7 Worst Dating Mistakes Women Make
  • Posted Oct 25, 2012
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We’ve all been there: You meet a great guy and decide to go out on a date. In your mind you did everything right, had a lively conversation and were very open minded. But for some reason, he doesn’t call the next day, or the day after that, until a few months go by and you’re sitting having wine with your girlfriends wondering what you did wrong.
Just this week WhatsYourPrice.com conducted a survey to find the 7 Worst Dating Mistakes Women Make. What we found were the answers to the long asked, “Why didn’t he call me?”…

Why didn’t he call?

“A common misconception amongst women is assuming that since they already received an offer for a date then the job is done,” says Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of WhatsYourPrice.com. “When in reality, going on the date is barely a quarter of the battle.”

The following are the seven worst dating mistakes women make in order of frequency with solutions and insight from Brandon to raise the success rate of a date.

1. Problem: Airing out dirty laundry aka the ex-boyfriend
Solution: Save it for later…or never
94% of the men claimed that they dated women who discussed their ex-boyfriends within the first or second date. “Ex-talk is the biggest travesty to creating a new relationship. It shows that the woman is really ready to move on or gotten over her ex,” says Wade. “A man wants to know that he is entering into the possibility of a new relationship, not cleaning up some other guy’s mess.”

2. Problem: Making it too easy
Solution: Play the game
“Men love a good challenge. That’s why you have fantasy football, when they aren’t playing the actual sport and video games, when they aren’t at the gym with their buddies,” says Wade. “In theory women have it right: Don’t play games if it will hurt someone. Do be coy, playful, and mysterious during your date.” Men who feel they won something are more likely to be excited by the next date.

3. Problem: Laziness
Solution: Be your own ambassadors
“Treat it like a business meeting. You have one hour to show your date confidence, grace, and wits–essentially what a good investment you are. Women will avoid speaking about their quality. Instead they launch into the boring speech about what their daily routine is like. It sounds too close to chores, which men hate.”

4. Problem: Giving out too much information
Solution: Save the eccentricities for date number 4 and beyond
“Another study we conducted found that men find quirkiness endearing. However, it also revealed that women should wait at least until the 4th date to begin talking about her peanut allergies or fear of clowns. Delving too soon on such topics comes off as hyper-neurotic.

5. Problem: Settling to get a relationship.
Solution: Be honest
“In the rules of attraction, the opposite sex will mimic what it is attracted to. Unfortunately, women often sell themselves short this way,” says Wade. SeekingArrangement.com polled 2,000 female members and found that 44% of women claimed that, whether or not a man said he was not looking for a serious relationship, they would mimic his ideals to seem more attractive.

6. Problem: Broaching the subject of sex.
Solution: Keep it to yourself, at least until the goodnight kiss
Men said they found it off-putting when a woman says, “I don’t sleep with men on the first date” unprovoked during the first date. Such a statement, even in good taste makes you seem uptight and untrusting. Instead wait until the end of the date, if a guy is not invited in then it’s a graceful way of getting your point across.

7. Problem: Jumping the gun
Solution: Ask about his values and ideals
53% of men said they prefer women who talk about their goals and aspirations for growth as an individual, rather than talking about marriage and children.

How many of us have been guilty of those Seven Dating-Deadly Sins? We polled members to determine the percentage of women committed them. Each woman was allowed to select multiple answers for those who fell under more than one type of dating mistake. Who was guilty?
• 79% – Talking about their ex on a date
• 65% – Making it too easy
• 51% – Laziness, not promoting themselves
• 48% – Giving out too much information
• 44% – Settling to get a relationship
• 43% – Broaching the subject of sex
• 13% – Jumping the gun

Have you committed any of the Seven Worst Dating Mistakes?
What are some other examples? Which do you think is the worst?

21 Responses to “7 Worst Dating Mistakes Women Make”

  1. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” http://blog.whatsyourprice.com/blog-etiquette/ for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. Sophie says:

    Sometimes men poke for info on exes to see what I liked in the past. It seems rude not to answer, but uncomfortable to talk about all the same.

  3. Magno says:


    A man will ask about a woman’s exes if he is insecure and unsure of himself. If you take the bait, and discuss intimate details from prior relations, you might as well pack it in and go home right then and there, because you are done.

    I only inquire in generality about the nature of previous relationships after around the 4th date to get a feel for whether the woman I have an interest in is a long term kind of gal, or more inclined to prefer to engage in more informal, casual relations.

    It is senseless for a man to want to know what you did in prior relations because each circumstance is different, and I am only interested in the kind of relations I am going to develop.

    If a man asks you to discuss details of prior relations on a FIRST date, run!

  4. betty says:

    Men you meet online seems to always dig for private info all the time! even more so in a sugar relationship. They will ask what your problems or issues are as to why you are sugar dating. They get upset if you ask them why they have to sugar date. I hate when the men do this and then laugh and make fun of all the other stories they got. Sometimes i thing sugar daddy types are just on a power trip. It is no ones buisiness what my money issues arr!

