to nashville

I must admit I was nervous about meeting guys through any website. BUT I did finally meet a handsome man.we met at the bistro restaurant in bowling green, which I had never been and it turned out to be very exciting. We talked for what seemed like 2 hours. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I wish we simply had more time that day to spend together.



Had the first WYP date a couple weeks ago. He was a total gentleman, dressed appropriately, and treated me to an amazing dinner at a fine restaurant. He gave me my gift in an envelope right at the beginning so that we didn't have to talk about it or think about it anymore and it allowed us to relax and enjoy our conversation. We really didn't have anything in common, but we both enjoyed the nice evening out together. He even gave me extra funds to help pay for the sitter I had for a couple of hours so that we could have dinner! Very nice; Good experience!



I had a date with a very intelligent smart man, when we met we decided we would just stay friends because of the age difference. He totally understood and we meet up on a regular basis and we could not be happier! Thank you for introducing me to some wonderful people


To good to be trueeee

I enjoyed my first date yesterday and it was such a nice treat. He was kind, humble, educated and true gentleman. We enjoyed great light food, nice conversation and laughter


First Date- Great Time

Had an amazing connection with my date! He was far more attractive in person, everything he said he was in his profile & more. Can't wait to see him again.


First Date

We met at a nice bar and hit it off right away. I met his friends and we had our second dinner date the next day. I'd say very successful site. Thanks!


Extraordinary experience

My date had a limo pick me up and we went to the finest restaurant in Dallas. Then we went to Ku De Ta & had some drinks and danced. Complete gentlemen! When he handed me the offer we agreed on it was in a gorgeous card and he even bought me my favorite perfume.
Wonderful experience & yes, we're still dating :-)


Love the site

My date was a very attractive younger woman. After a nice dinner we came back to my house and she wanted to cuddle on the couch. A little cuddling and kissing and we agreed to a second date. She spent the night and we have been seeing each other ever since. She has a great job and has refused to let me help her financially in any way.


Wonderful site.

Went out on my date, met a nice wonderful man. He was very handsome and, fun to be around. We met up at a nice restaurant, he was very attentive. Had a great time. Looking forward to seeing him again.


Great experience

I met a great guy on here. He wined and dined me and continues to support and keep me happy everyday. He is supportive to my needs and career. Thanks guys