1.)    All Looks, No Brains

A hook-up is purely physical. A lack of intelligence only means that deep, meaningful conversations are non-existent. This is a plus for any short-term fling. You take everything for face value–literally. But if my daughter was as dumb as rocks, I wouldn’t blame anyone else but myself. And if I’m paying for an education, I will make sure it sticks. She will never be on a one-way course to the ever-entitled, “M.R.S. Degree”.

2.)    A Rebel Without a Cause

There is something alluring about a defiant girl… that is, unless she is my own disobedient daughter. Women with an attitude play hard to get. Daughters with attitudes are just being damn difficult. If a woman has an attitude, I’ll chase her. If my own daughter has an attitude, I’ll ground her.

3.)    A Carefree Attitude

I can live vicariously through a woman who lives in the moment. Not having a care in the world, except for what happens now, would make any man’s night a memorable one. But if my daughter didn’t care about anything, I’d ship her to a convent and ensure she grows up with values.

4.)    A Wild Thing

A wild thing in the bedroom would rejuvenate any man. Raising a wild child in my own household would be a living hell.

5.)    A Party Animal

Alcohol makes every weekend that much better. Granted, questionable decisions go hand-in-hand with most drunken nights. But if I ever witnessed my daughter drinking, especially around irresponsible men like myself…see picture above.

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