America’s Most Generous Cities
  • Posted May 18, 2016
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When you see someone you like, it could be a little intimidating to get them  to notice you. On WhatsYourPrice, standing out in a sea of singles comes in the form of a dollar. Members reach deep into their pockets for first dates, and the team at WhatsYourPrice wanted to see which bachelors were willing to spend the most for a date offer.

WhatsYourPrice conducted a study to determine where in America the most generous single men reside, revealing the Most Generous Cities in the country. Comparing data to the average first date offer on the site of $120, results show Miami is home to the most generous daters. Single guys in the 305 value a first date at $248, more than double the average offer.

Home to some of the most beautiful women in the world, Miami’s men set the bar valuing a first date at $248 in hopes of finding the one. Yachts, luxury cars and mega-mansions create an alluring appearance of wealth so it’s no wonder Miami bachelors are willing to spend the most on a first date.

Coming in at a close second are the single guys living in Washington, D.C., offering $227 for a first date. Whether it be a gourmet meal waterfront at the National Harbor or tickets to the latest Broadway show at the Kennedy Center, bachelors in D.C. prove chivalry isn’t dead as the second most generous daters in the country.

Chicago men took third place, with the average bid at $223. The Windy City has no shortage of romantic restaurants with breathtaking skyline views.  Bachelors in Chitown are willing to pay the price for an unforgettable first date experience as the third most generous daters in the country.

Did your city make the list of the Most Generous Cities in America?

  1. Miami, Florida – $248

  2. Washington, D.C. – $227

  3. Chicago, Illinois – $223

  4. Charlotte, North Carolina – $219

  5. Dallas, Texas – $202

  6. San Francisco, California – $ 196

  7. Boston, Massachusetts – $183

  8. Houston, Texas – $177

  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – $168

  10. Denver, Colorado – $161

In contrast, the study also found bachelors in Brooklyn are the stingiest in the country valuing a first date at $103. As the cost of living in Brooklyn continues to rise, it’s clear single men would rather save a buck. Minneapolis men were the second most frugal daters, offering $106.

What have been your dating experiences in any of these cities?


2 Responses to “America’s Most Generous Cities”

  1. Sarah says:

    Toronto guys , like to come off as wealthy or rich but are extremely cheap. I just signed up on the site What’s Your Price, and each day I log on I have over 20 offers a day, starting at 70$ most has been 500$ I excepted. Needless to say lol but also most guys you end up excepting never get back to you… I find most men on this site so far aren’t wealthy by any means and are just looking for a cheap “f”ck” and it makes me sick. This isn’t an escort agency. But I guess you can’t weed all the bad apples out. I’ll continue on the site for another week or so to see how it goes! If nothing changes I’ll go back to the modern way of dating :). Cheers. Sarah-Toronto-Onatrio-

    • Bridgit says:

      Sarah I 100% agree with you and want to warn girls who sign up and live in Toronto…the men are VERY broke. I first heard about this site when I was in LA and the men actually pay you good $. But in Toronto, they are very unattractive, with fake photos and their broke!

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