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Brandon Wade & MissTravel on Anderson Live
  • Posted Dec 10, 2012
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10 years ago
Brandon Wade & MissTravel on Anderson Live

MissTravel was recently featured on Anderson Live last week, with an interview with two MissTravel members and Founder & CEO, Brandon Wade. Based on the audience’s feedback, we were surprised out how Anderson’s viewers perceive MissTravel. WhatsYourPrice.com users are used to the terms “generous” and “attractive”. But are cheap men to blame for accusing alternative daters of prostitution, because WhatsYourPrice and MissTravel are luxuries they can not afford?

According to Anderson’s poll, 90% of his viewers believe MissTravel enables prostitution. This is an unbelievable statistic considering we do not allow any kind of prostitution or solicitation on our site. The purpose of MissTravel is to create possibilities for travel and romance that normally would be unattainable. In fact, 71% of MissTravel members who travel together continue dating when they return home. We concur whole-heartedly with the statements Haley made about generosity. If a man is expected to pay for your dinner with out you owing him anything, why can’t the same be said for a destination date? I guess she made the right decision, as she recently got engaged to the man she met through MissTravel. [Read about their destination date here.] Just because she didn’t meet her fiancee in a laundry mat, doesn’t mean their relationship isn’t authentic. Besides, have you seen the people who hang out in laundry mats? They probably can’t afford to take you to IHOP much less the Bahamas. Like Nya said, “You can have all of that, but in Paris.” You could still end up with the same result, but with a better story.

What do you think about MissTravel?

Do you think some women are quick to dismiss generosity as prostitution?

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