Great experience

I went on my first date yesterday. He made me feel comfortable and I could be myself. If every man I meet here is like that, then I hope I have many more dates!


First date

Went on my first date, and met a lovely young lady. After the date, we decided to exchange numbers and go out again. Looking forward to seeing her again, and meeting other ladies from this site.


Great time!

I was really pleased to spend my time with a great person! We had couple of drinks at a bar and later we went for fancy dinner. He gave me the present after the date was finished. I enjoyed it a lot and willing to have more great dates!!! :)


sushi and a blast

My date was such a gentleman. So generous, caring, and sweet. I'm so happy a website like this exists. It weeds out the ridiculous men who want a woman to take care of them and presents the gentlemen...In bulk :-)


Best WYP first date!

I met a member from outside the country while he was on business and our first date lasted a week long. We spent the week together having new adventures and I was definitely spoiled. Glad to meet some good guys on here!


to nashville

I must admit I was nervous about meeting guys through any website. BUT I did finally meet a handsome man.we met at the bistro restaurant in bowling green, which I had never been and it turned out to be very exciting. We talked for what seemed like 2 hours. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I wish we simply had more time that day to spend together.


To good to be trueeee

I enjoyed my first date yesterday and it was such a nice treat. He was kind, humble, educated and true gentleman. We enjoyed great light food, nice conversation and laughter


First Date- Great Time

Had an amazing connection with my date! He was far more attractive in person, everything he said he was in his profile & more. Can't wait to see him again.


Extraordinary experience

My date had a limo pick me up and we went to the finest restaurant in Dallas. Then we went to Ku De Ta & had some drinks and danced. Complete gentlemen! When he handed me the offer we agreed on it was in a gorgeous card and he even bought me my favorite perfume.
Wonderful experience & yes, we're still dating :-)


Love the site

My date was a very attractive younger woman. After a nice dinner we came back to my house and she wanted to cuddle on the couch. A little cuddling and kissing and we agreed to a second date. She spent the night and we have been seeing each other ever since. She has a great job and has refused to let me help her financially in any way.