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  • Posted Nov 17, 2011
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In my last post, I wrote about serial daters, and more specifically about Attractive members who ask for more (rather than less) money for a first date.  As a result of my blog post, I have received an earful from some of the Attractive girls who feel that I was being hypocritical when I tell them they should expect more from men, but at the same time, I was branding them “serial daters”.

After reading their comments, I felt I needed to clarify my position.  The fact is provides a good way for both Attractive and Generous users to weed out those who aren’t a good match.  The price of the first date is a great way to do so.  If an Attractive female is used to dating men who can afford her high standards of living and lifestyle, it would be reasonable for her to expect a high offer for a first date.  $500 for a multi-millionaire is obviously not much, but if you are pulling in a $50,000 a year salary, that is simply an unreasonable amount to pay for a first date.  In this sense, the system helps singles weed out those who are economically incompatible.   And for this reason, I believe this website is far more superior than any other dating website out there.

But money and price aside, it is ultimately what happens before and during the first date that matters.   This leads me to the current topic of today’s blog.  I’m urging all Generous members (especially all you men) to …. BE NICE GUYS!

Nice Guys Win

Nice Guys Always Win

Why?  Because while you may be mistakenly thinking that “nice guys always lose or end up last” because it is always the jerks who end up with the beautiful girls, on the opposite is true — Nice Guys Always Win.

So far, we have received hundreds of member feedback and testimonials, and all the good testimonials from Attractive female members have always been about meeting nice guys.  Let’s look at a few of them from this past week:

Finally had my 1st date, and I must say this has been by far the best date ever imagined. I met this amazing guy online last Monday. We started communicating via phone/text everyday all day, during this time he would ask me several questions regarding my likes and dislikes, favorite color, designer, my measurement, travel destinations, etc. We’re both from Chicago but I live in Cincinnati now, so I mentioned to him I love Chicago’s Garretts Popcorn. He went on to ask me to pick a number 1-4, and I chose 3. He texted back and said I have 3 surprises coming to me. He made arrangements to fly to Cincinnati for yesterday, and asked if I would like to receive one of my surprises early, and I said yes. By Thursday last week I was surprised at work with 2 gallons on Garretts Popcorn.  Finally he arrived yesterday, and we met at a lovely restaurant, we felt very comfortable with each other, so there was never an awkward moment. He proceeded to hand me my 2 other surprises and a card, my surprises were a beautiful silk dress, a pair of black suede stilehetto’s to match the dress and had an additional surprise #4 of my favorite designer jeans. He told me to open the card once I return home, and in it was a Thank You along with the original offer amount. I honestly felt there was no need for the offer amount after receiving all the gifts. He’s flying me to Chicago on tomorrow for date #2. Will there be another surprise….don’t know but he is all the surprise I need for now.” — Posted by a user from Cincinnati, Ohio

I don’t have to tell you why this Nice Guy is going to get a 2nd date or a 3rd date.  And if you are an Attractive female, you must be wishing all Generous men could be like this Nice Guy.  He happens to know one thing that most men don’t — that women love pleasant surprises.  And these surprises can go a long way in winning hearts.  He’s polite, shows he is genuinely interested in her, and he goes the distance by pleasantly surprising her not once but multiple times.  And if he keeps this up, I’m almost certain he won’t be a member on much longer because many of our female members will be fighting to get him off the site.

The truth is, even if you don’t put in as much effort as the Mr. I Love to Surprise You Nice Guy, a nice conversation over dinner usually does the trick. Here is what another user had to say about her date:

I am not a fan of writing long soppy stories so I’ll keep this short and to the point. I met with my first date from this website tonight (you know who you are!). We went for some amazing mediterranean food at a lovely restraunt in the city in Melbourne. We were both a little shy, but after a couple of drinks got chatting and had a great time. I was working the night just gone, so I went to work and my date came and visited me as a surprise, I’m a dancer at a showbar so I got to show off a little, but nothing crazy. All in all, great company, great food and we are catching up again this week!” — Posted by a user from Melbourne, Australia

So, while approximately 50% of the feedback we get are positive and about amazing first dates with nice guys, the other 50% of the feedback we get are negative ones about guys who are simply not nice.  One complaint that comes to mind is about a Generous Member who likes to accept first date offers, only to spend money to unlock the dates just so he could tell the Attractive Member she is not attractive enough for him  (One may wonder why he takes so much joy in insulting others, and I bet he isn’t having much luck with the ladies).  Another regular complaint we get are about Generous men who don’t honor their part of the agreement, or behave like they are “God’s Gift To This World” simply because they have money.  Neither types are nice, and neither are likely to do well here.

Advice For Nice Guys…

As a “nice guy” myself, who is at times shy and nerdy in many ways, it would be misleading for me to say that just being nice will do the trick.  The truth of the matter is nice guys who lack confidence, or social skills, can appear to be creepy or overly clingy to the opposite sex.  So if you don’t have the confidence to be around beautiful women, that would be the first thing you need to work on:  Your Confidence.  For women, there are few things more attractive and sexy than a confident man.  So, if you don’t know how to behave confidently before and during your first date, consider asking your dates for advice on how you can improve your confidence.  As they say, practice makes perfect so the more first dates you end up having, the more confident you will become.

So here’s the deal:  When it comes to choosing between a funny and confident nice guy vs. a funny and confident jerk, I think it is obvious who will come out ahead.

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Questions for Females:

Do you prefer to date a Nice Guy or a Bad Boy?  Why?

What turns you ON the most about a man — on the first date?

What turns you OFF the most about a man — on the first date?

What advice do you have for the Nice Generous Guys on the website?

Questions for Men:

Do you think Nice Guys always win in the end?

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