5 Ways to Channel Your Inner James Bond
  • Posted Nov 8, 2012
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Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a dapper, plot-foiling, English super-spy to attract women. James Bond is more than just a man–he is a mindset. He is the definition of cool, classy, and sophisticated–even while under gunfire. Here are five ways to channel your inner Bond and get the girl, without having to save the world .

1.) The Man Makes the Suit

Some may say assert that the “suit makes the man,” but Bond would wholeheartedly disagree. Any jerk in a suit…well, is still a jerk. Dressing impeccably only gets one so far. A woman appreciates the quintessential gentleman: one who respects both himself and others. If you treat a woman with the utmost reverence, while looking good doing so, you’re destined for a happy ending.

2.) Quiet Reserve

Reveal yourself gradually, not all at once. Mystery creates intrigue, and intrigue creates attraction. A woman doesn’t want to hear your entire life story in one sitting. Garner interest throughout the date by sharing unique quirks/hobbies/insight that relate to her or the conversation. Ultimately, your goal in a date is to create comfort through threads of commonality. A woman who feels comfortable around a man is more likely to cozy up to a man.

3.) Attention Undivided

For those who don’t have the one-liner wit of Bond, know this: charm is a quality that stems from attentiveness. Pay full attention to your date, otherwise you may miss important details. How is Bond able to “read between the lines” and effortlessly attract the opposite sex? He focuses on more than just her words–he reacts to her looks and responds to her body language. If you like her attire, commend her sense of style. If you notice her leaning closer, then reciprocate. The more receptive you are, the more likely you are to take the date to the next level.

4.) Dare to be Daring

Don’t think. Just let it happen.” – James Bond

Always leave all reservations at the door. Of course, a little liquid courage won’t hurt (“Shaken, not stirred”). Expect the unplanned and learn to be impulsive. If the night leads somewhere past dinner, then go without hesitation. Women will notice this and appreciate your sense of self-confidence.

5.) Embrace “Now”

 “[James], enjoy it while it lasts.”
“The very words I live by.” –James Bond

When dating, take every opportunity as it comes. Focus on “right now,” not “before” or “after.” If things went sour with your previous date, learn to move on and leave your baggage.  Whatever you do, avoid sharing negative experiences with your current interest. Dwelling on previous mismatches makes one self-conscious, not confident. Remember, a first-date is merely a measure of compatibility, not the search for a life partner. If things progress from the first date, then good for you. If not, then there are plenty of other women waiting to be charmed.

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