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Breast implants can be costly. A plastic surgeon may charge upwards of $10,000 for each breast augmentation procedure. Instead of getting a loan, why not meet wealthy men who will pay for your boob job entirely? Or go on first dates and be able to fund your own free breast implants.

There may be some free implant websites, but those websites aren't exactly free to use. Those my free implants type website require you to chat with a lot of horny men. To get donations for your breast job fund, you may have to talk dirty, send naked pictures of yourself or flirt with men you have no interest in ever meeting. Instead of degrading yourself to that level, why not just go on first dates with generous guys who will wine and dine you, and at the end of the day give you money which can go towards your free breast augmentation procedure.

Finding money for your boob job may be hard, but having the perfect breast size whether it is a B, C, D or DD, offers you an fun and easy way to do so. Simply sign up for free, and start receiving offers to go out on first dates. Best of all our website is 100% free for attractive girls. So what are you waiting for, sign up now.

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Our attractive members are knockouts, and if you make it worth their time, they’re ready to give you a chance.

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Our generous members know what they like and they aren’t afraid to shell out some cash.

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A simpler approach to dating

For attractive people, the problem with online dating is filtering through the massive amount of messages from people you don’t want to date. For others, the problem is getting someone to give you a chance. solves both problems at once.

Whats your price makes dating fun and lucrative . No more painful, boring dates for women. No more rejections for men.

Meet Beautiful People

Whats your price makes looking and dating a knockout easy and convienent. Bidding for amazingly beautiful dates is fun and easy to do.

Get Paid to Date.

Dating can now be fun and lucrative. Our generous members are ready to have fun with and help line your pocketbook.

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Looking for Free Implants? Why not participate in dating auctions to fund your breast implants. offers a way for Generous Men to bid on first dates with Attractive women. There is no better way of fund breast augmentation.

Best of all, our website provides you with a risk free way for you to find a wealthy boyfriend. It costs a woman on average $80 to go on a first date - when you include transportation, makeup, hair, nails, and time spent. Wealthy guys on our website are willing to compensate you for all those expense. If you are a beautiful girl, there is no better way to date. We are 100% free for attractive girls!

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Signing up is fast and easy. Just create a simple profile and upload a photo. Once complete, you’re ready to jump in the game and to start bidding on dates and naming your price.

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If you're a generous user, once you find someone you'd like to date, name the price you're willing to pay for the first date. If you're an attractive user, name the price you want to get paid for the first date.

Make a Deal

Our negotiation system allows users to deny offers and to make counteroffers. Once a mutually agreeable price is reached, the date is on. Schedule a time and place and go have some fun.

Go on a Date

Meet up at the agreed time and place. We recommend that generous members pay 50% upon meeting and 50% at the end of the date, in cash. Aside from that, we recommend that you have a really good time!

Five girls for every guy.

Other websites make big promises about what they can offer but only WhatsYourPrice stacks the deck in your favor. We maintain a five to one (five girls for every one guy!) ratio on our site meaning for the first time ever YOU call the shots. Most guys get a date within the first five days they join the site so hey … it must be working