostitution; it’s just money changing hands for dates). When it goes down, people get […]

  57. John Blunt says:

    The site does not mention sex but I have been on 27 dates this year and had sex with all 27 women after paying them for my “date”. It is definitely prostitution but who cares. I see a hot lady, pay, get laid.


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  59. hamed says:

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