2017 Dating Resolutions
  • Posted Jan 9, 2017
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A new year provides us a fresh time to reflect and resolve any unsatisfactory thoughts from the year prior. Whether you’ve been single for some time, or are new to the dating scene, hopefully your past has taught you a thing or two in regard to how to make 2017 the most romantic year ever. Here are 4 online dating resolutions to consider in the next 365 days:

Focus on your Profile

Joining a dating site can be so exciting, that we want to skip crafting our profiles and go straight to browsing. While visiting other profiles is certainly more fun than writing about oneself, quality matches come from personality clues dispersed throughout a profile. Be sure to complete prompts with thoughtful responses, and select photos that are representative of who you really are. Consider your passions and see if you’ve featured any photos that represent them.

Time is Money

Recognize that quality matches do not equal instant gratification. Read profile text and check for context clues, to determine if someone would be worth spending a few hours with. The allure of a first date can be enticing, but time is valuable to both you and your potential date. No time for flubs!

Unconditional Conditions

It’s easy to put conditions on dating; “I can only go out if X, Y, and Z is completed.” The truth is – you must make time for love. Stop making excuses, or putting conditions on potential date nights. Open your availability to connect with others!

Be Spontaneous

We’ve all tried to play the game of sending the perfectly worded message, or texting at the right time, but really there is no one-size-fits-all rule to dating. After all, the process is about you! Be spontaneous and do what feels right. Good things come to those that are true to themselves.

What is your 2017 dating resolution?


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