A Step-By-Step Guide to Being a Gentleman
  • Posted Aug 9, 2012
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Here are some of the easiest ways to prove that chivalry is, in fact, not dead. It’s quite simple: The more you say “Yes,” the better off you are. For some, these polite reminders will be a walk in the park. And for others? Well.. you thank us later.

Arriving At Her Place

1) Did you greet her with flowers?
2) Did you politely shake her hand while introducing yourself?
3) Did you offer her your arm?
4) Did you walk her to your car?
5) Did you open the car door for her?

During Dinner

1) Did you open the restaurant door for her? Or if it is revolving, did you push it first?
2) Did you take care of drinks while waiting to be seated? When seated, did you pull out her chair?
3) Did you wait to eat until she took her first bite?
4) Did you stand up when she left/arrived at the table?
5) Did you pay for dinner, even if she offered to split the bill?

During Conversation

1) Did you avoid cursing?
2) Did you avoid interrupting her?
3) Did you avoid looking at your cell phone?
4) Did you maintain eye contact during exchanges?
5) Did you treat the servers with respect?

After Dinner

1) Did you offer her your arm?
2) Did you put on her coat? Or if she does not have one, did you offer yours?
3) Did you walk on the side of the street closest to traffic?

Dropping Her Off

1) Did you walk her to her door?
2) Did you thank her for the night and hug her/kiss her on the cheek?
3) Did you avoid “jumping” to conclusions? (You know what we mean.)

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