5 Oddly Unique Date Ideas
  • Posted Sep 7, 2016
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Planning out a romantic date can come with quite a bit of pressure. Justin Bieber once rented out the Staples Center in Los Angeles for some quiet time with his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez. While dropping thousands for dinner and a movie may not seem feasible to most, we have rounded out some unique and weird date ideas for those that want to try a little something…different!

Wild Ride

Meeting at a theme or adventure park is a great way to show off your adventurous side. Added bonus? The excuse to get some Butter Beer or Dippin’ Dots can make your date that much sweeter.

Naked Dating

Experience the reality phenomenon in real life. The concept is simple – strip down and get to know someone without the superficial distractions of clothes and jewelry. A restaurant in London recently launched a liberating dining experience for those that are brave enough to bare their bodies. Not into the restaurant idea? A nude beach is an excellent alternative, just be sure to lather on the sunscreen!

Mile High

Some may say your head is in the clouds, but a date on the plane is a great way to make a mundane travel day a little more exciting. Virgin Airlines provides touch screen menus that allow travelers to send drinks to other seats (cue secret admirer), while select airlines offer full service meals for those who are seated next to one another.


Three out of five singles say they would date someone who dates marijuana, which means it can be pretty easy to get high on love. If you’re based in a 420-friendly city like Denver or Portland, grab a joint and hit the park for a relaxing afternoon together.

Till’ Death Do Us Part

It may sound like a plot for a scary movie, but the cemetery can be an great alternative to sitting silent in the theater. Cities like New Orleans and St. Augustine are well known for their haunted ghost tours, which makes for the perfect excuse to squeeze in a vacation too!

What is the most unique date you’ve ever gone on?


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