  5. Magno says:

    As for this list, I have a problem with number 2.
    The whole thing about men liking a ‘challenge’ might be true for the 20 something crowd, (was never the case with me, ever, actually), more mature gentlemen don’t have the inclination or desire to engage with women who are ‘coy’ or ‘mysterious’.

    A man that is into the chase is apt to be driven by ego, and view women as possessions to be acquired.

    If that’s what women on this site are interested in, then I will pass.

    I do pretty much agree with the rest, though…especially number 6.

    The last time a first date told me out of the blue that they don’t sleep with men on a first date, it was so out of place, and came from out if the blue, that I just looked at her and said….

    “Huh? What? Weren’t we just talking about how much we both appreciate the performing arts?”
    The date, which had been really enjoyable, suddenly came to a crashing halt when I said something in return like….”I am sorry, but I just met you, and at this point, you haven’t even given me enough time to ascertain whether or not I am attracted to you in a romantic way, let alone seeing myself giving of myself to you in such an intimate way.”

    You can imagine how that went over. It pit me in a very awkward position, boxing me into a corner that was totally unnecessary.

    So yeah, ladies, it’s true, just bid adieu and drive home. You don’t need to be the first one to broach the subject of sex….especially if you do so from way out in left field.

    It’s a date killer.

  6. CooPerson says:

    “6. Problem: Broaching the subject of sex.
    Solution: Keep it to yourself, at least until the goodnight kiss
    Men said they found it off-putting when a woman says, “I don’t sleep with men on the first date” unprovoked during the first date. Such a statement, even in good taste makes you seem uptight and untrusting. Instead wait until the end of the date, if a guy is not invited in then it’s a graceful way of getting your point across.”

    This is a bit stupid and it is unflattering to men. I read this and all I understand is the men who gave this answer don’t want to be refused sex. Such an attitude and mentality makes them seem as if they’re capable of becoming rapists because they can’t handle not getting their way. It also makes it seem as though they do not want a relationship that lasts a long time… and just want sex.

    Women need a way to weed out the liars who claim intentions that they don’t have -a lot of guys out there claiming long term and all they want is a one time deal. Its almost the perfect scam since sex is something which can be obtained quicker than commitment and sex is more so a gaurentee under the right conditions -but commitment is more difficult to obtain and is never a gaurentee.

    I understand if it is done out of someone assuming that the guy wants to get lucky -thats a bit stuck up if the guy gave no hints. Yet it should be prefectly fine to inform a person of your boundrys -preferably before the date so they have time to cancel if their expectations are shattered… saves time for both people -they won’t even have to meet to find out that it isn’t a good match.
    A simple “I prefer a slow pace when it comes to physical stuff in a relationship” or “I really want to focus on getting to know each other during this date, touchy feelyness is uncomfortable for me if it happens too soon.” are both statements of a person speaking about themselves and their boundries in a general sense with out targeting their date with any assumptions.

    So… my retort is

    ‘What men do wrong in courtship’;
    6. Problem: Bringing up the subject of Sex.
    Solution: Keep it to yourself, you have no clue who she is.
    Timeing is everything and I’m sure there are more important details to find out about her other than what she would be willing to do in the bedroom and if she’d do it later tonight. The impression given off by this pervy approach highlights the prioritizing sex above all else -even the comfort of others. Asking “Do you enjoy doggystyle?” before asking “Do you like dogs?” speaks for itself. So if the end result is no lucky night and no 2nd chance you’ve no excuses or anyone to blame but your impatient selfcentered desires. Try re-evaluating the type of relationship you actually want or your approach of getting to know more about someone else before purposing anymore dates to anyone.

  7. queen says:

    sometimes you have to make yourself very clear because of the name of the site. Men do get the wrong idea 90 percent of the time !

  8. Pipqueen says:

    I sure hope there will be a “7 worst dating mistakes men make” coming up next week. Although in that case i am sure there will be more then 7.

    women arnt the only ones who play games and throw spanners in the works!
    I’ll take a woman’s personality any day over a mans, especially on this site!

  9. Sophie says:

    I do actually choose not to go into too much detail about exes.

    9/10 guys I speak to online ask, prior to ever meeting: what do you like in bed? What turns you on? What’s your favourite position?

    I even got asked last week if I was a size queen. I gave a diplomatic answer. He was offended as he said he is well built and wanted that to be a big thing for me (excuse the pun lol)

    So, as you can guess, I do not arrange dates with this type of man, as the ‘I am not going to have sex with you tonight’ converstaion would almost certainly have to happen. And has we have ascertained, it is not a good one to have to have lol

  10. chris says:

    The problem is to many men wantbto always take the power role. Even at times they should not. Like dating. People should relax and have fun. Stop judging each other before getting to know each other.

