12 Things You Shouldn’t Wear On A First Date
  • Posted Dec 6, 2012
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Ok, ladies. We all know that we aren’t really dressing for men. If that were the case, we’d all just walk around in our lingerie all day- or less. There is a reason why we prefer shopping with our friends and we aren’t instagramming our outfits so men can admire our quirky new necklace, or our Tony Burch flats. But there are a few occasions where we do dress for men and a first date is one of those occasions. First impressions count the most on a first date, so there are a few items of clothing you might want to consider leaving in your closet.

One. Jumpsuit/Romper

Men like curves, and there is nothing sexy about a onesie. While every fashionista likely has at least one of these hanging in her closet, it’s probably best to give it the night off on a first date.

Two. Ugg Boots

The always-faithful sheepskin staple, will never go out of style in the minds of a college girl, but for some reason men just can not jump on the Ugg-bandwagon.

Three. Flannel-anything.

Flannel may be in this season, but it’s never in on a first date. Unless you want your date to associate you with country music, please leave the plaid at home.

Four. Fake Eyelashes.

Deception can be a beautiful thing. Most men won’t notice that your perfect eyelashes are not really your own. But keep in mind that if the date goes well, you will have to keep the ruse up. Which means permanent eye lash extensions until your relationship runs its course.

Five. Shoulder Pads.

Most of us were in diapers when shoulder pads were in. So feeling left out, bulked up blazers have made some what of a come back in the fashion scene. But men don’t really like the bulky, boxy shapes that come with the eighties look.

Six. Granny-Chic/Taylor-Chic

We all know Taylor Swift can’t keep a boyfriend. Maybe her wardrobe is part of the reason.

Seven. Flip Flops.

Think heels, ladies. Unless your date is at the beach, we are not dressing for comfort, but for optimal admiration.

Eight. Hats…of any kind.

Just say no. No to fedoras. No to bowlers. No to berets. Even if you are going to a ball game, baseball caps are questionable for a first date.

Nine. High-waisted Pants & Shorts.

With the exception of mom-jeans, high-waisted means high-fashion. But unfortunately, most men hate the high-waisted look. Keep your waist line neutral on a first date.

Ten. Boyfriend Jeans & Wide Legged Trousers.

Again, men LIKE curves. Don’t hide behind baggy clothes that are unflattering. Think skinny jeans or hip clinging boot cut bottoms.

Eleven. Cleavage in Disarray.

Of course men always like a little sneak peek, but the key is proportion. One button, not two and a V-neck should never go lower than the bottom of your bra. Your bra should NOT be holding your boobs up to your chin or cutting off your circulation.

Twelve. Chunky Jewelry.

Men are very simple creatures. They don’t like big, loud jewelry adorned on your ears and wrists. But one simple chain with a pendant dangling strategically on your chest is pleasing to a man’s eye.


Now don’t completely mask your inner-fashionista.  Tone down your extremities, and just go for the wow factor. You don’t want to turn him off by wearing the wrong thing or he might not ever get to know how fabulous you really are.  A little black dress with your favorite pair of f***-me heels or your go-to skinny jeans, blazer and boots will do the trick. Save the vintage threads for your second date.

Women : What is your go-to first date outfit?

Men: What is your least favorite fashion statement?


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