Alpha or Beta: Which Should You Date?
  • Posted May 28, 2014
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He enters the room with a posse of other males, with smug expression and an air of confidence. His deep voice is not the least of his redeeming qualities, but makes him seem slightly arrogant.He is the Alpha Male.

Your interest is piqued. You walk over, and strike up a conversation that quickly slips into more than subtle flirting. When he extends an invitation back to his place for a “nightcap”, you decline. You’re not that kind of girl.

Fast-forward several months, the two of you have been dating for a while. He won’t hold the door for you or pull out your chair, but you’re cool with that. What’s feminism all about, right?

Until one day, you run into your boyfriend at a party. The party you were dragged to by a friend after he had cancelled your dinner plans, again. But while you’re sipping on wine, he’s sucking face with a blonde on the kitchen counter.

It’s not the first time you’ve wondered why you don’t date “nice guys”. Not the mentally unstable “Nice Guy”, a genuine one. Like that guy at the gym who helped you mop up the floor when your water bottle broke. Or that nice guy on the third floor of your building that helps you carry in the groceries.

There are two basic types of men: Alphas and Beta. Although, some recent articles beget from pop culture influences suggest that there is a third: Omegas. We will skip the latter, but if you are curious about how to identify an Omega, check out this test by AskMen: 5 Signs You Are An Omega Male.

In Your Teens: Beta

Your teens are a time for experimentation and discovery. Most people discount dating during these years, when in fact this is the beginning stages of learning what kind of men you will be into.

It’s your first year of college, and you need a solid foundation to complement the risks and fearless adventure you plan to undertake. You’ll be able to stock your agenda full of activities, but still have the support of a guy that is happy to just hang out at your house to watch movies and make-out after classes.


In Your Twenties: Alpha

In your early 20s, you may still be discovering yourself and what you want to do in life. An alpha will lead the way, if not encourage adventures and putting experiences over financial gain.

In your late 20s, a Beta will frustrate the living hell out of you. No longer are you self-conscious at mixers. You work the room, and so should your man.


In Your Thirties: Both

Sexual prime can peak at any age. However, most women experience a new awakening in their 30s due to the incessant ticking of our biological clocks. This is an opportune chance to explore your options.

You won’t get that with a Beta who has been down on one knee since you started dating. Steer clear and find an Alpha. In your 30s, aim for an older Alpha who has been around the block and back. Women mature at a faster rate than men mentally, which is why a partner in his 40s or 50s will suit this point in your life best.

However, if the name of your game is holy matrimony or love, then a Beta will suit your expectations better. These men are committed and willing to invest their time and money on a meaningful relationship.

In Your Forties: Beta

This ain’t your first rodeo. You know exactly what you want and when you want it, and have little time to waste on an ego battle with an Alpha partner. A Beta is more accommodating and less likely to make demands on your life.

The problem with some women’s dating career is that they try to mold men into their ideal partners. Rather than waste time on a project that is bound to fail, invest in finding the appropriate type of partner. Ending up with duds? Why not date outside of your typical archetype? You might be pleasantly surprised.

How has your experience been dating an alpha or beta male? Which do you prefer?

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