6 Signs It’s Time To Take Him Home.
  • Posted Nov 25, 2014
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The holiday season has officially arrived which means family time is on the rise. Amongst spending quality time with the family, many couples are heating up the chilly season with romance. Has your summer fling turned into a winter cuddle buddy? Tis the season of giving…  Maybe it’s time to give your family the ultimate surprise this winter. So when is the right time to introduce him to your family?

Once you’ve established an exclusive relationship with an understanding of titles.

If he hasn’t successfully made it out of the friend zone, don’t even bother. Let the friendship blossom into a romantic relationship first. Mom and dad don’t really care to meet your friends. They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of “Mr. Right” not “Mr. Right Now”. Avoid the awkward “This is my… ummm…” introduction. If you cannot confidently introduce him as your boyfriend or the love of your life, it’s too soon. If you’re uncertain of where you two stand, asking to make it Facebook official is the perfect way to establish a status.

When he starts using the term, “We”.

It’s a great indicator that he is thinking long term when he starts speaking of the future and includes you in the picture. I’m not necessarily talking marriage, but anything that involves the two of you engaging in a future together. Whether it’s a vacation in the spring, or his annual office picnic in the summer, he is certainly worthy of family time if he wants you by his side in the future.

He starts showing interest in your family members.

In the beginning you will be his primary interest, well at least you should be. If not, drop him and move on to the next one. He should  eventually inquire about your siblings, mom, and dad, etc. If he doesn’t care to learn about your loved ones, he probably isn’t a good fit. Getting to know your family should be one of his priorities. Be careful not to spring your family onto him too soon. You might send him running. Let your man naturally bring up the desire to meet them. If the topic hasn’t presented itself, casually bring up your family to test the waters. If he bites, it’s definitely a go!

Once you’ve met his family.

Men are just as particular as women when it comes to introducing that special someone to their family. Once you’ve reached this milestone, it’s time to return the favor. Take the time to get in good with his family, especially his mom. Then inadvertently bring up the opportunity for him to meet your family.

When you find yourself frequently discussing him to your family.

Bring meaning to the term “I’ve heard so much about you.” It’s definitely okay to talk your man up. Share how awesome he is, and of course brag about him every chance you get. Once he has regularly become the center of family talk, a face-to-face introduction is right around the corner. If your family is showing interest by going the extra mile to ask about him, it’s a date.

When he makes your priorities his priorities (without losing himself of course).

A man who can respect what is important to you is definitely a keeper. Sharing priorities is a sure way of knowing you two are mutually serious and connected. Your family wants to see that your man is truly invested and serious about you, so his acknowledgement of your priorities is a huge step.

It’s important that you don’t introduce him to the family too soon. A speedy introduction could ruin a good thing. Don’t bring him around until you’re certain he will make a positive impression on your loved ones. When all the right signs are there, don’t hesitate to round up your man and bring him home. Happy Holiday’s and family introductions!

“What are your family plans this holiday season?”

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  1. The Truth says:

    Lol. Women on here don’t care about having a relationship or “holidays” with any guy on here. They care about getting the most money for doing next to nothing. Actually most have bfs already!

    • Truth 1 says:

      most girls that ive met on here talk a good game but all they want is your $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and roll on to the next sucker.

    • Dino Martinello says:

      This site does state in black n white we are paying for your time men and women alike. Are you on here too?

  2. dave says:

    Agreed with the Truth. The maker of this site seems to think that women are actually looking for a boyfriend on here. LOL. This is a cash cow for them.

  3. Different Perspective says:

    @The “Truth”
    Not every woman on here is fake… Sure I’m looking to make a little extra cash, but I want to make sure my Generous Male is having a good time, too! Some of us are actually willing to hold up our end of the bargain, believe it or not, and I’m sorry if you’ve experienced otherwise.

  4. PollyAnna says:

    Some women! Do it for the experience, a tick off the “Bucket list”.

  5. dawn says:

    not to rush into fast relaships I have been burned

  6. you’re just mad cause you ain’t makin the money. maybe not that jealous womenmaybe I love you for a relationship but the better make it when I can if they caninstead of like most women go do one night stands and no good s***

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