5 Surprising First Date Don’ts
  • Posted Oct 16, 2017
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Avoid the over-share, arrive on time, don’t be rude to your waiter: there are a few first date golden rules most people know, but sometimes rules should be broken. We’ve compiled a list of  first date rules that may not be as black and white as they seem. Would you break any of these dating rules?

Dating Rule #1: Maintain a Sense of Mystery

Common dating advice suggests maintaining an air of mystery. But international man (or woman) of mystery can easily be interpreted as an international man of boring — and no one wants that. You owe it to yourself and your date to let your personality shine through, though we still recommend saving the details of your dream wedding for a later date.

Dating Rule #2: Dress to the Nines

A lot of drama and angst surrounds getting ready for the first date. “Always wear heels” and “Dress to impress” are great advice … if you commonly wear heels and can often be seen sporting a full tux around town. Instead of following “dress to the nines” advice literally, try dressing as the best version of your typical self. Feeling comfortable and displaying your authentic self will go a lot further than a pair of heels or a suit will.

Dating Rule #3: Find Common Ground

Traditional dating advice suggests avoiding talk of politics, religion and other polarizing topics. But sometimes leaning in to tough subjects can be quite revealing and helpful on first dates. A polarizing topic can be a great indicator of chemistry and compatibility or can illuminate deal-breakers sooner rather than later. Please note, this is not an invitation to be rude and obnoxious on a first date. Discussing subjects that you’re passionate about need not turn into an argument — learn more about your first date by pushing the envelope and reap the benefits.

Dating Rule #4: Connect on Social

While it may be prudent to scope out a potential first date to ensure personal safety, fully stalking a potential first date can be a downright relationship faux pas. We researched the best (and worst!) times to “friend” a first date interest on social media and discovered that the sweet spot lies around one month after the first date.

Dating Rule #5: Play it Cool

Boy meets girl; boy sends girl a “hey” text. Girl blushes and sends a “hey” text back to boy. Everyone dies of boredom. Traditional first date wisdom seems to dictate a complicated formula for connecting with your first date. We believe that the first date should be as easy as pie. Ditch outmoded advice to “play it cool” and get the first date fast.


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