A Profile Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…
  • Posted Jan 29, 2013
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Here are some of the most common ways to scare a date away, without even saying a single word.


1.) The “Webcam”

The more mega-pixels your camera has, the better off you are. A grainy, dimly lit picture is just plain creepy–especially when you don’t smile. Taking photographs inside your room implies that you are a complete introvert with zero social skills. When deciding on profile pictures, focus on variety. An assortment of settings visually proves that you are a combination of open-minded and adventurous.


2.) The “Peace Out”

Did you just really throw up the peace sign? Congratulations: you, rappers, and highschoolers now have something in common.


3.) The “Serious Look”

Women love a good smile, and this is no different in the online dating world. From a female perspective, a man’s expression often determines his intent. A serious demeanor is intimidating, and an expressionless demeanor will elicit absolutely no emotion. Save the stone-cold stare for the poker table. Any degree of happiness works, from a smile to a smirk.


4.) The “Macho Man”

There is nothing wrong with staying fit and working out. However, it’s the presentation itself that separates the men from the boys. It’s one thing to take a shirtless picture at the beach. But if you find yourself posing with your shirt off, then you will be automatically deemed a douche.


5.) The “Duck Face”

Singlehandedly, the absolute worst photo you can post on your profile. Somewhere in the dawn of social media, someone assumed that overpuckering attracts the opposite sex. Truth is, it never did. In fact, there are websites dedicated to scouring the Internet for the most ridiculous duck faces. Trust me, using the “myspace” face only gets more laughs, not more dates.

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