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background verifications are performed by:

Criminal Checks

  • Registered Sex Offenders
  • Sex Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Felonious and Misdemeanor Assaults

Other Checks

  • Address Trace
  • International wants and warrants

Use your WhatsYourPrice Account and fill out your information

Visit the background Verification page, provided by our partner, TC logiQ. Fill out your information and make a single payment to receive your verification.

Receive a Verified icon on your profile page

When you receive your background Verification, a verified icon will be displayed on your profile. Indicating to other members that you have passed the background verification process.

Let other members know that you're Background Verified

Your Background verification icon lets other members know that you have passed your background verification against local, national criminal and sex offender databases.

Why is WhatsYourPrice starting a background screening program?

WhatsYourPrice has decided to partner with a background screening industry leader to provide a new level of safety for our members. This voluntary process will help assist in improving our sites safety to the next level by providing tools to assist our member in their decision-making process. By providing a background-screening tool, we aim to improve the safety of interactions between our members.

The Screening Process.

  • Simply create an account with TC logiQ that will be linked to your WhatsYourPrice account
  • Input your personal information under a secured and confidential online application.
  • TC logiQ will evaluate your information in accordance with the screening criteria.
  • The results to member are then communicated via email and under his or her WhatsYourPrice profile.
  • If the member has passed his/her verification, A Verified icon will be displayed on their profile

What things are looked for in a Background Verification.

  • Conviction or Imposition of any criminal sentence, including:
  • Sex Crimes
  • Felonious assaults and battery
  • Violent Crimes
  • Domestic Violence

How long will it take to get the results of my background screen?

In most cases a background check will take three (3) to five (5) business days. However, in some cases where background information is not available then a background verification may take an additional (14) days to complete.

Does a Verification guarantee a person is safe to meet?

WhatsYourPrice and TC logiQ does not 100% guarantee a person’s integrity or character. Background verifications are a tool to assist in making an informed decision about a member. It is strongly encouraged that members conduct their own due diligence before meeting other members.

Will my personal information from my background screen be seen by other members?

A member’s personal information will never be revealed to the public. All background screening communication and personal information will be conducted in secure and confidential manner.

Does WhatsYourPrice have access to my personal information?

No. The background verification process places the responsibility of information management and retention on the background screening provider, TC logiQ.

Is my personal information safe?

TC logiQ is a Consumer Reporting Agency and our systems and data are highly secured. We have taken many steps to protect against the loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration of personally-identifiable information collected through TC logiQ’s website. We exercise extreme caution and care in providing secured transmission of your information from your computer to our servers


What if someone “fails” the background check? Do you allow them to stay on the site?

If a member fails the background check, their profile will simply not have the “verified since 00/00/00” logo. Any high-risk background failures will result in a temporary suspension; the member in question will be called by one of WhatsYourPrice account specialists where an established internal protocol will be followed with regard to membership with WhatsYourPrice.

I assume the SSN and other data don’t get disclosed to other generous/attractive members? do you just tell them “pass/fail”?

The members whose account it is will see pass or pending when they log into their TC logiQ account. Under WhatsYourPrice website, members will see on their account a normal profile with “verified since 00/00/00” logo should they have passed the background screening. TC logiQ do not post failed background checks results. Those will be addressed with an internal protocol with TC logiQ.

Most communication about the status of member’s background screening will be email and provided to member by his/her screening account via TC logiQ’s website. A member’s personal information including social security number will never be revealed to the public. All background screening communication and personal information will be conducted in secure and confidential manner between the member and TC logiQ. Also, we wipe social security numbers from our database immediately after a search has been approved or declined.

Can a generous member confirm that a attractive member is 18 yrs of age or older?

We can determine if someone is 18 years or older. A person must be 18 years of age to join the WhatsYourPrice website and 18 years of age to utilize the TC logiQ background screening solution.

What does an address check do? Does it just confirm that you live in the city where your profile says? (as opposed to giving the exact address)

The address trace assists TC logiQ in validating a person’s identity. It is also used as a cross-reference once a criminal record has been identified. Additionally, seeing where a person has lived will assist in determining which level search needs to be conducted. Each state does not have the same level of criminal databases. For instance, Colorado, Minnesota, Idaho, New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia and Delaware all require additional databases searches beyond the national criminal database search because of how these states disseminate data. Please note that the address trace information is used solely for TC logiQ’s purposes and not WhatsYourPrice.

What does the ‘Social Security Number Verification’ actually verify?

This tool validates a person’s identity which includes name, date of birth, and if the social security number is valid. Falsely provided social security numbers will not match the name or date of birth inputted by the member conducting the background check. This would also be evident from the address trace. Ultimately, this prevents individuals from lying about their name and allows TC logiQ to determine if any criminal records exists against that person.

What types of crimes are ‘acceptable’ to become verified? i assume something like a DUI from 20 years ago wont count against a Generous Member?

DUI passes the criteria. However, crimes that do fail the criteria set forth by WhatsYourPrice are as follows:

  • Registered Sex Offenders
  • Sex Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Felonious and Misdemeanor Assaults

Can I become a verified member is I live out side of the United States?

Yes, however international verifications for users that are not based in the United States do not undergo the same criteria for a background check as American citizens do.

Additionally, I would like to give more information about TC logiQ’s practices and protocols as result of some of the comments on the blog. This is directly from TC logiQ:

Handling personal data is a key part of our business so keeping it secure is a top priority. Because of this we are continually looking for innovative ways to keep your information as secure as possible. Audits are conducted on a regular basis to identify any weak points on our servers and to ensure no breeches or misuse has occurred.
TC logiQ wipes social security numbers from our database immediately after a search has been approved or declined. Credit card information is also never stored in our server’s databases. All communications with our servers are conducted in accordance with and above industry standard secure protocols, either utilizing SSH or SSL. Secure shell access to the servers is also locked down by IP. Access to any sensitive information stored on the servers is password protected and logged.