A Step By Step Guide To Being A Lady
  • Posted Aug 14, 2012
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Being a woman does not automatically make you classy. If you want to be treated like a princess, and date a gentleman, then you need to act like a lady… not a whore. The truth hurts sometimes, but we are only doing this because we care.

How to be a lady

When He Picks You Up

1) Are you appropriately dressed without revealing too much?
2)  If he shows up on time, will you be ready?
3)  Is your scent overpowering, or just subtle enough?
4)  When getting into a car, did you enter sitting with your legs together?
5)  Did you put your phone on silent?

During Dinner

1) Did you sit with your legs together, skirt pulled down, napkin on lap at the table?
2) Did you avoid re-applying make up at the table?
3) Did you order modestly from the menu?
4) Did you avoid overindulging yourself with food and alcohol?
5) Did you set down your fork or spoon between each bite?

During Conversation

1) Did you avoid cursing or talking dirty?
2) Did you direct an equal part of the conversation towards him?
3) Did you avoid looking at your cell phone?
4) Did you maintain eye contact during exchanges?
5) Did you contribute to the conversation?

After Dinner

1) Did you offer to split the bill?
2) Did you share your appreciation for the meal?
3) Did you let your date lead you?

Going Home

1) Did you let him walk you to your door?
2) Did you thank him for the evening and hug/kiss him on the cheek?
3) Did you avoid being too forward?
4) If it was a miss, did you avoid leading him on?

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