Black Friday Gift Guide
  • Posted Nov 4, 2014
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It’s finally November. As colder weather sweeps the nation, many of us pack into indoor shopping centers and megastores to stay warm and prepare for the upcoming holidays. “Most-wanted” lists are compiled as loved ones shop for one another. November is host to the largest shopping “holiday” of the year: Black Friday. While there are many deals to be had, here are a few suggestions for your Day-After-Thanksgiving hunting and gathering.

For Him: Television

The quintessential Black Friday purchase, right? Black Friday is especially good for any sort of electronic gift. Prominent nationwide big-box stores like Target and Best Buy feature hourly deals on televisions, computers, and cameras from open of business to mid-day. If you’re not up for standing in a long line or shopping at the crack of dawn, try putting off your shopping until Cyber Monday.

For Him: Coat

Pricey items are typically heavily discounted the day after Thanksgiving. When gifting for men, it’s great to focus on staples that he might not otherwise buy for himself. My suggestion? A classic peacoat or a pair of Chelsea boots. Retailers like Banana Republic and Macy’s typically offer Black Friday coupons ranging from 25% to over 50% off the usual retail price.

For Her: Handbag

Though designer handbags are highly coveted among most women, many feel that the price points are too high to justify buying them. Unfortunately, the majority of luxury labels do not discount handbags or accessories for Black Friday or for seasonal changes. Luckily, American-classic brand Coach regularly offers a 20 to 25 percent discount at both full-price and outlet boutiques on Black Friday. If you can’t find what she’s looking for at one of these boutiques, try a major department store like Nordstrom—they’re known to discount some of the premier labels during the holiday season.

For Her: Watch

Fashion watches have been quite the obsession in 2014. With brands like Nixon, Michael Kors, and Betsey Johnson offering designer-inspired timepieces at an accessible price, this is likely the object of a woman’s lust. Do not pay full price for this trend, as Dillard’s and Macy’s will have these discounted far below retail on the 28th.

Black Friday can be a real rush, so do your research prior to facing the crazy crowds. Be sure to check return policies and ask for gift receipts before you hand over the plastic. Happy shopping!

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