5 Online Dating Tips to Score a Valentine’s Date
  • Posted Jan 23, 2017
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Year after year, Valentine’s Day inevitably lands smack-dab in the middle of February. While couples begin planning romantic evenings with great enthusiasm, singles scramble to find dates. There are an estimated 107 million singles living in the United States, meaning there is someone for everyone. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to score a Valentine’s Date.

1 Verify Your Interest


Sure photos are fun, but the profile is what really matters. Spend time reviewing each match, consider their likes, dislikes, and interests. Vetting a profile can be a an easy way to determine if there are any red flags that would keep you from enjoying dinner or drinks with one another.


2 Set a Message Goal


Try reaching out to two to three members each day, and don’t worry if it takes them a while to get back to you. Online dating is intended to be fun, but also serious. Meaningful messages can be a good indicator of someone’s ability to converse in-person. Setting a message goal will keep you dedicated to the process of finding that special someone!


3 Keep It BP


Brevity and positivity are the key to a successful conversation. 60 to 100 words per message should do it. Give your match enough to start a conversation, but don’t make anyone read a novel. Avoid sharing anything overly negative, keep the conversation polite and positive.


4 Update Your Profile Regularly


Profiles that are updated more often, are usually viewed more often. Increase your viewership by uploading new photos, and changing some of the text content sporadically.


5 Take a Risk


2017 is all about trying something new. Take a leap of faith and ask someone out who you wouldn’t typically be keen to invite. A new personality can be a refreshing change from the monotony of first dates!

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?


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