  11. Plzbelieveme says:

    Dumb girls on here favorite your profile then when you send an offer they reject it over a 20 $ difference lol…….lol…[email protected] gold diggers on here

  12. chris says:

    Its called whatsyourprice not whatiwant2payu.

  13. betty says:

    I have never favorited anyone yet i looked in my favorites and saw people in it! A glitch?

  14. APB says:

    2. Problem: Making it too easy
    Solution: Play the game
    “Men love a good challenge. That’s why you have fantasy football, when they aren’t playing the actual sport and video games, when they aren’t at the gym with their buddies,” says Wade. “In theory women have it right: Don’t play games if it will hurt someone. Do be coy, playful, and mysterious during your date.” Men who feel they won something are more likely to be excited by the next date.

    No, no, no, no, no…..that’s called having hobbies in our free time. Stop overthinking this, dude.

    A woman who has a personality and has hobbies beyond the standard POF fare of “drinking, clubbing, partying, smoking” is worth getting excited over. They’re rare, that’s why!

    The mysterious junk? She’s hiding something and getting nexted.

    Yes, your guy who’s got his act straight wants a woman who doesn’t call him at all hours just to have an escort to the store for a can of corn. It’s that simple. She can spend 24/7 with me when I have deemed her worthy of getting hitched and being my babymamma.

  15. nmchick says:

    Well i can honestly say that though i hate to admit it I know that this 7 dating don’ts are right! I have alot of male friends and they tell me everything. I’m a bit of a tomboy, but I have caught myself doing that sh#t too. I think it’s hard to find stuff to talk about if you’re thinking WAY TOO MUCH That is when we tend to make mistakes! BUT understandably I know where women are coming from when you have to let a man know that you are not jumping in the sheets with him the first night. Especially when they ask about licking, and if you like it this way or that way. I get uncomfortable and I will let him know right then that I’m not gonna do that! Some guys get upset but I know when arranging the date, I did not say I was gettin freaky tonight! The guy said a date NOT a one night stand. I know sometimes that can happen but it’s different when it’s really spontaneous.. I’m not saying that’s what always happens because I know us women tend to think that’s all a man wants and tell men out of nowhere NO SEX! I can just imagine how uncomfortable that can make anyone feel. So i guess it really all depends on the situation that you find yourself in. So LADIES we know when we have to let the man know we ain’t that easy! But you have to make sure it it’s at the right time, like when he asks if you like sucking d#&?. And MEN if she tells you NO SEX on the first night, ask yourself, was I using the right head? What was I saying for her to tell me that? Chances are someone is either thinking to much or not thinking enough! Either way it’s gonna be kinda awkward after that!

  16. SilverMoney says:

    So ladies why is it such a taboo for you to call the guy after the date? I mean if you really want to hear from him again….why not just pick up the phone and see if hes not too busy to see you again…

  17. SilverMoney says:

    Yeah how about that follow up as to the mistakes the guys are making….I have a feeling you can source the crowd here for quite a detailed list…

  18. Jacqui says:

    Guilty of 7 Deadly Sins??? What’s with the Catholic guilt theme? A little overkill don’t ya’ think?

    Anyhow, too many guys drill me for information. I don’t know if they are going with the Get Her To Talk About Herself Because People Like To Talk About Themselves technique or not but it’s annoying! How can we have fun when we are being drilled? Then if I suggest we talk about other things, they want to know why? If I answer 20 questions to make them happy, it leads to 20 more or they are turned off by reality. If I lie just to avoid the intrusion in my life, I’m setting myself up for more lies and a false relationship. It’s really a lose/lose for both parties.

    You guys have to take it easy on us. It takes years of learning how to navigate a conversation when one person is asking a bunch of personal questions ( and won’t take no for an answer) in an elegant way without getting into a fight. It spoils the mood too but happens more often than not. Almost every guy I meet does that.

  19. Charles Jackson says:

    It is uncomfortable for me to discuss the details of my past dating experiences with a new guy. I don’t want to share such information with my dating partner even at the second week of dating. Similarly I won’t ask him about his previous relationships. According to my experience we hadn’t talked anything about previous affairs on dating. My first dating was at a matchmaking program conducted by premier introductions in Toronto. We had planned our marriage about 3 weeks after our dating. He had shared his previous dating experience with me. But didn’t asked anything about mine.

  20. Maighan says:

    I can promise you ladies and men:
    do what you feel comfortable with, say what you feel. nobody can tell you otherwise. think for yourself and feel the vide of the date. woman were blessed with intuition- use it. NEVER feel uncomfortable telling the man youre with EVER that sex is not happening on the first date!
    If it makes them that uncomfortable then its not the right guy. a gentlemen will agree and move forward.

    have fun and be yourself, stop listening to these idiots and go have some fun!

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