Autumn Date Ideas
  • Posted Oct 20, 2015
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Now that temperatures are dropping, and the leaves have changed from bright greens to fiery oranges, it’s time to upgrade your date to reflect the cozy feeling of Autumn. Before you opt to Netflix and Chill, grab a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) and consider these date ideas that’ll be sure to make your partner fall in love (pun intended).

Pick a Pumpkin

Whether you’re in the city, or content countryside, it’s easy to layer up and take your lover to find the perfect pumpkin. When visiting a pumpkin patch, be sure to invite your date to go on a hayride and sip some apple cider. Once the two of you have selected a goard, retire home to a bottle of wine and get to carving!

Pro tip: Impress your partner by having a pumpkin carving kit on hand, like this one from Williams Sonoma.

Visit a Vineyard

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, a vineyard is an excellent way to spend an autumn afternoon. Although Northern California is the national hotspot for sipping on chardonnay, be resourceful and check out Wineries By State – which offers a local perspective on trying a variety of vino.

Pro tip: Overindulge and opt for an Uber, no need to add the stress of driving to an otherwise relaxing day.

Build a Bonfire

What could be more romantic than cozying up to an outdoor fire and roasting marshmallows? If you’re costal, build a bonfire on the beach and welcome the evening with the ambiance of waves crashing against the shore. Landlocked? The fall foliage can offer a serene setting for the two of you to get to know one another through intimate fireside conversation.

Pro tip: Be sure to check local laws and regulations to ensure that you’re “bonfiring” in a zone that is deemed safe.

Haunted House

Doing something scary, like visiting a haunted house, can make your body release dopamine. Researchers have found that the release of dopamine can make you more attached and attracted to the person you’re with…meaning a first date to a haunted house is a surefire way to land a second.

Pro tip: Visit HauntWorld to find a house in your hood.

What date ideas do you have for the season?

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