7 Habits To Break For Better Dates in 2013
  • Posted Dec 27, 2012
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It’s that time of year again. You probably still have leftovers in your fridge from Christmas, and wrapping paper in your trash, but the New Year is just around the corner. Your resolution for 2013 was to NOT be single, yet here you are again, watching another year come to a close with no one to kiss at Midnight. We know dating can be tough, but there are a few habits that could hinder your success, and prevent you from finding the right person. Almost everyone is plagued with one of these bad habits, and the best way to date better in 2013, is by gaining a new perspective and turning over a new leaf. So out with the old, and in with the new… here are 13 habits to break before the new year:

1. Over-sharing

We approve profiles all day long, so we have seen it all. If your online dating profile includes the sordid details of your custody battle or your utter disdain for the sitting U.S. President, I’d be willing to bet you are also sharing a little too much on your date. Everybody appreciates a little mystery, and some topics of discussions should definitely be saved for a 2nd, 3rd or even 10th date. Relax a little, and don’t give up your entire life story until it’s earned.

2. Exaggerating

Men do it with money, women do it with clothes. Exaggerating can quickly turn in to bragging, which can result in one-upping, which no one ever finds attractive. Be truthful in your responses and never misrepresent yourself. A relationship can be really difficult if you have to remember all the lies you told.

3. Eagerness

If he wants to see you again, he will make the effort to do so. Don’t badger him, or make yourself too available or he is going to lose interest. Men love the chase, and over-eagerness will put an end to the pursuit prematurely. I know it’s hard to hide your feelings sometimes, but be patient and see if they are reciprocated before you give away too much.

4. Desperation

You’ve been single for a long time, and there have been a lot of bad dates along the way. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for anyone who happens to come along and is anatomically desirable. You deserve to find someone who is perfect for you, don’t stop dating until you find them. It’s ok to be single by choice, and desperate daters typically become targets for heartache.

5. Complacency.

Stop waiting for the perfect man or woman to fall in your lap. Go out there and throw your hat in the ring. See someone you like? Take a shot and ask them out. No one ever said dating was going to be easy, but it’s a lot harder if you are expecting to get everything you dreamed of with out lifting a finger. Serendipity doesn’t work for everyone, so make your own luck.

6. Impossible Standards.

Ryan Gosling is a God. But he is a God who pretends to be (and probably is in real life) the perfect boyfriend-husband-life partner in every movie he has ever been in. Fictional characters that set the bar impossibly high for his millions of adoring fans who will never be able to forget about how hard it is to date in a world where Ryan Gosling isn’t their boyfriend. I’m not asking you to settle, but give a boy a chance.

7. Mobily-Addicted

Do yourself a favor. When you arrive at the restaurant, turn your mobile on silent and put it away. If you have a sitter, or in dire need of checking the score of whatever game you are missing that night, check it once, twice tops, while your date is in the restroom. Your date deserves your undivided attention, and mobile distractions are a huge turn of.


Dating can be stressful if your expectations are too high, or if you inadvertently create obstacles that make it more difficult to find the right person. I promise that if you make an effort to break these habits in 2013, you will find dating to be a little less stressful, and even fun. Cheers to a New Year, and here’s hoping for the one that sticks by Valentine’s Day!



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